Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's AC360

Tonight's show began with breaking news of the census worker found dead in Kentucky and confirmation the word "Fed" was written on his body. Also the Big 360 Interview with former President, Bill Clinton, and today's showdown with Iran.

President Obama along with Britain's Prime Minister and the President of France accused Iran of building a secret nuclear plant and gave Iran's leader 2 months to comply with inspections. Ahmadinejad insists his country has done nothing wrong and it was not a secret. President Obama has not ruled out a military response but prefers to resolve the issue with diplomacy.

Anderson spoke with President Clinton on Iran's secret nuclear facility. President Clinton thought that President Obama did the right thing to bring the facility to light. Negotiations with Iran depend on the terms of the negotiations but President Clinton thought they should meet with them at least one time.

Bobby Ghosh and Peter Brooks joined Anderson to talk about the Iranian facility. Bobby Ghosh was in the room of Time Magazine editors who interviewed Ahmadinejad earlier. They discussed what can be done at this point, how Ahmadinejad reacted to the question posed by Bobby Ghosh regarding the nuclear facility, and what is likely to happen.

Next was Erica Hill with the 360 bulletin: Gitmo may not close by January, the terror suspect from Dallas was in court today, the Colorado terror suspect, Zazi, was transfered to NYC, there is a new audio tape believed to be from Bin Laden, Paul Kirk was sworn in as Senator Kennedy's replacement until the January special election, and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the G-20 spouses.

Next was David Mattingly's report on the census worker, William Sparkman, who was killed. The man's naked body was found with his hands and feet bound, his mouth gagged, a rope tied around his neck, and the word Fed was written on his body. It is still unknown exactly how Sparkman died but the preliminary cause of death was asphyxiation. The FBI has not yet taken over the investigation because it has not yet been ruled a murder.

Anderson then spoke with Brian Levin on what could have happened to William Sparkman and what the way the man's body was found could indicate.

Next was more of the interview with President Clinton. President Clinton stated that his mind has changed regarding same sex marriage. He believes now that it should be left up to the states but he supports those wanting to get married. Anderson also asked if President Clinton thought that things are more polarized now than previously. President Clinton stated that he thinks the intensity has been building over the last 30 years and there is a difference in the American people, who are now tired of the current state of things.

President Clinton also shared his opinion on the war in Afghanistan. Clinton does agree with McChrystal in that if we want to prevail we need more military resources however if we put in more resources it doesn't guarantee success. Clinton also understands why President Obama would want a little time before sending more troops in. They also discussed the Clinton Global Initiative and what that program is all about. The last part of the interview was a lightning round including questions on if Clinton still plays the sax, the bracelet on his right hand, the rowdiest White House guest, any advice for President Obama on turning gray gracefully.

Erica was back with the second bulletin of the night: a video shows two people who tried to extort money from John Travolta, police in CA arrested a pilot who allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend with his plane, a woman who was implanted with the wrong embryo gave birth to a baby boy today, and Manson follower Susan Atkins died.

In the prime suspect report, Kara Finnstrom had the report of a serial killer who has been killing people in south L.A. over the last 24 years. They do have DNA for the killer but no match has been found so they began to gather the DNA for all the sex offenders in their database in the hope of getting a match to the killer. The samples instead lead to a man connected to a different string of murders.

Today's shot: a basketball shot from the top tier of a stadium straight into the hoop. The second video tonight, a replay of Anderson's favorite shot of the week, the baby dancing to Beyonce along with a replay of the crew's version of the dance.

The AC360 website had a few pictures from Anderson's interview with President Clinton:

Have a great week everyone!

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ACAnderFan said...

Regarding Iran having a secret nuclear facility, are we really that surprised??? I don't think Iran can be trusted at all. They do too many shady things.

The story about the census worker is bizarre and creepy. Why would someone do that to that census worker??? It'll be interesting to see what really happened as more details come out.

The best part of the program was Anderson interviewing Clinton. Its good to hear he has changed his personal opinion of gay marriage. I liked hearing Bill's take on Afghanistan. Anderson doing a lightening round with who ever he's interviewing, very cool. Its part of his unique style of interviewing. I think its a good way to wrap up the interview on a lighter note. I thought it was a good interview and that Anderson asked a wide range of questions. My only complaint is that it didn't go on long enough. I would have liked to hear more.

The shot was cute, especially once the Andergiggles came out. Andergiggles are cute.He needs to do something about his cough. As soon as he started giggling the cough was back. He needs cough syrup or something.

judy said...

I was not impressed with AC's interview with our former President. I'm sorry, but for some reason Anderson seems to get very nervous with Presidents and speaks too quickly and becomes, at least to me, Erica. Jon Stewart does a better job of interviewing than does AC. AC's strong point is still, in the field. JMO
I WAS impressed with Elliot Spitzer on Real Time. If his wife can forgive him, so can the public. NY state needs him and he knows the intricate details that are needed to govern a state effectively. He is smart and ambitious and the clown we now have, needs to leave quietly and not play the race card. At least he wasn't running for President and then got someone pregnant because she called him "hot." Nor did he endulge himself in fantacies, about planning a wedding after his cancer stricken wife died. How sickening!
We all known AC likes kids, but some how the one wearing the dancing diaper doesn't do it for me.

aries moon said...

AC's interview with Bill Clinton was a fine end to a good week for 360 - real news at the top of the hour and interesting panel discussions with AC and his guests. Lots of major players being booked on 360 for AC to interview and it's about time - Clinton and McCain in the same week is pretty impressive and hopefully they'll continue on this track. Bill Clinton's change of heart on gay marriage is a good thing, but it would've been better if he would've had that stance on it when he was President. I missed the interview AC did with Bill Clinton and Julia Ormand regarding human trafficking.

The additional details of how the census worker died were horrible and I hope whoever did it is caught and punished severely.

I thought Anderson's combined giggling/coughing fit was actually funnier than The Shot itself - he's got the oddest laugh in the world, but it's still pretty endearing.

Parker said...

I’m with Peter Brooks – hats off to our current President is attempting to exhaust all other options BEFORE resorting to a Military Strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. We just can not afford to engage in another war in the Middle East unless it our absolute last and only option. We can barely keep up with the two wars this Country is currently engaged in, let alone dividing our resources to embark upon a third war. Thank God this President is being more prudent in engaging support from our Allies in France, Britain, Russia and possibly China through diplomatic options, and proceeding with immense caution in dealing with this highly sensitive situation. Let’s just hope it does not come down to a Military offensive position that our President has to take. Our Troops are battle weary, are resources and depleted, our citizens are broken-hearted from having to bury and morn the loss of their loved ones, our Nation and our Allies have taken major financial hits paying for these wars, the displacement of millions of people in these Countries are immense and absolutely astounding, the UNHCR can barely keep up. I pray this President utilizes every other option available to him for as long as he can, prior to resorting to Military action.

Truly enjoyed the interaction and conversation Anderson had with the former President, President Clinton. I always find Anderson seems very comfortable Interviewing President Clinton, more so then when he Interviewed President Obama. It’ll be interesting to watch him on MTP on Sunday. David Gregory seems to come across as very pushy and demanding of his guests if he does not like the answers/responses to his Questions. I also find it interesting to watch Robert Gates being interviewed, as he will on Sunday by John King. It’s going to be an interesting weekend to catch up on Politics and International Affairs.

Anderson mentioned he’d be speaking with former President Clinton regarding the release of Laura and Euna during the teaser? Did I miss that part of the Interview or did they not show it at all? Or was I totally out to lunch?? (Don’t answer that out loud!! LOL).

@ aries moon – I too would have liked to watch that Human Trafficking Interview with the former President. It would have been interesting to hear his take on it and the resolutions as to what’s being done to put an end to it. I hope they rebroadcast it sometime soon.

aries moon said...

Thank God this President is being more prudent in engaging support from our Allies in France, Britain, Russia and possibly China through diplomatic options, and proceeding with immense caution in dealing with this highly sensitive situation.

@Parker, exactly - you would think the supposedly intelligent press would recognize that after eight years of Bush/Cheney's harsh and thoughtless policies that a new approach is needed - there are some like Bill Maher who believe that the President is continuing the same policies as Bush, but I think the President's strategies should be given time to work without the MSM pushing the idea that President Obama is weak or clueless about how to handle critical world issues.