Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anderson Cooper..... MIA

Again on Wednesday Jessica Yellin was in for Anderson Cooper, so again I'll give you a quick rundown and then onto something from the ATA Archives.

-Killer whale attack in Orlando, Randi Kaye reporting. The follow-up discussion was with an eye witness to the event and a former trainer at Sea World and then a second segment with Jack Hanna.

-Tonight's Broken Government segment was with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and it focused on hospital bills. He also did an update on Kimberly who he first treated when he was in Haiti.

-Soledad O'Brien reported on new government restrictions in Haiti for relief supplies.

-Toyota hearings on Capital Hill were next on the AC360 agenda with reports filed by Ted Rollins and Joe Johns

-John Avlon and Peter Beinhart joined Jessica to talk of their list of 20 people responsible for our government's gridlock

A few months ago a AC360 producer tweeted that he had just watched Ali Wentworth on a program and he found her to be so funny. I mentioned to him that AC and Ali had worked together once and also that AC had interviewed her when he subbed for Aaron Brown. I promised to dig out the clip and post it for him and for all of you to enjoy.
If you are not familiar with Ms. Wentworth she is a comedian, television sitcom star and also a former talk show host. She is married to ABC's George Stephanopoulos and comes from a politically connected Washington DC family and is hysterically funny, IMO.
Ali worked briefly with AC on a morning program and when she was interviewed by him in 2003 they caught up on life the way old friends do.
Many times long time AC fans talk about the good old days of 'red 360'. This interview predates that program but has some of the fun elements and humor that we miss so much on the current reincarnation of AC360. Enjoy! ~Phebe

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judy said...

Enjoyed Jessica again tonite and I agree with Jack Hanna and PETA, whales belong in the wild. As an animal lover I see no reason why man insists upon trying to tame wild animals, like the tiger and keep them as pets or in this case to entertain the masses for profit.
Having Mr.Toyoda here in the US was a start, but leave to it to our congress not to grill him hard enough or LaHood for that matter.
Larry King asked him what he drove and his translation was, "I love all cars." What? It sounded like a Sarah Palin moment. Let's just say he's no Henry Ford Jr.
The clip you showed of AC in 03 is not the same person on "The Charlie Rose Show." It is obvious that AC is troubled and haunted by the images he saw in Haiti. I do hope Em is right and he has people around him he can talk to about his emotions. Mental and physical well being go hand in hand. Hopefully, he will get the help he needs.

ACAnderFan said...

Great clip from the Andervault. I haven't seen that one in years. The best part is when Ali is talking about an 8 year old boy who is still breastfeeding and Anderson says he would watch them talk about that and then Ali touches his arm and asks how he's deal with that and he dissolves into a fit of Andergiggles.

I thought it was cute when he said he was working on a little show that will air weeknights at 7pm.

360 needs to do interviews like that. Anderson is a great one on one interviewer and it'd be nice every so often to see a nice funny interview like that.

Jaanza said...

Well, 360 was on for the entire hour but I didn't really watch. Instead I read Fordlandia by Greg Grandin, about Henry Ford's plan to build a rubber plantation in the Amazon in the 1920's and how miserably it failed.

Thursday is Obama's big health care summit; any guesses on whether Anderson will be back at work? I have the feeling it will be a lot of talk and very little action; it probably won't be worth it for Anderson to drag himself out of bed just to cover this event.

I'll watch the Ali Wentworth video tomorrow on the better computer.

Anonymous said...

I wonder now, how many skeletons are in Anderson's closet? hmmm and liking to watch someone breats feeding....he is soo weird.

Anonymous said...

Anderson didn't leave NY apparently = I saw him walking outside of the TWC yeaterday afternoon.

Jacq said...

Phebe, the clip of Anderson and Ali was great. He was having so much fun. It really made me smile and giggle along.
I am almost afraid to watch the interview of Anderson and Charlie Rose.

Em said...

Jacq don't be afraid to watch the interview. IMHO it is one of Anderson's best. I just thought he looked very tired and very sad when Charlie was thanking him and he looked down. Otherwise, in the interview he shows the passion that most of really appreciate. I must say though, the interview with Ali is a lot more fun.