Monday, February 22, 2010

A Mediocre Monday

Breaking News worked in my favor tonight since I wanted to speed blog and I don't give a damn about Dick Cheney's health. So I'll summarize by saying Sanjay, Candy and Gloria all filled us in on the news that there is a heart that still beats in Dick's chest.Next up was some news that came out of CPAC. A clip of Glenn Beck speaking to and about Republicans was show and not only did he make a valid point about the GOP but he could have given the exact same speech about the Dems and been spot on too. Both parties are screwed up beyond belief and all I see is people pointing fingers but not taking action to fix things. Bill Bennett didn't agree with Beck and Carville didn't agree with Bennett so I guess that made my point.More Haiti news, mostly focusing on adoption issues. Gary Tuchman met with a group of women who are under investigation for trying to legally take orphans to the US for adoption.
Dr. Jane Aronson joined AC to discuss what she feels is necessary to reestablish a more normal adoption process between the US and Haiti.The next segment on the possibility of firing the entire staff of teachers at a RI high school, for poor performance, sounded interesting until the panel showed up. I'm just not a fan of Steve Perry so I FF'd though most of the discussion. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that CNN had decided to do a series on 'Broken Government'. If anyone greeted that news by jumping up and down, clapping their hands and saying whoopee, then you need to be reading another blog, not ATA. Ali Velshi and Joe Klein joined AC for the segment.Best tidbit of the night? Anderson Cooper's favorite rock album is Elvis Costello's Armed Forces. Mine? It's a tie between Prince's Purple Rain and the Eagles Hotel California. Yours?

Brianna Keilar did the 360 Bulletin. I'm going to invoke an old rule of my mother's .....if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

A few more Haiti pictures. The first with camerman Neil Hallsworth and the second with producer Charlie Moore.

All photos by Jonathan Torgovnik
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Now I've got a dilemma. I just wrote that I wasn't going to say anything at all if I couldn't say anything nice so how do I tell you how much I disliked Monday's program? Never mind, I guess I just did. ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

Did we really need Candy Crowley and Gloria Borger on to talk about Cheney? It would have been better if it were just Sanjay and Anderson.

Good piece by Gary Tuchman. Poor kids, they're caught in the middle. It'll be interesting to see if the signature really is that of the prime minister. If it isn't then those people are crazy. It just harms the kids.

Interesting that the Vatican is now picking rock albums. Why am I not surprised Anderson picked an Elvis Costello album for best rock album. Typical child of the 80's...LOL! Out of the albums on the Vatican's list the best is Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors". That is a great album.

360 wasn't the greatest. Hopefully tuesday will be better

Jaanza said...

I flipped channels around during the first twenty minutes because I wasn't interested in either Cheney or CPAC.

Gary Tuchman's report on new accusations of illegally taking Haitian children was pretty good as was the expert who followed.

The woman in the panel about the failing RI school - Wiengarten? - I was totally distracted by the crick in her neck. Maybe it's a mean thing to say, maybe she has a medical condition but even before Phebe wrote about wise words from mothers, I could hear my own mom tell Weingarten, "Sit up straight! Hold your head up!"

It's very cool that Anderson likes Elvis Costello.

Nothing wrong with Brianna Keller but I wish 360 would stick with one Bulletin person and give Anderson time to delevelop a rapport with that person instead of changing the Bulletin person every week.

MichellenLomita said...

Hi Phebe, I also disliked Monday night's show. How bland and boring. I thought every story and discussion was dull, with uninteresting subjects. No energy and live wire news tonight. And what's with the conservative tone? What happened to thought-provoking and objective? Hope the usual 360 doldrums don't last long this time. I'm missing Anderson in the field where the action is.

judy said...

Phebe, I had to laugh when you said,"There is a heart that still beats in Dick Cheney's chest." Yes, the man actually came out of his cave to go to the hospital for a "repair."
I might add that Gloria Bolger is wrong. W. rarely speaks to Cheney and it is quite evident to those of us who didn't know it before, that Cheney was running the show for 8 years so he's defending HIS legacy and thus the CPAC appearances.
I also knew immediately that AC was back in NYC. He had that pale, dull, look about we all do here. We get so much sun we might as well live in Cheney's cave.
I also caught snipets of AC on the Charlie Rose Show. I say snipets, because, unfortunately he was opposite Jon Stewart and Stewart always wins.
AC still seems very troubled about Haiti on Charlie Rose. Let me warn you....there is a panel.
I will not belabor this point, but Steve Perry has to be put in a classroom for a week, say fifth-sixth graders, shut the door, and asked to teach. He'd be a new man, and even an educated one.

Phebe said...

@Jaanza, Oh but I beg to differ, there is something wrong with Brianna in my opinion. I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say if she continues on 360 I'll be skipping the Bulletin reviews.

Deborahmei said...

Anderson's on Charlie Rose's program on PBS tonight.

Isabel Siaba said...

I really have to agree: a mediocre Monday.

Too much time spent talking about the heart condition of former vice president. This was to be a news fast and there was no need for the panel with Dr Gupta (although I love the Dr Gupta)

ATA will publish some of AC on Charlie Rose?
I would watch, but I didn't have chance.

Anonymous said...

I like Poppy Harlow doing the bulletins. I also don't see them hiring someone full time to sit in the studio to do them. Seems like a rather wasteful position, and I can't see any of the correspondents really want to do that - too constraining and would bore them.

Maureen said...

did anyone see Anderson on Charlie Rose? I was wondering if anyone can blogg about what was said or show the clip or atleast have a link to where it was I wanted to see it but it comes one in the middle of the night here in cali and well lastnight I couldn't stay up, I had cramps so bad I had to take sleeping pills to put myself out of my misery. I hope someone can help me with the Charlie rose interview. Thanks.

VeganToTheCore said...

When I saw that Cheney was hospitalized, I raised my arms in celebration. After John King got in contact with Anderson to let him know that Cheney was doing well, I changed the channel. I know I shouldn't feel that way, but I can't help it when comes to that...thing.

I'm very surprised that the vatican didn't pick "Suffer" by Bad Religion, or anything from BR for that matter. HaHa! I love all of their albums. I was very disappointed that the people at the vatican overlooked that one.
:- ]

Hmm, I really don't know if I have a favorite rock album. Anything from Clapton, The Animals, Steve Winwwod, Janis Joplin, Morrissey...just too many to name.

Not sure where all the hate is coming from regarding Brianna Keller though. Its only a bulletin, how can one really form an opinion off of that??

I can't believe that Anderson called the pumpkins "emo." They are (were) the farthest thing from an "emo" band. I hate when people throw around words that they don't fully understand.

Phebe said...

For those who are interested I will be posting Anderson's appearance on Charlie Rose later today.

@Vegan to the Core, my opinion is based on experiences that ATC has had with her and not on news reading ability. Think DIVA

VeganToTheCore said...

@Phebe: Oh, okay. She is new to me, don't think I have seen her before. I have been out of it as far as keeping up with mainstream news as of late, so I must of missed her on something else she has done on CNN. Honestly, no one will come close to Erica Hill, anyone that CNN permanently puts in her place (if they do) is going to fall short in comparison. I think that Erica is such a cool, down to earth lady.

Em said...

I have been suffering from a pnuemonia for the past two weeks so when they went into such detail on Cheney, I took a double shot of cough medicine and went to bed. Doesnt' sound like I missed much.

Not certain what my favorite album of all time is. My most listened to is probably Van Morrison's Moondance and favorite song is defintely Into the Mystic. Second would probably be the Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour with Fool on the Hill as my favorite song.

Speaking of Magical Mystery Tour, I loved Bono's rendition of I am the Walrus in Across the Universe and am wo excited to tell you all that I get to see U2 with Lenny Kravitz on June 3d...another one for the bucket list. I saw the outside of Bono's house in Ireland and now I am finally getting to see him in person, bear with me as I let out a little "YOO HOO" for U2!

judy said...

@Phebe: I'm really surprised that Brianna came across as a diva. She seems rather bland. Brooke Baldwin, comes across as more of a diva, but since you've had dealings with Brianna you should know. I too, like Poppy.
I feel they take whoever is available.

Anonymous said...

AC 360 had the lowest ratings in the demos and totals yesterday according to TVNewser. It had to be the content. Very boring show.
Only Blitzer was above 500K.

Jacq said...

The show was boring. Dick Cheney is not my cup of tea. I kept turning back to the Olympics, and then back again to 360.

Judy, I agree Steve Perry wouldn't last a day with my fifth graders. He would run home crying.

AC did look a bit washed out. It is amazing the difference great lighting will do. Even slightly washed out he looks better than most men I know.

Phebe, Purple Rain was great during my college days and it still holds up today.

snooks said...

AC was on Charlie Rose last night discussion was about Haiti - much better than the expanded coverage of the jerk Cheney

Em said...

@Phebe, can't get Hotel California out of my head now! BTW Purple Rain is an awesome album. The lyrics to When Doves Cry are as haunting today as they were oh so many years ago!