Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bullet Point Tuesday

Tonight's rundown of AC360 will be in bullet points because I didn't get home until late and I'm just too tired to go into detail. But on the bright side I'll have a few goodies later in my post to make up for my lack of effort with the live program.
•First segment of the night was the Raw Politics focusing on the public option. Candy Crowley filled us in on the day's happenings in DC and the Dems (and POTUS) who let those of us who believe in the option down. •Michael Moore joined AC to share his opinions and to suggest that the Dems need to behave more like the Republicans. They need to not worry so much about what people think, just have the conviction to act on their beliefs. I agree with him that the Dems who backed down on the public option need to face some consequences when they are up for reelection. It just pisses me off that the insurance lobby is going to win this concession without the party in power even waging a good battle.•David Gergen and Candy Crowley joined AC for the after discussion. Was AC not listening to CC when she did the Raw? She already answered the question about the POTUS being willing to compromise on the public option. And there folks is one of the big problems with 360. Talk for the sake of talk, and not giving us as much new news as is possible to squeeze into one hour.•More Roman Polanski news. Gee how surprising that Woody Allen would come to Polanski's defense, I'm sure there is a not-so-funny joke in there somewhere.
Jeff Toobin and Polanski's attorney Jeff Berg joined Anderson to discuss the legal developments. I'm sort of past this story so I'll skip on, if you don't mind?•I'm at a loss as to how to describe the inclusion of the CNN app as news on 360. Was it by their own free will that it was included in the program? I hope not. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
I can't imagine ever seeing Keith include news on MSNBC's app or Greta on Fox's app (if Fox even has an app). •Next up was a segment about a dad who tired to get his kids back from his wife who fled to Japan but instead ended up in a Japanese jail. While a sad story I don't get the inclusion in Tuesday's program. Honduras, Afghanistan, Philippines...so many, many big news stories that didn't get covered tonight. And the much pimped (at least on Twitter) hiker's story got buried in the second hour. Who makes those decisions and what are they thinking? •There has to be a special place in Hell for people who prey on the unemployed. Drew Griffin's 'Keeping Them Honest' focused on job scams. One duped client was a former vice president of a tech firm who paid $3000 to the Arthur Group for a non-existent job. He was not alone, former employees say the firm took in over 3 million dollars in the last 3 years, before the owner went into seclusion. Very interesting report by Griffin.•Erica Hill was at the 360 Bulletin desk. Please forgive me for not including a rundown tonight. The Shot was of the world's fastest nudist, seen with a fanny pack covering his "nooks and crannies." This guy needs to meet the coconut guys from a few weeks back. They have a lot in common.

BA sent this screengrab along for me to share with you. Click to enlarge.

And now onto the CNN highlight of my day. John Roberts interviewed Madeline Albright about her fabulous new book that I can't wait to read. I have never seen JR so embarrassed by an interviewee and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Please take a few minutes to watch, you'll be glad you did. Thanks to Cyn for clipping and uploading.

Guess my post wasn't as brief as I planned. Thanks for sticking with me until the end. ~Phebe

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I seriously could have done without Michael Moore on the program. They couldn't find someone else to talk to??? I guess not.

I'm not really surprised that so many in the Hollywood community are sticking up for Roman Polanski. He's a legendary director and many want to work with him still despite what he did all those years ago.

Drew Griffin's piece was crazy. Scamming out of work people is just wrong. While I feel for the guy who is out $3000, you really shouldn't have to pay for someone to find you a job. It just doesn't seem like something that one should pay for.

I am liking Anderson standing up at the beginning of the program. I doubt it'll last long, but I'll enjoy it while I can. 360 was good last nite. Not as good as monday nite but still good. Love Anderson's term nooks and crannies during the shot. He has such a dirty mind.

Cyn said...

The story about the father in Japan is sad, but wow, he should have hired some pros to help him. The law there is completely on the wife's side, and he grabs the kids in front of her? Of course she called the cops and they blocked entry to the American embassy, where else would he have headed? Whatever legal recourse he might once have had is now gone.

It's a real shame they didn't get to the hiker's families (and their good news) in the first hour, and barely touched on the earthquake/tsunami. Michael Moore is always good for some controversial quotes, but hasn't CNN done enough to plug his new movie already? That fact that he plans to target Dems should have been a Bulletin item. More important things are happening in the world and in the US.

I'm going to have to start watching network news again just to keep up to date on things...

Parzi said...

Yeah, I think they were kind of obligated to mention the iPhone app. I was more amused by the end as it became clear that Anderson didn't care. First the funny voice (which sounded a lot like his Regis voice; I don't think he can do many impressions) about Only one 1.99?? What a deal! and then saying that none of them would be able to use it though because they didn't have iPhones. You know he's too addicted to his Blackberry to switch.

Jaanza said...

I liked the health care coverage at the start of the show. Yes, Michael Moore is an opinionated bloviator but he made some good points. The panel with Gergen and Crowley was kind of boring in comparison.

Drew Griffin's report on scamming the unemployed was good and should have been longer; this was a local news story and there were a few more details that should have been included.

The CNN/iPhone app "report" was indeed tacky. I don't watch van Sustern enough to know if she woulld do somethng similar for Fox but I'd like to see Olbermann do it because I think he'd hate it and so he'd be over-the-top snarky and evil about his bosses making him do it.

"Nooks and crannies?" What happened to "bits and pieces?" Best part about The Shot was how blase and even bored most New Yorkers were about the guy.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Cyn, was the hiker story in the 2nd hour??? Seems like the interesting stories are in the 2nd hour. I was looking forward to the hiker story.

aries moon said...

Back in 2004 during the conventions, AC did a piece on Michael Moore that was not very complimentary, so I was surprised to see him on the program. Everything Moore said on Tuesday night was accurate. The Dems are spineless and the President should've done a better job of selling HCR. The insurance companies and their lobbyists and conservatives are also to blame, but the Dems had a real chance to do something major and they failed to step up - what's the point in even supporting them? I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated. I don't know what David Gergen was getting at when he said something about how the Dems shouldn't have been so focused on having the Public Option. A large majority of the public DID want it and felt it was/is critical.

It was funny when AC was talking about how New Yorker's don't get fazed by things like the naked food cart guy while sounding increasingly fazed as the clip went on. "Nooks and crannies", ha.

Isabel Siaba said...

Your resume was short, but very good!
When AC360 spends half an hour of the show on the same subject, I don't like. Unless that is the subject of the day or something very spectacular. Otherwise it is boring and it is natural that the viewer disperses.

I agree with you on the question: Honduras, Afghanistan, Philippines ... so many, many big news stories that did not get covered tonight.

Frankly I found the last show warm ... Neither good nor bad... just warm!

Cherisa said...

Really disappointed that the stories I'm interested in are relegated to the second hour, which I rarely watch and don't have room on the DVR to record. Would be great if video was available on AC360 blog, specifically the recent segment on slavery and human trafficking.
Hopefully there will be more tonight on the earthquakes and tsunami.

Em said...

@ACAnderfan, if AC wants to show all sides of an issue I think he had to invite Michael Moore on. Afterall, the Dems who should be fighting for "real" healthcare reform are sticking their head in the sand and hoping to fly under the radar until the next election. I am so over politicians going to Washington to be different only to watch them be more concerned about CYA than integrity.

The last thing I wanted to hear about after a 13-hour workday is Woody Allen supporting Polanski.
I honestly do not understand the shift in focus to the famous and infamous. I would say Anderson's low ratings are a surprise but when you go from reporting on war's, deadly tsunamis, hurricanes and presidential elections to this tripe, what can you expect. I thought the week in Afghanistan was outstanding but no follow-up. Anderson does a fantastic interview with Ahmadinejad a few years ago and this year they give it to LK. Then AC360 barely discusses the situation. Most nights I only manage to catch the second hour so I didn't realize they have been burying some of the best short pieces in hour two. Does anyone know when Anderson's contract is up? The quality of the show is so poor he might want to think about some of those other offers. Two years ago he could have been a real contender for many high profile anchor jobs but if he continues in this vein, I'm not certain how marketable he will be.

I honestly never thought I would get tired of watching AC tell a story. Maybe I am overloaded and stressed right now but I am having a hard time hanging in there every night.

Thanks you Phebe for the clip of JR and Madeline Albright, thinking I should go to be early and get up to watch that. I can't wait to read the book.

BTW I think Anderson's new phrase for what was hiding behind the fanny pack is "bait & tackle". Ewww...

Tedi B said...

That John Roberts clip was really funny! I also didn't know she had all those pins and their meaning. Thanks for the clip!

Parker said...

It is beyond me why with the likes of the calibre of Journalism that Anderson Cooper offers, could he ask the question of Michael Moore “do you think this President is spineless”. I do not care what context Anderson phased the question; I believe it was disrespectful and totally despicable of Anderson to ask the question the way he did and in the context he did. Just because one may compromise on issues and items does not mean they are spineless. It is just beyond me what this man was thinking when he phased the question in such a derogatory way. I find myself as much as I hate to say this, slowly loosing respect for Anderson. He may be trying to be provocative, but this is not the way to do it, not in such a disrespectful manner. Why doesn’t he move over to Fox News if this is the way he perceives this President?

When one negotiates, there is always compromise. If the Democrats decide the Public Option is not a viable option right now in order to get a HCR bill passed (I disagree with the decision, but that’s just me), then lets discuss that, address what other options are available and what it’s going to take to get a Bill Signed.

Stick to the issues Anderson, not denigration of this American President’s tenacity to tackle this issue of Health Care. You want a character debate, lets have a character debate based on facts, but do not accuse this President of being “spineless” when you have absolutely no idea what a mammoth task this Health Care Reform is, and what it takes for our President to get this done in Washington. Stop with the name calling and disrespecting the President and the Institution of the Office of the President.

We have free speech in this Country, but I find people tend to abuse that privilege. What happened to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Talk about the issues, stick to the issues, and not name calling and denigration of a man’s character, because you believe he compromised on issues.

@ Isabel Siaba speaking of Honduras, does any one know what’s happened to Karl Penhaul? He used to report on Latin America for CNN, and he reported on the initial crisis that hit that Country after Pres. Zelaya was initially ouster as President and Micheletti assumed Presidency after the coup. Why has there been no reporting on Honduras or Latin America by Anderson and his team?

There is so much International News taking place each day and so many stories that need to be told each day, why trivialize the AC360 Program with some of the nonsensical stories they air, while the important stories are buried with the daily Newspapers?

What the hell is going on over there at CNN with this Program, it just boggles my mind?

MichellenLomita said...

Hi Phebe, Your statement "As much news as is possible to squeeze into one hour" sums up my thoughts exactly. Raw pure facts with just the right amount of tough analysis and no extra padding is just what 360 needs to wipe out the boredom and interest us. Couldn't believe the CNN app plug, nor the range of extreme negative emotion I've experienced since I started watching 360. Made another complaint call to CNN after receiving no auto confirmation in response to my email. I submitted another comment on the blog, and wait anxiously to see if they post it. I think they've been excluding me while posting comments from the same few people every day, and the emotional effects are surprisingly brutal. Ashamed to admit I'm taking it way too seriously, but CNN draws you in. Don't think the big brass realizes that people at AC360 are ostracizing viewers. Beautiful Anderson is the light in this unpleasantness. Please CNN, give him a decent show so viewers can relax and enjoy. Enough from me right now. Sorry for the vent, fellow bloggers, but I really needed to unload.

aries moon said...

It is just beyond me what this man was thinking when he phased the question in such a derogatory way. I find myself as much as I hate to say this, slowly loosing respect for Anderson. He may be trying to be provocative, but this is not the way to do it, not in such a disrespectful manner

As much as some on the right want to label Anderson as an Obama-loving shill, I've always gotten the feeling that AC doesn't have a high opinion of the President - I'm not saying this because I believe he HAS to have a favorable opinion of him, but ever since the conventions last year I've noticed a sort of negative attitude regarding the President from AC. He seemed very pleased to be speaking with John McCain last week. Anderson might be somewhat conservative.

Anne said...

Parker and aries moon,

I am in total agreement with both of you. I've noticed Anderson has been sneaking in these types of questions with guests. It seems to me he is using these subtle tatics to get guests to say disparaging remarks about Obama. It is disappointing to me that he is eager to use Fox like talking points. This negative tone has been apparent to me since the presidential election.

judy said...

I was more than a little upset when AC asked Michael Moore if he thought Obama was "spineless?" It does show a certain lack of respect on his part. I did however, enjoy hearing from Michael Moore who is always provocative and makes us think, and for the most part, he's right.
Without the Public Option, there is no reform and it isn't health reform, it's insurance reform and that was an important and legitimate point to make.
Unfortunately I think 360 is faultering on a number of levels and is now only giving us "partial" news coverage. It's almost like throwing putty on the wall and seeing what sticks.
Two things related, but not directly with last nite's program. If anyone watched 60 Minutes this past Sunday, they had a huge audience, minus AC. They lead with a story on Afghanistan and the reporter was one who, is relatively unknown. Wouldn't you think that AC would have gotten that interview??? He was there. Why wasn't he given it? Just asking.
Secondly, again the NYPost was reporting in today's news print edition, AC was sighted on his bicycle with certain celebrities. That is all I will say because I could not varify it on line. The editions are different, unfortunately for this blog.

Cole said...

@ Parker – I hear you and totally agree with you. Utterly Disappointed can not express enough the emotions that I feel as I watch this Program.

You have always been fair with your opinions and assessment of the AC360 program, and I like Aries Moon and several others, always look forward to your comments on this blog, and find it sad when someone such as yourself who has so much to share, and initiates a thought process within us that we may not necessarily considered or explored, finds himself loosing respect for a Journalist we all deeply enjoy watching.

I do hope this is temporary and you don’t totally tune out of this Program. It would be a pity to loose you as a contributor to the comments on this blog.

Austin said...

@ Parker - I’m too am with yourself, Aries Moon (who commented the same sentiments late last week) and Anne. Please don’t give up on this program just yet and on sharing your thoughts and comments with us. Your though-provoking comments are always a welcome change from the other usual crap we see on other blog sites as they pertain to Mr. Cooper and his show.

As for the show last night, I was so disappointed with the contents of many of the stories, I switched channels prior to the Polanski story aired. That kind of hypocrisy is just unacceptable. If you do the crime, you should the time – no if, ands or buts’.

MichellenLomita said...

I think I know why Anderson has been hostile toward the president. I've noticed it all along too. When Obama gave his Inaugural, he listed groups in the country as equal or something like that; he said, "Christians, Jews, Moslems," and then he hesitated and said, "and non-believers". In previous speeches, he included gays. I think AC interpreted that as Obama implying that gays are non-believers, and in the past Anderson had been a big supporter of gay rights (I don't know about now). I won't state my opinion on that here, as that is a discussion too hot for this blog and part of the individual's belief system. About AC's socializing with celebrities, that may be why a substantial segment does not take him seriously as a reporter.

Phebe said...

You guys have made my day. I have missed all of your comments and discussion in the last few weeks, it's been so quiet around here. Hope we can keep it up and not just to complain about substandard 360's. Thank you all.

judy said...

@MichellenLomita: "His socializing with celebrities." Do ya think? I sure do when it comes to the soft interviews on 60 Minutes. I just can't wait to hear what Drew has to say.
I am not surprised that AC's biased shows when speaking about Obama. He makes a tremendous salary and is best friends with Barry Diller who is worth, according to Forbes,$400 million...and that's at the low end of the scale. He owns Ticketmaster. Really, do you think they voted for Obama? People vote their pocketbooks. Just because someone was teary-eyed in 2005 during a hurricane, and cried at the devastation of the "poor black folks," doesn't mean he's poor or black. Sorry, maybe there is a home at Fox. Reality folks. JMO

MichellenLomita said...

@Judy About AC and the celebs, looks like he's friends with Clooney, Daniel Craig, and others. A lot of people don't see acting as a serious or even particularly respectable profession, and reporters as a rule don't fraternize overmuch with celebrities. When it comes to his criticism of Obama, AC's conservatism is clear on some issues. He is very compassionate to the poor and oppressed, but I think he views it from the standpoint of a humanitarian from the wealthy and privileged class, and not as "one of them".

judy said...

@MichellenLomita: It also doesn't make him a Democrat.