Monday, December 28, 2009

Curses, Foiled Again

Breaking ATA News:
Cyn has agreed to moderate an ATA live blog during Anderson's New Year's Eve program on Thursday night. We did one
last year and the year before and found it was a great way for readers to join the celebration even if they can't be in Times Square with AC and Kathy. If you want to participate please check back in at ATA at the start of CNN's NYE program and click on comments to join in the conversation. Maybe we'll even fire up the Anderblue martini fountain?

Unlike the hardworking AC360 staff and crew I am not ready to end my holiday break just yet. So I've dusted off a few goodies from the ATA Archives for you to enjoy. ~Phebe

Back in the day when AC360's writers were allowed to be bright and clever Anderson Cooper used to take topics from the headlines to the Nth degree. By that we mean he would examine them in witty, amusing ways.
In these two Nth's AC takes a look at Bono saying 'This is really, really fucking brilliant'. Bono did this on national television during the 2003 Golden Globes. The FCC ruled that the singer used the word as an adjective thus making it permissible.
Here's Cooper's original take on the subject:

And his follow-up Nth:

Which reminds me of the classic George Carlin routine about the 7 words you can't say on television. Fair warning it is not for the faint of heart. Serioulsy...please don't watch this if you offend easily.

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judy said...

Phebe, I liked George Carlin because he was an original and a comic.
Yes, he wasn't for the faint of heart and the prudish, but he was who he was and he also authored many books and poems with intellect and humor.
Hearing AC speak about topics that are not news worthy is like watching him on R&K.
Liked the idea of your NYE conversation and while I enjoy reading the banter I wouldn't be participating.
I will "try" to watch AC with Kathy. There is just so much I can take of her.
I did watch Erica tonite on 360 and she had a bad cold, but she is doing quite well. She seems less nervous and more in control of the show. She spoke with a great deal of authority with Peter Bergen and never missed a beat. Good for her. Practice makes perfect.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Love the Nth Degree of Anderson on the desk talking about how the FCC is regulating words. Its a shame he doesn't do the Nth Degree anymore. It showed off his witty and wicked sense of humor. I like his lighter side. It nice we get to see it on R&K.

Can't wait for the ATA live blog. It was fun the past two years.

Em said...

Although George may need to come with a warning label, he was also brilliant. Thanks for the clip!

I tried to stick in with Erica last night but was just too tired. I did manage to stick through the first part and her discussion with Peter.

I am very interested in the terrorist story due to my recent vacation which included international flights and a flight from Amsterdam to Ireland. One thing I found to be ironic is that when we returned to the U.S. and went through customs, I was the person they chose for a pat down search. It made me wonder about the screening process as there were many people in line but they chose to pat down a plump "mature" women pushing a baby in a stroller. It was a first for me and needless to say, not that much fun! My son said he heard the TSA people say, "just pull out the next female in line". I was surprised there appeared to be a "quota" on the number of males and females they searched but that said "quota" did not relate much to weeding out potential smugglers or suspected terrorists (just my humble opinion!) I realize potential profiling is an issue but I'm not certain why they bother to search anyone if it is just luck of the draw. Our local airport has one of those full body scan machines. Prior to my trip, I thought they were terribly invasive. Today, the thought of being on that flight from Amsterdam to Detroit has me feeling a bit differently.

Although I would have loved to extend my stay in Ireland, in hindsight, I'm very glad we came home when we did. Two alleged terrorist plots on flights coming into the U.S., airport closures due to weather and a train stuck in the tunnel from London to Paris, lordy be! Our international flights were hard enough with two babies. I can't imagine being there with them when the fire started or even being stuck in the tunnel or on an airplane for hours. The fire would be terrifying, the waiting excrutiating.

I do have a question for our friends in Europe. When does Anderson come on CNN in Europe? While I could find LKL ad naseum, I was never able to see AC360 on CNN. I actually found the international reports there to be more to my liking than what has been on AC360 the last year or so but the amount of sports coverage (football aka soccer) seemed odd compared to CNN in the United States.

Since I returned home the holidays and my other responsiblities have made it difficult for me to find time to watch AC360. I think I have pretty much been Anderless for about 5 weeks. Hmm...I thought it only took 3 weeks to break a habit? Now I'm just hoping Anderson isn't gone until NYE as predicted in yesterdays comments. I really thought the terrorist plots would have him back in the studio but I'm happy for him if he is actually taking some time to enjoy his life.

irene said...

I am watching AC 360 from Poland at 4:00a.m. So in London is 3:00 a.m.,in Paris also Moscow 6:00a.m. etc.Irene

Em said...

Thanks Irene! Thats ironic too! At home I suffer from constant insomnia so I am often watching CNN in the middle of the night but over there I was so busy I totally crashed each night and never saw those early hours of the morning. What really threw me off was Larry King being on sometimes in the middle of the day but not followed by Anderson. If I ever get the chance to travel again, I will know when to find him!

judy said...

Em, although I can't help you with the 360 schedule over seas, I do remember, pre-9/11 in Ireland, always had the MOST, popular US shows shown time and again. Also I flew Air Lingus and my girlfriend who was Irish, was padded down, both coming and going. Air Lingus was ALWAYS diligent that way. Amsterdam is LAX and I don't mean LAX as in LA,CA !!
I can't believe they still are that way after our 9/11 experience.

Anonymous said...

These clips only show that AC loves to curse and I would really like to hear him without him being bloody beeped all the time.

Em said...

Judy, my son told me the security was more lax at Heathrow, in Amsterdam and on Air Lingus than it was when he was traveling extensively 2 & 3 years ago. The only place anyone was searched in an airport was me coming into JFK. None of the airports were doing obvious searches or looking in carrying on baggage as was common after 9/11. The only other security we experienced while flying was Air Lingus taking away a sealed bottle of Evian they had told us we could buy just minutes before entering the plane. The only place we visited that was teaming with security were the London Train and Tube stations. In London, we saw many police officers examining the crowds and were approached by canine's to sniff our luggage at all the larger stations. I traveled by air about 10 days after 9/11 and personally think we have become a bit lax on security in the last few years. It is kind of interesting that people were up in arms over delays due to security issues post 9/11 but I imagine they would all be pointing fingers if the bombing had been successful. I guess that is human nature but would love to see some accountability from those given the mandate to see to security issues both here and abroad.