Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Man Behind the Curtain

One thing Anderson has figured out is that if he wants to be successful he needs to surround himself with talented people. One person Anderson depends on every time he goes on location is CNN senior producer Charlie Moore. Cyn found an article about Charlie on the Athens (GA) Banner Herald website.

In the article, Anderson says "Charlie i
s the best producer I've ever traveled with. He is incredibly hard working. Even in the midst of very stressful situations, he is able to keep things in perspective and able to laugh at the absurdity of situations we sometimes find ourselves in. If I was in a jam anywhere in the world, there is no one I'd rather be with than Charlie Moore. I trust him completely. His talent, his judgment and his sense of fairness and decency are remarkable."

And Charlie says in the article, "Anderson is a compelling guy, a great reporter and has a passion to see the story and report on the facts. It is a wonderful experience to be on his team. My job is one in which I get excited thinking about the day when I come in each day."

Here is Charlie with his brother, Duncan in a Georgia Alumni magazine article ATA covered back in September 2007.

And here are some pics of Charlie hard at work...

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ACAnderFan said...

Anderson and Charlie make a good team. Anderson is at his best and in his element when he's out in the field. He's lucky to have such a good producer to help bring out that side of him.

The pic of Charlie and the polar bear is cute.

Hopefully the Anderdrought will be over this week and Anderson will be back in his anchor chair monday nite.

Phebe said...

What would AC do without Charlie and Neil Hallsworth? Anderson has assembled a great support team for his 360 adventures.

Love the pictures of the behind the scenes people Quitty and thanks to Cyn for the interesting article.

Jacq said...

I am also having AC withdrawl!!!
I loved the picture of Charlie Moore with the polar bear (yet,it would have been cuter with Anderson).
Thanks for all of the great pictures and video of AC this past week.