Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Breakers

I have to agree with everyone else, the coverage from Afghanistan was amazing. All the photo's by Tim were outstanding and it was hard to pick one for our puzzle. I finally settled on a cropped version of Anderson having dinner with soldiers and village elders. I liked the intensity on his face and the soldiers flanking him on either side.

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AC Afghan soldiers Jigsaw PuzzleAC Afghan soldiers Jigsaw Puzzle

I know we are all glad to hear Anderson is safely home. I wonder if we will see him on set this coming week? Last week was very intense and, as much as I hate to say it, I think he and his team probably deserve a little break. In bygone years, Anderson might have spent a few days recuperating at his Great Great Grandfathers summer "cottage," The Breakers. A few weeks ago, Book Asylum was kind enough to forward us an article on The Breakers.

History of the Breakers

The Breakers was originally a wooden home purchased by Cornelius Vanderbilt III. He commissioned architect Richard Morris Hunt to remodel the home. Hunt chose to recreate the seaside palazzo's of Genoa and Turin, Italy. The Breakers is named for the ocean waves crashing in from the Atlantic. The mansion covers approximately 130,000 sq.ft, has 70 rooms and 23 bathrooms. The rooms include a 50 ft wide, long and high Grand Hall, a Music Room, a dazzling 2400 sq ft dining room with twelve enormous rose alabaster pillars and a Billiards room with a detailed mosaic ceiling and twenty varieties of marble. The Library has a massive marble fireplace acquired from a 16th century French Chateau. The bathtub is carved out of a single piece of marble and has a supply of hot, cold and saltwater tapped directly from the ocean. It took over two years to construct the various parts of the mansion many of which were shipped from Europe.

Anderson's Great Aunt Gladys eventually inherited The Breakers. She was an ardent supporter of The Preservation Society of Newport County and "opened" The Breakers in 1948 to raise funds for the Society. In 1972, the Preservation Society purchased the house from her heirs. Today, the house is designated a National Historic Landmark. If you ever visit the Rhode Island estate, you might choose to take one of the new taped tours they have developed. Apparently, Pat Coleman, the daughter of one of the Vanderbilt's chambermaids, is featured on the tour and shares the following tidbit about life on the estate.

"The sheets had to be changed twice a day. She always talked about all the amount of laundry that they generated. They would wear something once, it would go to the laundry. The bath would be drawn, those towels would go to the laundry. Each bath was made of marble so thick and cold, a maid had to fill and empty it twice before the bath was warm enough for a Vanderbilt."

I am a huge fan of all things Christmas (except shopping!) and have heard the Christmas tours are amazing but I'm thinking we will save those pictures for the holidays! In the mean time, enjoy these amazing photo's of The Breakers.

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ACAnderFan said...

I am so glad Anderson is home safe and sound. Hopefully he'll take care of himself and maybe take some cough syrup for his cough that he has. Hot tea works too, but he's not fond of hot drinks so I guess he won't be dong that...LOL!!! If Anderson does choose to take time off this week it is certainly well deserved and earned.

The Breakers sounds like a very nice palce and the pictures are beautiful. 70 rooms and 23 that's alot. I always laugh when I hear of a house having a ridiculous amount of bathrooms.

olsond said...

For what it's worth - just found this.

Sept. 13, 2009

St. Paul, Minnesota -- Anderson Cooper, journalist and anchorman of CNN TV news program Anderson Cooper 360ยบ, left Afghanistan in a hurry on Friday to arrive in St. Paul on Sat. September 12, just in time for Governor Mark Bellusky disclosure that they had come up short one lake during their annual tally of the state lakes.

Tedi B said...

Thanks for the info on the Breakers. I live very near Biltmore which was built by George Vanderbilt a son of the Commedore. I am hoping to visit very soon and take some pictures that I'll share with everyone!

Megan said...

Hey Em,
I like breakers...... It is so huge rooms in the manison!! So I saw grand piano really cool near the window or the view! Nice job! I am glad you are doing great job, Em! Yes, ACAnderFan..... He is really cough few times his trip plane way home... I felt sorry for him, Yes, It happened to me, just few times on the plane, I am thinking about AC! Right now Anderson is resting all night when he is sick until he wakes up as health this week, I hope he will feeling better soon, I think! And welcome home Anderson!!! Cheers!

Megan said...

And have a good week!!!!

MichellenLomita said...

Hi Em, So Happy and Relieved Anderson is home safe! Thoughtful of him to tweet and let us know. I felt sorry for him too with the coughing; it's happened to me on the bus--people were glowering and I couldn't help it...and AC was on the plane for hours with people annoyed! He should recuperate until he's totally rested and well; we can be patient until we see him again. I'm glad military and their families benefited from the coverage, which was excellent, but too hard on AC; the troops endure but they're very young and he's not a kid anymore. He shouldn't sacrifice his health no matter how good the cause.

Jaanza said...

I predicted Anderson would be home without a scratch and that's what happened. However, I didn't predict he'd have dust horking up his lungs. Hope the weekned helped and he sounds better tonight.

It's very cool that the Breakers and Biltmore are open for tours, gotta see them someday.

Olsond - where did you find that news item?
It's not real. Maybe he was here in Minnesota because President Obama was here too. The Minnesota Governor's name is Tim Pawlenty.
Our license plates read "Land of 10,000 Lakes" but the total is more in the 12,000 range and the number keeps changing because sometimes they change the rules on how big a body of water has to be to be considered a real lake and sometimes lakes shrink and ponds grow bigger.

Maybe I'm taking your post way too seriously. Uffda, I'll just have some hot dish and lefse and then I'll feel better.

judy said...

Em: Thanks for the upload and history behind the Breakers. It seems to me I've toured the Biltmore and it was very interesting. Don't think AC really relates to any of his past except for the huge statue of his great great grandfather.
@olsond: That info doesn't make much sense unless there's something else we don't know.

judy said...

I don't know what Fox did for 9/11
but whatever it was it trounced AC's reporting from Afghanistan, some of which was previously taped.
This is in accordance with the numbers from TVNewser. People were watching the news evidently even though it was a Friday. They just weren't watching CNN. I know I watched Real Time on HBO and Kathy Griffin was one of Bill Maher's guests. I'm not a Griffin fan, but I must say, when she is NOT profane, I found her funny....and she wasn't profane with Bill. She kept making eye contact with Richard Clarke, another guest of Bill's and it was, well, cute.

Em said...

@Megan, the picture with the grand piano is the music room and the one with the table is the dining room. Can you imagine having dinner in such a huge room?

@Judy, I imagine Gloria visited the estate as a child but it was sold when Anderson was very young. I agree that he probably doesn't relate too much to that lifestyle. Afterall, this is a man who claimed to have the same mattress since high school! On the other hand, I imagine he wouldn't relate much to my rural lifestyle either. Personally, I am one of those people who love architecture, art, and history and thought others might be interested as well. Some of the most interesting moments of my trips to Atlanta, Birmingham and North Carolina have been tours of antibellum mansions.

This comment is more about Saturdays' post and the comments about Anderson's congestion. I had been wondering if he sounded congested because of the dust. I come from a family of allergy and asthma suffers and as Phebe said, the Desert dust plays hell on our asthma. In the dry months of July and August my son and I are both plagued with the hacking cough. My worst experience as a mom was on a jeep safari in Moab, Utah. Along with the arches, majestic spires and beautiful red rocks comes the not so beautiful red dust. My son had a major asthma attack and had forgotten his enhaler. We were back of the beyond so I ended up using the age old tradition of boiling water on a fire and Mr. made a make shift type of steam tent. When we returned from the trip it seemed like we were finding red dust for weeks in places we didn't know existed!

sydney said...

Oh wow, I went to Newport a few months ago. We went on the cliffwalk and I took exterior shots of many of the mansions - when I saw your pic of the Breakers, I knew I'd seen it. Sure enough, I have a couple of shots that we took. We didn't take the time to go inside, though. Now I kinda wish I had.

olsond said...

@Jaanza - I saw it on another AC site and it was probably not true. I hesitated to even post it, but I wasn't sure. I'm such a fish for
AC stories I thought I'd post and see if anyone else had seen it and if it was true or not. Feeling alittle silly, but not the first time and won't be the last. The way this man travels, who can tell where he shows up and when. Sorry if I mislead, no intention to.