Sunday, December 27, 2009

The weather outside is frightful...

It's awfully cold here and judging by reports, many of you are suffering from an overload of snow, ice, and cold weather as well. I guess there are colder places we could be. Enjoy these shots of Anderson filming PIP in Greenland. Brrr....

After venturing out, I realized I could take a few cues from Anderson and the scientists about appropriate cold weather gear. Our puzzle tonight is a shot of a happy Anderson "playing in the snow." Even frozen, the man still manages to look fantastic!

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AC Greenland Jigsaw PuzzleAC Greenland Jigsaw Puzzle

I didn't want to leave you with such a "chilly" blog so I thought I might warm you up with Round 3 of the Anderson Trivia Challenge.

Stay safe and warm out there this week as you continue to enjoy your holiday. See you back here next year! Em

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sydney said...

Nice quiz, I got 90% (said Colorado instead of Wyoming - argh!).

Now I'm ready for NYE.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Good post Em! I love when you post quizzes. I missed one, not bad though.

Loved seeing the pics of Anderson in Greenland. Greenland was the best part of the first PIP. I remember his blog post about being there and saying eh didn't brush his teeth for 5 days and slept in and wore the same clothes the entire time he was there.

judy said...

Hi Em....creative as always and my anderskills are in need of remediation. Let's just say I did rather poorly on your quiz and let it go at that.
Really missed those amazing challenges you always give us!
All our snow melted here on the East Coast but we are getting ready for a New Years Day,"snow event." Delightful!
See You in the New Year!

Maureen said...

I feel really bad I only got 4 out of 10 questions right. oh well maybe I'll do better next time.

Em said...

Glad you are enjoying. Don't feel bad Judy and Maureen. It is getting harder and harder to find subjects not widely known...I pulled out several old magazine articles for this one! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday - Looking forward to staying cozily at home for New Years and watching Anderson!

sydney said...

Well, if it's any consolation to those who didn't get too many right on the quiz, my performance on the puzzle sucked! :-)

Jaanza said...

I got 70% on the quiz and had fun with the puzzle.

My yard looks worse than Antartica.
Antartica doesn't have snowplows shoving grimy snow into a 5 foot high drift, making you shovel the driveway again.
Unlike the East Coast snow, this snow is sticking around until April.

Maureen said...

can't wait until new years. I miss seeing, hearing;his laugh and his sence of humor, Anderson.I hope he is on his show tonight but I heard rumors he won't be on until new years eve. I hope those rumors are wrong.

Anonymous said...

60%, not bad for someone who has no celeb fetish.