Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anderson Cooper Does Dance!

I've dug deeper into the ATA Vault then I think we've ever gone before for tonight's clips. Both are from ABC's WNN and were orginally broadcast on December 24, 1999. The first shows Anderson Cooper doing a fake commerical for a product to help with painful television watching. How many of us CNN watchers could have used just such a product in the last year?

In second clip AC answers a viewers email about who is hotter....JuJu Chang or Barbara Walters. If you read my post from last Friday you'll remember AC anchored WNN with JuJu, who currently is the newsreader on GMA.
And finally I'll leave you with a reminder that Cyn will be doing the ATA live blog during Anderson's New Year's Eve program on Thursday night. I wanted to leave you with a little clip, that Julie put to music, of AC and Kathy Griffin DANCING during last year's broadcast. Eat your heart out Kelly Ripa! ~Phebe

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Good clips from the Andervault, Phebe. I love that he got to show off his great sense of humor so much on WNN. Its too bad we don't get to see more of it on 360. I like when he's being serious and covering a news story, but I think I like his snarky sense of humor a little more...LOL!

Skeeen said...

Wow, those clips are fantastic.
Kathy Griffin's latest Facebook status is "I just heard from Andy Coop. He was in Namibia & now Joburg. Hope he makes it home to my luvin arms in time for our SEXYLOVERS NY eve on CNN"
Hopefully he'll be rested before the big NYE gig, but for some reason I doubt it. :)
I'm excited for the program I'm going to bring in the new year with!

sandyeggo said...

When Ripa commented (whined about) on his New Year's dance he responded "It was more of a mauling."

Tedi B said...

Ah, I bet Kelly Ripa is outraged! Thanks for the clips :)

Em said...

Hmm...do you think Kelly ever stops by ATA? It would be priceless to see her reaction to that last clip. Poor Anderson, you can only imagine how she would torment him with ammo like that! LOL!

Jacq said...

Great clips! AC 360 has to find a way to infuse Anderson's rye humor. It would really add to the show. I would have loved to have heard the audio of Kathy and AC while they were dancing. I bet his laugh (giggling)was adorkable!