Thursday, February 25, 2010

Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare ...

Sanjay Gupta was in for Anderson tonight and the show began with coverage of healthcare.

Ed Henry had a report on the healthcare summit and discussed some of the most important moments such as comments from John McCain and President Obama. The Republicans' main point was that the plan was too costly however Democrats believe that the President came out on top. A CNN fact check agreed with President Obama. Outside of the meeting Henry said that Democrats are nervous and feel that the President has a very narrow window to get the bill passed.

Digging Deeper next was David Gergen, Dr. Bernadine Healy and Dr. Sandeep Jauhar. Gergen discussed where we go from here and how the day went. Dr. Healy discussed if coverage would improve with the new plan and if premiums would go up. She also talked about if she felt everyone should have insurance. Dr. Jauhar talked about the role of the Federal government and the impact on the budget.

When they returned from the break Jessica Yellin joined Sanjay to discuss what the Democrats need to pass the bill in the Senate. She also explained reconciliation, a rule that says they can pass a bill with a simple majority, which Democrats are now threatening to use. This is creating a controversy because it is only supposed to be used in special circumstances such as passing a budget however, previous health care related amendments have been passed using reconciliation.

Next they were back with the previous panel. Gergen answered Sanjay's question of if the bill can be passed and how. Dr. Healy answered the question of is it a realistic approach to start from scratch as the Republicans would like to do and Dr. Jauhar discussed his opinion on a public option and what he would like to see from the bill.

Tom Foreman had the Up Close report and discussed the staging and symbolism of the summit.

Jessica Yellin also had the bulletin: two explosions occurred in Kabul, the trainer at Sea World who was attacked by a killer whale died from multiple injuries and drowning, the body of actor Andrew Koenig was found in Vancouver, Palin will speak at a meeting for the NRA, there is new video of an avalanche as it occurred.

Next Gupta went over statistics regarding medical malpractice. Republicans are proposing caps on what people can collect on malpractice lawsuits. Democrats however feel that this is not fair to people who are victims of accidents. They looked at if lawsuits are creating more costs and defensive medicine. Dr. Albert Strunk and Anthony Tarricone joined Gupta to discuss the issue further.

In the Keeping Them Honest segment Sanjay Gupta walked us through his hospital and talked about some customary charges on a hospital bill. He also discussed some of the administrative costs that are built in and the actual costs of supplies vs what is seen on the bill.

Next Dan Buettner joined Sanjay to discuss five tips to live a longer life such as eating a big breakfast and lots of vegetables.

Jessica Yellin was back with the second bulletin of the night: Charles Rangel will be admonished tomorrow by the House Ethics Committee, President George W Bush met with Dick Cheney today for the first time since the inauguration, Chief Executive of Toyota went to his company's largest North American assembly line and deputies went to Wayne Newton's home to try and collect on a debt.

The shot tonight was a shout out to Jessica Yellin whose birthday was today.

Have a great week everyone!

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ACAnderFan said...

I thought Sanjay did an excellent job anchoring 360. The show was more interesting than I thought it would be.

I believe this is only the second time Sanjay has anchored, but he did a really good job, and I hope to see him anchoring again.

Still miss Anderson though and hope he's back next week.

Jaanza said...

Thanks for the recap of Thursday's show. When I saw that it was going to be all about the health care debate I decided to get other things done. Nothing against Sanjay Gupta, this was the perfect day for him to anchor 360.

Andrson will probably take Friday off. Hope he gets his chicken soup and whatever else he needs to get well and come back to work.

judy said...

Having watched the health care summit the entire day, we were snowed in again here in the east, I really didn't pay that much attention to 360.
I did enjoy the interaction between Jessica and Sanjay and Sanjay was the perfect host for the subject of health care.
John McCain was way out of line when he made that untimely remark pertaining to the health care bill and the President's lack of transparency. Glad Obama shot back, "John the campaign is over." McCain needed to be reminded of that and YOU lost.
Dr. Healy used to be the former President of the Red Cross and I always find her insiteful and informative on other panels.
Thanks for the carrot cake clip...very cute.
Hope AC is getting a much needed rest.

Em said...

Totally agree with ACAnderfan. Although I am totally over anything that involves politician posturing and partisanship, I thought Sanjay did a very good job in the anchor chair. He has great presence in front of the camera. I am also really liking Jessica and if they do choose a full time replacement for Erica, I wouldn't mind seeing her. She has a sense of humor and down-to-earth quality.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Yellin should not play second fiddle to Anderson Cooper. She was an anchor at MSCNBC, previously, and already has a position covering the White House. If anything she should have her own show. Period.

ACAnderFan said...

I agree with Em, that Jessica Yellin would make a good replacement for Erica. She seems to get along well with Anderson, and she's smart.

MichellenLomita said...

I watched AC360 last night to see Sanjay anchor, even though I'm not interested in health care reform--tired of the subject and feeling cynical about politicians in general. But I still enjoyed the program. Sanjay is personable, with an energetic, upbeat delivery, and Jessica is positive and smart too. The guests were intelligent and well-informed. IMO anchors, reporters, and commentators carried 360 last night, not the material itself. Really don't want to look at White House people right now-Repubs or Dems. Was refreshing however to watch a cheerful normal news hour with nothing somber or preachy about it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jessica could have an expanded role on the show, not just the news and business bulletin segment. I know that was originally the plan for Erica, but it never seemed to come to fruition. She could do investigative reports, political reporting, etc. Just a thought. They'd be wise to use her this way, I like her personality and enthusiasm.