Saturday, December 19, 2009

Going to the Dogs

Anderson and his dog Molly

After Friday night's show, AC360 posted 30 pics of 360 staff's beloved pet dogs. Makes you wonder if one of the job requirements is to own a dog. At the bottom of the post is a sampling of the photos. You can find the rest on the AC360 site. With all of this dog talk, Phebe reminded me of the clip from a few years ago of the pet psychic talking with Anderson's dog Molly. Here is the clip.

Before we get to the AC360 staff dog pics, here are a few of Anderson with Molly...

...and a few other dogs.

Here are some of the AC360 staff's dogs.

Jack Gray's dog, Sammy

Charlie Moore's dog, Conrad

Randi Kaye's dog, Boulder

Shimrit Sheetrit's dog, Loofie

Gary Tuchman's dog, Star

Tom Foreman's dog, Nola

Erica's dog, Jake

Jack Gray's Santa Sammy

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ACAnderFan said...

Good post Quitty. I think Anderson is rather skeptical of the pet psychic. I don't know that I really believe her either. If she really knew what Molly was thinking she wouldn't have to ask AC so many questions.

Molly is such a pretty dog and the pics of her and Anderson are cute. You can tell he loves dogs. He lights up when he is around them or if someone mentions them.

Love the pic of Jack Gray's dog Sammy. The sunglasses look!

Tom Foreman's dog, looks exactly like my dog. They could pass as identical twins. I'll have to let Misty know she's got a twin out there...LOL!

judy said...

They say dogs look like their owners but I fail to see the resemblance when I look at Molly and Anderson. It's a wonder if he still has her and if she has a lot of anxiety because AC is on the road so often.
Jake does look a bit like Erica, however, but Nola doesn't look anything like Tom Foreman.
Erica did admit to having a cat. Good for her!
Thanks for the downloads Quitty and that pet psychic seems "full of it."

sydney said...

Love the dog pics. Not only does Randi's dog look like mine, I have an almost identical picture of him!

Jacq said...

I loved the pictures!!!
Judy, I once read that AC has several friends that watch Molly when he is gone. A while ago I saw a photo of him walking her, but I don't know if he still has her.She is an adorable dog and Anderson does light up around animals. Does anyone remember seeing him on R&K when they had on the World's Ugliest Dog winner and Anderson was holding and playing with him? He wouldn't put the dog down. It was too cute.
I loved seeing the pet psychic clip again. She is a wind bag. Anderson was almost laughing, but he was polite to her face. His voice over told what he was really thinking, and Molly stole the show by falling asleep.
Hope those of you who got snow are digging out.

Jaanza said...

Great dog photos, thanks for posting them all here.

My favorites are Randi Kaye's dog Boulder and Erica's dog Jake because they look the goofiest.