Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday's AC360 with Erica Hill

Erica Hill was in for Anderson tonight and the show began with Jessica Yellin, Randi Kaye, David Gergen and Tom Foreman reporting on healthcare reform. Jessica Yellin had the details on the vote and the reasoning behind the change of the date for the vote to Thursday.

Randi Kaye reported on what is going on behind the scenes. There are currently 3,185 lobbyists working on healthcare and only 535 members of congress. Lobbyists have spent $635 million over the last two years pushing their healthcare agendas. The lobbyists employ more than 26 former congressmen or staffers and at least 13 former aides.

Tom Foreman reported on how the plan works and the cost. He went into detail on what the House version of the plan would cost families at different income levels.

Next was Sen Roland Burris's revised rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. 360 also consulted a Republican speech writer for their rendition of the classic poem read dramatically by Bob. David Gergen joined Erica to talk about who has the upper hand, the House or the Senate. They also discussed how this issue is more partisan than previous topics and doesn't have as much public support.

Next Erica spoke with Barry Goldman, David Goldman's father, about the news that Brazil's supreme court ruled that the Sean, Barry Goldman's grandchild and David Goldman's son, must be given back to his biological father. Erica also spoke with Rep Chris Smith of New Jersey on the situation.

Randi Kaye had the 360 bulletin: there was a dust storm in Arizona killing 3 and injuring 5, the Army General in Iraq who made getting pregnant a punishable offense for troops in his command defended his decision but said no one would be court-martialed, a dog in NY has come down with swine flu, and Bo Obama was a bit startled by Santa.

Gary Tuchman had the 360 Follow on former D.A. Ron Sutton who is now charged with spending money that was seized by people who were pulled over on the highway. The money was spent on week long trips to Hawaii with a few hours of legal seminars. Sutton believes he did nothing wrong. Now that he is charged he was unwilling to speak with Tuchman further on the issue. Coincidentally, Tuchman spoke with Erica while on vacation with his family... in Hawaii.

The Shot tonight was a look back at some of 360's favorite moments over the last year. They looked at Anderson's birthday surprise, Richard Simmons' visit, the 360 crew Single Lady's dance, Anderson's attempt at the CNN challenge, and Anderson with Nancy Grace's kids. They also had a preview of Tom Foreman's special, All The Best, All the Worst of 2009.

Randi Kaye was back with the second bulletin of the night: Brittany Murphy's husband denies that she overdosed on prescription medicine or that she had an eating disorder, Italian cours cut the prison sentence for one of the men convicted of killing Meredith Kercher, the FBI released it's files on Michael Jackson, and in Texas a drunk driver was sentence to spend 9 days in jail around Christmas and around his victim's birthday for ten years.

The Beat 360 tonight was a photo of President Obama greeting Robert De Niro and Bruce Springsteen. Candy Crowley was the staff winner with: "All together now, 'Born in the USA. I was born in the USA'". The viewer winner was Colleen with "No Bruce I am the boss, and no, Robert; I am NOT talking to you.

We have one extra for tonight. Here's a picture of Anderson with Kelly Ripa and Colin Firth:

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judy said...

After reading the announcement about Rick Sanchez's expanded hours for 2010, I've nothing to say about 360 except that these people are far too qualified to be part of the CNN line up....prime or otherwise. No wonder AC has lost his momentum.
I can't imagine the low morale of those who work hard and are so talented at what they do.

ACAnderFan said...

I didn't watch 360 last nite, however I did put it on in time to see the shot. Very adorkable. Anderson is cute when he gets embarrassed. He giggles and his face gets all squinty. I liked when he was holding one of Nancy Grace's kids and it started crying. The look on his face is priceless.

MichellenLomita said...

Of course I haven't tuned in to 360since AC's been out; there are only a few anchors I'll watch in his place. No offense to the others, who are all very competent and dedicated, but Anderson has a special quality, and fans really miss him when he's absent. The producers encourage us to watch by showing taped Ander segments, but that doesn't work for me, since it's not him live; it just emphasizes his absence. His following isn't huge compared to some other notable personalities, but it's phenomenal for a news anchor that his fans are so fond of him.
About the show's low ratings, viewers like to watch interesting and stimulating stories and people. AC360 is slow and boring way too often, or they have uninteresting, inarticulate guests, or gory stories. If the producers persist in ignoring what the biggest audience wants because of conceited ideas of quality and what should be aired for human interest, then the show will keep going downhill.

Jaanza said...

360 with Erica Hill was darn good last night. Excellent reports about the health reform bill, shout-out to Tom Foreman for the cost anaylsis for the average family.

The story about David and Sean Goldman is almost approaching overkill. However, it's been a week of slow news days and this is a strong emotional human interest story. I hope there's a happy conclusion for the Goldman's; Sean is awfully cute and Dad's not so bad either.

Another shout-out to Gary Tuchman for folowing-up on his highway robbery reports while on vacation with his family.

The montage of Anderson's most embarrassing moments was adorable and funny. My favorite was the one with Nancy Grace's kids.

MichellenLomita - we all want 360 to have more interesting and stimulating stories and for the ratings to be higher. Looking at the recap of Tuesday's show, what do you think should have been done differently? Personally, I give it an A.

Jacq said...

I really miss watching Anderson. No offense to many others on the show. But, AC is an important part of the show...he is smart...he is articulate, and he has real style in what he does. His intellectual abilities come through and really move the show along. Judy, I agree with you. I can't imagine what their staff meetings must be like. Maybe this will push AC to seek a higher profile at 60 Minutes and possibly take Regis's job when he retires. Does anyone know when AC's contract is up at CNN?