Sunday, February 28, 2010

More of the The Mole - Season 1

We begin tonights blog with a jigsaw puzzle from The Mole-Season 1.

Click to Mix and Solve

the Mole puzzle 1 Jigsaw Puzzlethe Mole puzzle 1 Jigsaw Puzzle

Episode 6 Highlights

Episode 7 Highlights

Bonus Clip #1

Bonus Clip #2

On the first Mole post, I included a small clip of Barry and his ladies offering Anderson some career advice through song. Apparently, this clip was the end of a longer interview Anderson had done for WNN as he was beginning the Mole. Wonz was kind enough to find the entire clip for us. In the clip, Anderson shares a little of his snarky humor with his former co-anchor. I thought you might like to see it in it's entirely.

A few weeks ago, one of our readers asked if we might do a series on Anderson's appearances on Regis & Kelly Live. I haven't had time to discuss it with the other ATA bloggers or put something together but thought I would share one of my favorite R&K clips with you tonight.

Hope you will all join me next Sunday for the finale of our series on The Mole - Season 1. Until then, have a wonderful week!

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ACAnderFan said...

Em, thanks for doing posts on The Mole. I loved Anderson on there, and seeing his wicked sense of humor. I thought it was sweet how concerned he was when Kathryn fainted and he was stroking her hair and talking to her. He's a good man.

I love the Coke Blak clip. One of my fave R&K moments. I love when he spits it on the floor. Totally adorkable. I like when Anderson does funny things like that. What's so fun about him being on R&K is that he's unpredictable. I like getting to see his lighter side.

MichellenLomita said...

Anderson looks so cute and sweet in The Mole. Coke Blak was...well, I would call it naughty. AC can get away with that sort of thing because he is so good-looking and likable. Still worried about him; will be relieved when he's on 360 again--well and healthy.

judy said...

In the post prior to this one, one word in my post was dissected out of a complete post of 300 words or more. While I do not mind varying opinions, because this is what posts are about, I'd like to remind the bloggers that if we all agreed on everything there would be little to say, especially on a slow news day.
No one likes to become the SUBJECT of the post in comments, especially if the topic is timely and has to do with fitness, diet, exercise, and health. It is restraining....but it does get a conversation going and that is after all why you are still here.
Thank you Em, for your continued contributions on Sunday.

pebbles said...

Thanks for posting the whole interview clip, I haven't seen that before.

The Coke Blak-spitting clip is one of my favorite R&K moments too.

christine said...

Hi everyone! im kind of new here.. ive only discovered your awesome site like a week ago.. and i must say that you all did a great job! :)
thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm already excited for your series of the best of R&K Live with Anderson as a co-host!

Anonymous said...

Yes, more R&K clips!!

Jacq said...

I never get tired of seeing The Mole. It holds up every time I see it and I always see something else funny or interesting about AC. It is amazing what a natural he was at doing that type of show.
Also, the R&K clip is one of my favorite AC moments on the show. It is right behind the exercise segment in which Kelly is exercising and AC refuses to do any of the moves.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! One of my favorite AC moments. That R&K clip never gets old for me :-)

AppleMint said...

My favorite Anderson and Kelly moment wa the one where Kelly got hold of Anderson's yearbook photo. It was so hilarious. I could not stop watching it!!! I love the part where Anderson tries to get the photo from Kelly but fails and just laughs with her. :-) best moment ever.