Monday, October 26, 2009

The King is in the House

So much to share with you tonight so we'll keep the recap short and then get to the goodies of the day.• Joe Johns is Keeping Them Honest about the banks that were bailed out and are now overspending. The follow up was with my favorite Representative, Barney Frank (D Mass).• Erica Hill and Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined John King to discuss H1N1. There was not a lot of new information but more talk of the frustration over the slow roll out of the inoculations.• Nothing makes headlines like a juicy sex scandal and the ESPN one has it all. Both Phillips and the production assistant have lost their jobs and Phillips has entered rehab. Lori Brown (Assoc. Professor of Sociology, Meredith College) and Dr. Reef Karim (addiction specialist) did the follow up discussion.• Anderson Cooper interviewed Christina Turner, a sexual abuse survivor, who was dropped by her medical insurance company after she submitted bills for preventative anti-HIV medication. To see more of the interview check out the AC360 website.'Digging Deeper' into the issue of gender discrimination in health care insurance was Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Candy Crowley and Marcia Greenburger (Nat'l Woman's Law Center). All of the participants seemed to recognized that health care reform would go a long way to address these gender discrimination issues. • Erica Hill told us the latest on the 18 year old amnesiac found in NYC and identified by a CNN viewer. Seems there might be more to unfold with this story, lots of loose ends.

•Erica also told John King, and viewers, that Levi Johnson is more than likely to show 'full frontal nudity' in his Playgirl spread. King didn't seem to be interested, nor am I. But it gave me a great idea....maybe Playgirl could do a feature on 'The Men of CNN'? Surely that would get those ratings up......

Speaking of ratings,I'm curious to hear your opinions on the article in Monday's New York Times about CNN finishing dead last in prime time for October. To quote a bit of the article:

"Individually, the CNN shows were beaten resoundingly by all the Fox News programs, but also lost to all of the MSNBC programs, including a repeat of Keith Olbermann's 8 p.m. edition of Countdown,'which beat the 10 p.m. hour of CNN’s signature prime-time program, Anderson Cooper 360.Again that was a first.
Mr. Cooper had 211,000 viewers to 223,000 for Mr. Olbermann’s repeat. That meant Mr. Cooper finished fourth and last in the 10 p.m. hour because, besides being well behind the leader, Greta Van Susteren, who had 538,000 viewers, he was also beaten by a repeat of Nancy Grace’s 8 p.m. show on HLN, which averaged 222,000.

CNN executives emphasized that the network continues to draw more viewers than all its competitors except Fox News when all hours of the day are counted.
CNN released a statement Monday saying, “CNN’s ratings are always going to be more dependent on the news environment, much more so than opinion-based programming especially in prime time.”

•Anderson Cooper will emcee The Elton John AIDS Foundation Annual Benefit on November 16th at the Cipriani Wall Street. Donna Summer will be the events musical guest and President Bill Clinton and actor Sharon Stone will be among the honorees.

•Have you taken the tour with AC of the new and improved Here's the link.
You can also play the interactive quiz game with your favorite CNN anchor. To give it a try just follow this link.

It was wonderful to have John King at the helm of AC360 on Monday night. Great mix of news and interviews and the hour just flew by. If AC has to be away this week at least he left us in very capable hands. ~Phebe

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judy said...

Phebe: The article in the NYT did not surprise me. The writng has been on the wall for 360 and the rest of the prime time line up for some time now.
As for AC, I really feel he is suffering from, "over exposure." "And I don't mean the kind you were referring to in the blog." There comes a time when the audience is just saturated. I know WE don't as a group feel this way, but hosting R&K and every special that comes his way, isn't a good idea. It might keep his "die hard fans," like us, but in the end he DOES lose the credibility he had.
Even 60 Minutes is giving him the soft interview. Just yesterday watching Lesley Stalh, I was thinking, would Anderson be asked to do this? We all know he'd do a great job, but would he be ASKED to do that piece??
And tonites 360 is an even better example. I have to say, it was good to see John King at the helm. The interview with Barney Frank was very lengthy...almost a full twenty minutes. Every time John anchors he gets top of the line people to speak to him. This is important. I know AC does too, but too much time is spent on plain old "nothing."
I know you said in a recent post that it was his snarkiness that made us like him. I have to disagree. AC became famous calling out a Senator during a traumatic event and in so doing, focusing on the Bush Administration's inability to react to a disaster like Katrina. For many of us, and I'm NOT speaking for us ALL, he was the new "WoodStein." But now Anderson Cooper has become just another television personality...and he actually seems to like it. JMO

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

It sucks that we're Anderless for the week. Don't get me wrong, I think John King is great and he's my favorite fill in for Anderson, but 360 just isn't the same without AC. He brings something to the program that no one else can.

Nice to see Dr.Gupta on the program, even if he was talking about swine flu. I really like when he's on and wish he were on more often. He's very knowledgeable and can simply confusing medical terms.

I liked Anderson's interview with that woman who was dropped from her insurance after being on anti HIV medicine for a month. Totally ridiculous that she was dropped. There's just something wrong with that. She was trying to make sure she didn't contract a disease and she gets dropped. That's wrong on so many levels.

The show was OK last nite. The bright spot was that we got an Anderson segment and Dr. Gupta was on the program. I have a feeling this is going to be a long week since AC is off for the week. At least last nite had a variety of stories. The last 30 minutes were more interesting than the first 30 minutes.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Judy, AC has done some serious pieces on 60 Minutes. He is the new kid on there and that's probably why he's getting so many celebrity interviews. They're not that bad either. The one the other week with Drew Barrymore had to be one of the best things he ever did on 60 Minutes. I loved that interview. Some of these type interviews stick out more to me than the serious ones. To this day I still really don't remember the piece he won an Emmy for a couple of months ago. I'm sure in time he'll have more serious pieces on there.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Regarding 360 doing so poor ratings wise, I think this all comes back to not knowing when to move on. I've said it before, but I think that's their biggest problem. They stick with a story for way too long. They need to move on from the sweat lodge story, the Texas execution one and stop having so many H1N1 segments. The H1N1 ones seem to be the same thing every nite. I don't know why, but 360 seems to have a really hard time moving on from stories.

Maureen said...

I wasn't surprise to see an anderless monday, I think we will be anderless for awhile. I have a feeling that we won't be seeing Anderson until the first full week of november.I like it when John King subs for Anderson, but I think it would be great if they could get micheal ware to try it once. I doubt it. But it would nice to see him behind the ancor desk for a whole show. Maybe it's just me.

Phebe said...

@ACAnderFan, When you mentioned that 360 doesn't know when to move on I was reminded of a conversation I had with Cyn last week. I told her I had found Dave Doss' (360 Executive Producer)Twitter and there is only one tweet, posted on July 17. It says "De-coding what tv news viewers want??? (a mysterious artform) Especially challenging in the summer...thoughts?"
When I told Cyn she replied "Oy. Apparently his Magic Decoder Ring is defective!". Isn't that the truth!

@judy, It was his snark that drew the old time fans to Anderson and that was long before the Katrina days you mention. We've been around since the Stone Age.....or maybe it was just since WNN. Those that found AC during and after Katrina are fairly new to the fandom, IMO.

Jaanza said...

John King did a great job and the first report of the night, KITH was excallent especially for the interview with Barney Frank. I'm bored with H1N1 news and yes, a big juicy sex scandal does interest me even when the news can't be at all surprising.

I missed the start of Anderson's segment about gender discrimination in health insurance. Did John say why it wasn't broadcast earlier on a night when Anderson was there?

The ratings article has got to be a slap in the face for CNN. Anderson is a very good newsman. 360 has had steller reports from Afghanistan, the healthcare reform bill and the economy. Unfortunately, 360 sometimes gets bogged down with too much repetitiveness on stories like the Texas botched death penalty case, the polygamy reports (although Tuchman was top-notch in those reports, 360 stayed with the story long after other news programs moved on) and too much on Michael Jackson.

I often watch Olbermann at 8:00 pm. Countdown also has a trainload of critics. But one thing I will always love Olbermann for is his show on the day of the Michael Jackson memorial. While Anderson covered almost nothing else, Olbermann didn't mention it once.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Phebe, I feel old now since I've been around since the stone age. His snark on red 360 when it first started out was GREAT. I miss that. Red 360 was probably the best thing Anderson ever did.

I think Cyn is right, maybe Doss's decoder ring is broken. They need to get rid of him. The whole show needs an overhaul. Do you think if it went back to the way red 360 was when it first started out, that it would do better in the ratings?

MichellenLomita said...

Hi Phebe, I'm disappointed Anderson is out this week, right at the time I decided to check out the show again after 3 weeks of not watching. I never watch 360 without Anderson, as he is my only reason for tuning in. CNN should not be surprised that 360 ratings are at the bottom. I might watch when AC returns only because he's my favorite TV personality and I miss seeing him, but the show is too often poor quality and boring. And I am probably not the only viewer displeased that my comments were excluded from the blog while the same few names show up every day. I wonder why CNN hasn't already cancelled the show. When it's finally off the air, I hope the execs give Anderson an interesting, entertaining show to host.

Nebraska Fan said...

I found CNN's response to the low ratings very interesting when they said that primetime on the other channels was more opinion based while CNN is more news based. I had never looked at it that way before. I have never watched other prime time news shows, but if that's true, then you're not really comparing apples to apples to put 360 up against the others. (Or maybe CNN is just saying that!) Do you think that it's really a fair comparison? Maybe I'll have to switch channels once or twice and check out some of the others.

Wonz said...

I like John King and if we have to be Anderless for a few nights - he's my top pick for the anchor chair. That said, the show just isn't quite the same without Anderson -- I miss his style of anchoring (and his snarkiness)!

I thought the content of the show was good last night - good variety of stories. And I always appreciate it when Barney Frank is on the show!

My opinion on the ratings -- it's got to hurt. I don't care how CNN tries to spin it, I think Anderson is pretty competitve by nature and I'm sure this is upsetting. Considering they won their time slot with the coveted viewer group last year -- this will hopefully wake someone up!!

Happy to hear AC will emcee the Elton John Aids Foundation Benefit. A very worthwhile cause.

And, yes, I took the tour of the new site. Must say I like what I've seen so far --

Thanks for the post, Phebe.