Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year from ATA!


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MichellenLomita said...

Happy New Year ATA! I did not turn on CNN at all on New Years Eve, much as I missed AC. Normally, I would never skip a live Ander broadcast, but Kathy Griffin's style just totally disagrees with my tastes. I'm not disrespecting her, but I don't understand how she qualifies to co-host with Anderson, or why CNN gives her so much visibility.

judy said...

TVNewser had some insiteful comments about CNN's pandering to Kathy Griffin. As one insiteful poster put it, "They CAN use her, knowing full and well that she will do anything to get them ratings, but the question remains, as a ONCE widely "respected news organization," SHOULD they use her?
I think this is worth some thought,and the answer is NO.
The word respect and Kathy Griffin don't go hand in hand, even though she may well be entertainment for some.

Johnito said...

Happy New Year to Everyone!!! I wish the best on 2010 for you guys.

Anonymous said...

@ Judy: Please get over it already. Just cause one doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean that person does not deserve respect. You might take life a little to seriously if she bothers you this much. She has a lot going for her and you're trashing her on a blog. Come on now.

Happy New Year to all.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone

Phebe did you son make it home in time for the holidays? I sure hope so.

Phebe said...

Happy New Year's everyone!

@anonymous 9:53 Thanks for asking, he did make it home. He was one of only a handful of flights out of DC on the day of the snowstorm.

@judy & anonymous 9:51, Kathy obviously is someone Anderson enjoys and because of their friendship she has been on his NYE program for the last few years.
I personally enjoy her banter with AC, but I can understand how she is not everyone's cup of tea.
Luckily there are other programs that cover the ball drop and you are not forced to watch CNN if she offends you.

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

Happy New Year fellow Anderbloggers! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday and will have a great new year!

judy said...

@anonyomous: I disrespected her? As Sarah Palin would say, and I do hate quoting her, but it is so fitting, "You Betcha!"