Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anderson Cooper is MIA

Hi! It's Wonz, in for Phebe tonight. It must be a night for subs! Wolf Blitzer was in the anchor chair tonight, filling in for Anderson Cooper. You’re getting a very condensed version of 360 tonight.

First up was the “Breaking News” – 8 of the 10 Americans accused of kidnapping 33 Haitian children have been freed. David McKenzie was at the Port-au-Prince airport, reporting that a US military aircraft left Haiti with the 8 released missionaries on board and headed for the US.

John Vause was in Port-au-Prince reporting on the days developments. For the 8, kidnapping charges still stand and they were released on bail without conditions which is an indication the charges may be dropped. The 2 remaining Americans, Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter (Silsby’s nanny) remain in Haiti and will be questioned for a few days while the judge determines why they traveled to Haiti prior to the quake. The judge is looking for criminal intent and if there is a link found between Silsby and the “shady legal advisor” reported on last week, it would impact his decision.

It’s the first anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and while many economists credit it with adding 1.8 million jobs, there is discontent among the voters. This was the segway for tonight’s installment in the “Not Republican Enough” series. Randi Kaye was in with the report of Charlie Crist (current gov. of Florida, running for the US Senate) and Marco Rubio who’s running against Crist. Sorry, but I hit the FF button – what I did hear, Christ is being called a “Rino” – Republican in name only – and Marco Rubio is the favorite among the Tea Party members. John Avalon joined Wolf for a follow up and again I hit the FF button.

David Gergen joined Wolf for the 360 Insider Briefing. A second Taliban leader was captured, which was good new for President Obama. Gergen feels Pakistan is strategically more important the Afghanistan and the cooperation between the CIA and the Pakistan Intelligence Agency was a positive sign. In Gergen’s briefing today with Administration Officials, he learned they are very encouraged the Taliban can be beat, the Marjah offensive is going very well, the offensive is putting pressure on the Taliban but don’t be too quick to declare victory yet as there is concern about Afghan civilians and the Afghan police are not well trained. Talk next moved to Iran. It appears as though Iran is digging in its heals and a nuclear armed Iran is not acceptable to the US. The US is trying to round up partners for tough sanctions, which is the main option, but the military option is on the table.

Poppy Harlow was in with the 360 Bulletins tonight—
• more problems for Toyota – investigation into power steering problems in some 2009 and 2010 Corollas
• TSA screeners will start randomly swabbing passengers hands to check for traces of explosives

• Former President Bill Clinton was back to work today appearing at a public event on childhood obesity
• Reality Star Jon Gosslin & TLC have called a truce, lawsuits were settled and some dropped concerning Jon & Kate Plus 8
• Concerning the shadowy killing we saw on 360 last night – Israel’s Foreign Minister said today there was no reason to think Israeli agents were involved
• The White House and Senate are nearing an agreement on a new overseer of bank risk taking
• Tiger Woods to apologize on Friday for his behavior
• Sadie, the Scottish Terrier is America’s Top Dog – she captured the Best In Show last night at the Westminster Kennel Club

The Beat 360 winner was announced – the picture was of First Dog, Bo, playing on the White House lawn last week during the blizzard.

There was another installment in the “Stealing Haiti” series. Randi Kaye was in with a report on Haitian Former President John Bertrand Aristide – better known at the “Little Priest” – my take away; he was a hero to some and a self-serving ruler to others.

The Digging Deeper segment was with Dan Erikson, Senior Associate for US Policy and Director of Caribbean Programs at the Inter-American Dialogue. Erikson described Aristide as a complex, contradictory, ultimately tragic figure in Haiti’s recent history. Aristide originally held the democratic aspirations of the Haitian people, but never delivered on the promise and ultimately left behind him a trail of ruin. Erikson believes Haiti cannot rebuild on it’s own, but needs the international community. However, it is only through strengthening Haiti’s own domestic political institutions do you have a rebuilding process that’s sustainable over the long term.

Tonight’s Crime & Punishment segment was a new twist in the disturbing tale of the alleged university shooter Amy Bishop. It was discovered today that she faced criminal charged in 2002 after a fight in a Massachusetts IHOP. Tom Foreman was in with the details. It seems to me that a lot of red flags were missed and once again no one connected all the dots which may have prevented the recent deaths of 3 University of Alabama – Huntsville faculty members.

John Zarella was at the airport in Miami awaiting the military flight from Haiti with the 8 freed missionaries on board. No sight of the plane or any sign of a welcoming party.

Tonight’s Shot had to do with Danny DeVito’s Troll Feet Tweets – apparently DeVito takes pictures of his feet in various locals. Jack Gray had “tweeted” about the most recent appearance of DeVito’s Troll Feet and I found this picture on DeVito’s Twitter page! That’s right – Anderson’s desk!! That will teach Mr. Copper to go away!! Wolf suggested maybe some sanitizer when Anderson gets back to his New York office.

A few extras tonight -

Anderson Cooper -- along with producer Charlie Moore and cameraman Neil Hallsworth -- has been awarded the January Sidney for Haiti Coverage. Follow
this link for more on the story. And this link for a short interview Anderson did with the Sidney Hillman Foundation.

A few new pics of Anderson taken in Haiti. (Remember to click to enlarge.)
All photos by Jonathan Torgovnik
© 2009 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved

And this from TVNEWSER --
How CNN Overtakes Fox News
By Kevin Allocca on Feb 17, 2010 04:45 PMFrom James Hibberd's interview with media research exec Shari Anne Brill at THR:

THR: What about CNN? Is there any way to overtake Fox News?
Brill: Smarter people need to be having more kids. I don't know how else you can overcome it.

That's it for me tonight. I'll be back on Friday, but since Anderson is scheduled to be speaking at the Reagan Library Forum that night, I'll be going to the vault. - Wonz

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judy said...

Thank you Wonz for subbing and bringing extra clips from Haiti. AC always looks happiest when he's around children and the Award is well deserved. I'm sure there will be more and they should also include Sanjay as well.
I did not watch 360. I like Wolf, but not at that hour....and I had no interest in where Danny Devito's feet went or didn't go.
I feel "smarter" already after reading the quote from TVNewser. What a shame. But none of the media outlets, including CNN are really investigating Toyota. None.
Congressional hearings are supposed to be held and I EXPECT full coverage from CNN and not a blip in the bulletin. Now Corollas are being recalled and Mr Toyoda isn't appearing at the hearings?? Why....that would call for every outlet to investigate. What has happenned to investigative journalism????
No wonder The National Enquirer uncovered Edwards. No one else was interested. INCLUDING CNN. Shame on them ALL.
Rant Over

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I didn't watch 360 last nite. There is no way I am going to watch Wolf Blitzer on 360. I hope Anderson will be back tomorrow, but I have a feeling we won't be seeing him the rest of this week.

Nice pics of Anderson. The last one is my fave. I like the serious look on his face.

Jaanza said...

Wolf was alright subbing but I wondered during the entire show where Anderson was; was he out due to a bad cold? was he at some big-name fundraiser? did he just need a night off and Wednesday night seemed like a good night to do that?

Wolf did a good job and thee were several good reports such as the news 8 of the missioaries were released, the continuing reports on Haiti's history and leaders and the report on shooter Amy Bishop. However, the report on Christ of FL and "rinos" didn't interest me.

The Shot was kind of lame - lots of people take oddball photos like that - until we got to DeVito's foot on Anderson's desk. Wolf talked about Anderson sanitizing the desk when he comes back but Anderson doesn't strike me as a germaphobe. He might spray a little Windex on his desk and wipe it off with his shirt sleeve but that's probably it.

Thanks for the great new photos from Haiti.

Isabel Siaba said...

Hello friends!

Yesterday when I saw who was on AC260 was Wolf Blitzer, I went to sleep. I do not sympathize much with it and my time zone remains complicated.

Great pictures of AC in Haiti. Anywhere in the world is amazing how children love a cell phone. He seems very comfortable and happy with children. Thanks for the photos!

Do you know if today will be again Wolf Blitzer?

Em said...

Good post Wonz. The statement about smart people and children is funny but I am thinking it might just be a bit true. I rememeber reading that there is a correlation between family size and level of education. That got me thinking back to those demographic courses many, many years ago...might have to do a little research on those stats. I have a funny little story on that. When I was in school, I had a very young rather handsome professor for a course on population and the environment. My mother and I went to the airport to pick up a fellow student after Christmas break. Coincidentally, my professor was also picking up someone on the same flight. He walked straight up to me and showing me a paper and with a grin said, "Hey Em, looks like the birth rate is up." I didn't think anything of it until I looked at my mom. She is rather shy and very well mannered. Her face was bright red. When the professor left I asked her what was wrong and she told me she thought "the birth rate is up" was some new form of pick up line! Anyway, thought it was awfully funny and cute at the time!

I tried to get into 360 but was in meetings from 7-7 yesterday and was so tired. Wolf is okay but I had a hard time hanging in.

LOL on the feet but I found looking at the desk to be more interesting. I am sooo curious and was interested to realize I have seen some of those pictures Anderson has on his board...oh gosh hope that doesn't sound like I am some "strange" Anderfan!

Thanks again Wonz and hope Anderson and Phebe had a good night off!

Anonymous said...

My guess is Anderson is simply enjoying some time off in LA since he seems to like it out there.

VeganCore said...

As much as I enjoyed Anderson and his crews coverage in Haiti (I hope we will see more in the future), I don't understand why they would get an award for it. Call me crazy, but it just seems they are getting an award for doing their job, and reporting on a country in despair. I do believe that CNN has had the best coverage on this tragedy by far, I just don't think its necessary to be handing out awards for this. If I was Anderson I would respectfully deny the award, and ask the people of the Sidney Hillman Foundation to make a donation to Haiti instead. Please don't take this as a shot at Anderson cause its not. I respect Anderson as a journalist, and have been watching his for a long time. Just my thoughts on that subject.

Anonymous said...

Hey VeganToTheCore, I couldn't agree with you more, it's just like giving awards to everyone on a TBall team. While CNN's coverage was great awards shouldn't be given haphazardly because in the end they lose their significance and impact.

Anonymous said...

The Gov of Florida is named Charles (Charlie) Crist -- not Christ. No comment on whether either or both or which would take offense at your spelling....

Anonymous said...

Em, I have to say I did the same thing you did with the foot pix. Enlarged the photo to see what pix were on AC's desk. He might be one who puts photos on his frig door.

Wonz said...

@anon 6:08pm -- Thanks for alerting me to the error. I need to learn to proofread better. Auto-spell check changed it on me and I didn't catch it. I've fixed it now!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch last night. Not fond of Wolf doing Anderson show. I like the picture of Anderson while he was Haiti. A lot of the picture you post have so much emotion in them.
The pictures of Danny's foot on Anderson's desk kind of creepy but I am facinated by pictures on his wall.