Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy Remembered

I got up this morning around 10ET to watch the funeral mass for Senator Edward Kennedy and didn't know until later that Anderson et al had been on the air since the crack of dawn.

John King was stationed in Boston...

while BPTOT was with Wolf and Anderson.

Between 3 former Presidents, several Senators, hundreds of people lining the streets in Boston and DC, and a burial at Arlington, if I didn't know better, I would have thought a President was buried today.

The outpouring of love and support for someone who as Obama eloquently put it "had personal failings in a public way" amazed me. I didn't know a lot about him before this week but I now see why he was re-elected Senator under 10 different presidencies. The touching stories of him reaching out to family, friends, politicians, and strangers are what made him the man he will be remembered for.

The two hour mass was poignant. I loved the beautiful rendition of Ave Maria. It sounded awesome on TV and I bet in the Basilica it was amazing. His son Ted Jr's story of his father helping him up a hill after losing his leg put tears in my eyes. Here is a clip of that if you didn't see it.

Also, it was sweet for the grand kids to do the Prayer of the Faithful. Here is that clip.


After the funeral mass was over BPTOT expressed their thoughts on the service.


The Gerg really summed things up well when he said "The outpouring of public support and rallying behind Senator Kennedy the last few days, people lined up on the streets. This isn't the dignitaries who came here to Boston. The stories, the anecdotes, I think have -- and the television coverage as well -- have insured that Teddy Kennedy will now enter the public memory, and I think the history books, as not only the greatest legislator of our time, as Barack Obama said, but also as a very fine human being, and a father and a friend to so many. I think it humanized him for -- in the public memory in ways that are very positive and that -- that will now -- I think he sort of has been etched in ways -- he was a little bit fuzzy as a figure. I think there's also, as Gloria said, the redemption story that's woven into this. It will also be remembered that he will give encouragement to everyone, whether you have cancer or personal failing, that you can still try, still climb that mountain. "

P.S...On a lighter note, I'm not a fashion aficionado but between all the pearl necklaces I saw the women wearing at the funeral (Michelle O the only exception with that humongous bow) and seeing Julia Child/Julie Powell wearing pearls in the Julie & Julia movie I saw today, pearls must be making a comeback.

And finally I'd like to thank Phebe for clippin' and cappin' for me tonight!

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't get to see very much of the coverage, but what I did see was pretty good. Poor Anderson though looked and sounded exhausted. It also sounded like he may be getting a cold. I hope he's able to get some rest this weekend.

Quitty, is this the first time you've ever given a run-down of something??? You're really good at it :)

judy said...

The outpouring of love and affection for Senator Kennedy was well deserved. However, there will be those who would argue with David Gergen as to whether Teddy was the greatest legislator of our time. I think he was ONE of the most influencial legislators of our time, but his ability to reach across the aisle was his greatest achievement, and one that Obama can't seem to duplicate no matter how hard he tries. In all, the tribute to him was in part because of the long legacy of his family and he was the last of the Kennedy clan. There is no one who will rise to fill his shoes. Caroline tried and failed, because the Kennedy name and recognition will now become part of history.
I've always felt that had John Kennedy Jr. lived, he alone was the last Kennedy to have that "fire in the belly," to "reach for the stars." But it was not to be.
On a lighter note, it was Barbara Bush who brought pearls back into fashion and so it has remained. There's just something about pearls...
John King, Wolf Blitzer, and Candy Crowley, along with David Gergen carried the program. AC seemed really "out of it," for whatever the reason.

Phebe said...

Great post Quitty, nice that you had a live AC to work with.

I too saw Julie & Julia yesterday.
I took my daughter as part of her birthday celebration. Great movie, we really enjoyed it. I did find a funny parallel to Julie blogging Julia and us blogging AC. I wonder if he dislikes us as much as Julia Childs disliked Julie?

On another note, I wonder if we'll have a few Andersonless days this week? He begins his broadcasts from Afghanistan a week from tomorrow. Will he work all week and then travel on the weekend?

ACAnderFan said...

@Phebe, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a few Anderless days this week. My guess is we probably won't have him thursday or friday nite. Anderless 360's suck, but knowing we'll be getting field Anderson will make up for the Anderless days.

judy said...

Phebe: I too saw the movie and enjoyed it, but Julia Child was from a different generation than AC. Most of his following was/is on line, not television. His ratings attest to that. Most of her following was on the "tube." She was after all, the first televised chef.

Anonymous said...

@judy while I agree with you that jon jon would have been the last great Kennedy you can't fault the rest of the younger generation. Sure they have their faults, but they have all been raised with the fire of public service in their bellies. I love the fact that each has chosen a different path all follow Teddy's push for helping those less fortunate.

Caroline is into education

One of Eunice's son's is now in charge of the Special Olympics

Robert Kennedy Jr is a environmentalist who has several segments on Ralph Lauren TV on the RL website

And they don't seem to do it for celebrity status, but because they want to.

Tedi B said...

Great job, Quitty! I missed most of it :( I had so many errands that turned into a whole day worth of things to do.

I don't think Anderson hates us, well I hope not, anyway. We try to be respectful of him. :)

Nebraska Fan said...

Watching the funeral coverage yesterday, one of Ted Kennedy's sons is in the House. So the younger generation has continued in national politics, just not quite the huge scale that there was at one time.

BookAsylum said...

I didn't get to see any of the coverage yesterday. Thanks for the great recap Quitty!

It is amazing all of the stories that have come out about Kennedy helping people and really making a difference beyond just the legislation that he has influenced.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:46 PM: "john john" was never a nickname for JFK Jr, his family never called him that. The press picked up on hearing his father the President call his name quickly twice in a row " John, John" and they assumed that was his nickname. The family and JFK Jr. frequently corrected people that that was not his name.

Lori, IL said...

I watched all of the funeral coverage and thought most of it was pretty good. I really like and admire Anderson's interview and anchor abilities, but in this instance I must say I agree with Judy -- that AC "seemed really 'out of it" -- and think perhaps that was because all of the other anchors and contributors knew Senator Kennedy on a more personal basis. It was obvious that while Anderson had done some preparation of facts, he really didn't know much about Senator Kennedy or the Kennedy family. I have a feeling maybe CNN pulled him in to be the person that kept the coverage moving -- cutting to Boston/DC correspondents and the panel at the appropriate times, because other than that he really didn't add anything to the coverage. Perhaps it would have been better for him to stay in NOLA and gather more local stories from that area, but I'm sure it was CNN's decision to have him come back.

Candy Crowely was in DC and I really wished they had used her more in the coverage. She's very good at what she does and had covered Senator Kennedy on the campaign trail and had some good stories!

I thought the eulogy's of Teddy's Jr. was very inspiring -- and loved that the "third generation" doing the "Prayer of the Faithful." I have a feeling Senator Kennedy wrote that part!

I also, agree that JFK, Jr. was probably the best hope for the next Kennedy to rise to national recognition -- but unfortunately, that was not to be. Apparently, JFK, Jr.'s death was very hard on Senator Kennedy and he really couldn't talk about it. I had watched the HBO Special "Teddy, In His Own Words" (that CNN re-aired this weekedn) back in July -- close to the date of JFK, Jr.'s death and was surprised that Senator Kennedy never really talked about him in the special.

I know Partick is a Rep in the House, and most of the second generation are involved in public service -- so while the Camelot legacy may be one for the history books, the Kennedy legacy of pubic service and working for those that don't have a voice, lives on.

Love that pearls are making a comeback and plan to see Julie & Julia this week!

Thanks, for the good post Quitty.

judy said...

Ladies, pearls were never out of fashion. Michelle Obama was wearing them long before the movie Julia & Julie.
All you need do is watch "Mad Men," and pearls probably started as a trend from the Jackie era...come to think of it.