Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bait & Tackle

The title of today's post was a given after watching 'The Shot'. Anderson Cooper has come up with another euphemism for the bits and pieces. But more on that later, first to the days news.Top story of Tuesday night was more discussion of the 'enhanced interrogation techniques' of the Bush administration. Tom Foreman brought us the days developments, including Dick Cheney's statement, which reignited the debate. Peter Bergen (whose opinion I trust slightly more than Cheney's) said clearly that the coercive interrogation did not reveal plots that were serious threats. But Peter didn't get the final word.....Foreman turned to Fran Townsend for that. Guess he didn't read my post last night about Fran being on my last nerve? ;) I loved the Strategy Session was with Paul Begala (♥) and Mary Matalin. A few of us were suggesting better Republicans than Townsend last night on Twitter and Matlalin made most everybody's list. Just in case you don't get my obsession with Begala here's one of his down home Texas truisms that made my night:

Anderson Cooper came down pretty hard on Matalin but she didn't budge in her defense of the Bush administration. Begala got another zinger in by mentioning that Cheney must have been a pacifist in his younger days since he didn't want to go into the military and received 5 draft deferments.The best thing about the Michael Jackson coverage is I get done blogging a little faster than if AC360 was covering real news. Tonight's segment had Randi Kaye again in LA and lasted for over 8 minutes. Other than that I know nothing.And in more tabloid news AC reported that Chris Brown did not receive prison time for beating his girlfriend Rihanna. Lisa Bloom joined Anderson to discuss the law and Brown's sentence.Swine flu, or H1N1, virus was all over the news on Tuesday. 90,000 deaths is a huge number and people really are taking notice. Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke with 360 on the latest details of the story and also answered a few viewers questions. He stressed getting the vaccine when it becomes available and good hygiene...primarily washing hands.Dana Bash did a charming interview with President Obama's great-uncle Ralph Dunham. They met up at a Town Hall where Dunham had gone to learn more about his great-nephew's health care reform bill.Drew Griffin had another installment in the 'After the Storm' series on Katrina. The story centered on NOLA police killing a mentally handicapped man, Ronald Madison, on a bridge just a few days after Katrina struck. The victims brother believes that the NOLA police murdered his brother and covered it up. The FBI is currently investigating the case, seizing records and conducting interviews.I cannot believe that 360 re-aired portions of LKL's interview with Kate Gosslin. So to recap we had Michael Jackson news, Chris Brown news and a segment on Kate Gosslin....but no discussion of the Afghanistan election results? Just who is running 360 and picking these topics?

Erica Hill read the 360 Bulletins on Tuesdays program and also shared a little story about some nudity that has captured the attention of New Yorkers. Here's 'The Shot':

I'm a little shocked at the content, or more like the lack of content, of Tuesday's 360. If Anderson Cooper, or anyone on the program, wastes one minute of time in NOLA on Thursday and Friday covering this tabloid nonsense I will be so very disappointed. Won't you? ~Phebe

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judy said...

Phebe: For the first time in a long while I did not watch 360. I did reach for my remote the minute AC teased us with the Kate interview. Having just watched Kate on LKL, she appeared very guarded and perfectly groomed for a mother of 8, who takes her parenting oh so seriously. Who is she fooling? Mutiples are hard work, but not when you can well afford several well paid nannies.
I'm not getting my hopes up about Nola. In the past I have been disappointed with AC's "cheering-leading section," and if I find his visit is in anyway, shape or form, superficial, I will reach for my remote again.

Em said...

Doesn't CNN have an Entertainment show? Swear they do...and all those celebrity stories belong on THAT program.

I just don't understand showing clips from programs that were just on hours, and in this case minutes before. The only time that is okay is in cases like Katrina, 9/11, or an election when it is continuing coverage.

Yes, Phebe I will be disappointed if they spend time on those stories when in NOLA. The last few times they have been there they have focused on other tabloid type stories (ratings grabbers) and IMHO have not done justice to really following up with what is happening in NOLA. Hope this time they leave it.

Just heard Teddy Kennedy died tonight. Regardless of his poor judgment years ago, I think the common person has lost a great advocate in Washington D.C. Tough time for the Kennedy's first Eunice now Teddy! Sad to watch the last remnants of Camelot fade into history.

ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK last nite. They can do better.

So glad they didn't have Fran Townsend on. Anderson seemed rather feisty with Mary Matalin. I like that side of him. I wish we could see it more often.

Seriously was it necessary for 360 to talk about Michael Jackson and Chris Brown??? Waste of airtime.

Nice to see Dr.Gupta on the program. Hopefully people won't panic about swine flu. You can only do so much. Washing your hands should be common sense though.

I liked the shot. I love hearing Anderson describe things like that. Bait and tackle had me cracking up.

I hope when 360 is in NOLA they report on NOLA and not junk like they did tonite. They should report on where they are.

Aries Moon said...

360 was entirely too tabloidy on Tuesday - they have a tendency to panic and pile on the junk when the ratings slip a little. I guess we're lucky they even put the Cheney segment as the lead story. I don't know what the ultimate outcome of the torture investigations, but I sure wish the real instigators at the top would be punished, but we know they won't. I'm completely done with seeing Fran Townsend on 360. I can't stand Mary Matalin, but Fran almost makes her tolerable. I was quite pleased with Anderson pressing Matalin, she seemed a little flustered during the interview - I only wish it had've been live and not edited so that she got the last word. :P I just mute all MJ news now. I'm not sure I buy the warnings about the swine flu, it seems a little alarmist, but who knows? NOLA police department investigating itself and finding no wrongdoing in the shooting of that African-American man? Sounds pretty fishy to me and I hope at some point the real facts come out and justice is served. A Larry King rehash is always an unwelcome addition to 360, but the Kate Gosselin inclusion had to be the worst offence ever. I'd really like to believe that Anderson hates the tabloid reports on 360, but since it's his program and he has some pull, I'm not sure why it still continues - he's overruled by the big bosses I suppose.

360 has been better at picking the topics for The Shot lately and Tuesday's was a good one - I'd read that particular story online but wasn't expecting to see it on the program. AC kept mentioning the High Line - I'm sure I recall him doing some sort of benefit with DVF on that project a while ago. Ah AC with his bits and pieces and bait and tackles...

Tedi B said...

With the sad passing of Ted Kennedy I'm sure that will be the main coverage for most news stations for the rest of the week.

It's a sad day for the Kennedy's once again. I wish them the best after the loss of Eunice and now Ted.

Jaanza said...

I sort of didn't see 360 last night. I was busy but was able to turn on the 1:00 AM broadcast but also spent that time on the computer. The news about Senator Kennedy's passing came about halfway through the program and of course, CNN devoted everything they had to this breaking news.

Senator Kennedy was not perfect but I believe he really did care about making this country a better place. I thought he wouldf be able to hold on for a while longer, very sad that he's gone.

I hope CNN won't postpone Anderson's trip to NOLA or Afghanistan.

Thanks for the recap and The Shot, have to make it back to NYC sometime and see the Highline...and that hotel.

Anonymous said...

Phebe you probably won't post this, but here goes,

It's not all about Anderson 24/7. I don't know how old you are, but you have to realize that Ted Kennedy has been around a lot longer than Anderson an despite some bad choices he spent the majority of his life helping people. New Orleans will be there next week, next month, but this is a time to mourn someone who cared about people no matter what their party affiliation was or what race they were.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Anderson does not relegate Kennedy's passing to the bulletin like tends to happen

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

In a "brand new spankin hotel, (emphasis on spankin)"...Anderson is naughty. But isn't that why we love him so. About the celebrity content--(I am guesstimating from the post--am still without television)-as long as they didn't spend too much time on it, I personally don't think it's that big of an issue. What if he's thinking of doing a spin off story about how celebrities seem to be immune to the justice system (that would be interesting).

I don't think it will cut into NOLA coverage though (especially since we are now mourning the dearly departed Ted Kennedy.) With these important figures gone from our life, who will be the next political deities (if you will) that will help shape America?

ACAnderFan said...

I expect 36o talk about the passing of Ted Kennedy as they should, I just don't think they need to devote the entire program to it as they probably will though.

judy said...

I have to say that I think anon: 1:12PM hit on something when she/he said: "It's not all about Anderson 24/7." That could be the problem with 360 and why the ratings are as low as they are. Everyone expects to see special insite into AC's personality instead of the story. In some ways he has become bigger than most stories. I say most, because there are those like the passing of Ted Kennedy that over shadows him....and that's the way it should be. Unfortunately, with his fame, HE becomes boring, when he reports on the norm. This I guess is all part of fame and it is a downside.
Having said the above, we mourn the passing of Ted Kennedy, a man of great integrity. There are few left to fill his shoes.

Jaanza said...

Anon 1:12 pm - I'm not dissing Edward Kennedy or the coverage of his passing. I do realize he was/still is a big deal. Certainly enough of a big deal for CNN to tell Anderson that he has to postpone his trip to New Orleans but I was expressing hope that it wouldn't happen.
NOLA of course will still be there next month but, depending upon the day of Kennedy's funeral, the planned NOLA coverage could go to that same dark hole that ate the Roxana Saberi interview.

Lori, IL said...

360 was way too tabloid for my liking. MJ, Chris Brown and Kate all in the same show? These should have been in the bulletin and news on the preliminary election results in Afghanistan, the recent bombings in Afghanistan, etc. should be the real news, IMO. (Just when the show had started to get better, last night was a big step backward in story selection as far as I'm concerned.)

I did like Anderson getting fiesty with Mary Matalin and thought Sanjay brought some much needed common sense to the H1N1 outbreak/death possibilities discussion, rather than inciting panic.

I am saddened by the news of Teddy Kennedy's passing. Let's hope 360 gives him at least tonight's show. Dem or Repub, like him or not, you cannot deny his legislative accomplishments. I will confess that I have been an admirer for a long time -- and feel he will really be missed in the Senate (not to mention by his family and friends.) He may have been born rich and priviledged, but he fought for the common man, valued his family and was a champion of so many causes.

Loved the "Shot" last night -- Anderson's descriptive explanation was hilarious!

Here's hoping for some good coverage in NOLA Thursday and Friday night -- leave the tabloid stuff to TMZ! And let's hope there's a little less violence in Afghanistan the week Anderson, Michael, Peter and Sanjay are there!

Thanks for a good post, Phebe.