Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month After the Quake: A Day of Mourning & Celebration

Anderson Cooper opened tonight's AC360 by stating, "It has been a day of mourning here and of celebrating as well; celebrating life. A remarkable day in which this blood soaked city seemed to stop and raise it's hands to the heavens."

The first story tonight was the "Breaking News" about the legal advisor for the 10 detained Americans. The Salvadoran police think he is the same man wanted in their country for trafficking young prostitutes. Karl Penhaul joined Anderson with the details. Dan Simon was in Boise, Idaho to explain how this gentleman was hired.

Next up was more "Breaking News" of the New NATO Offensive in Afghanistan. Atia Abawi spoke to Anderson by phone from Helmand Province to discuss the offensive and the Taliban's response.

Faith and Hope in Haiti - "a sea of survivors making a joyful noise"

Hospital Checkup - Anderson's return visit to General Hospital

Kimberly's Recovery - Sanjay returns to the USS Comfort to reunite Kimberly with her father.

Anderson was back in with more details of tonight's lead story.

Candy Crowley was in with the first 360 Bulletin
* An Olympic luger from the Republic of Georgia was killed today during a practice run
* There is a female suspect in Custody after a deadly shooting at the University of Alabama, Huntsville today. Three people were killed and three wounded; all faculty members and one staff employee, no students
* Walter Frederick Morrison, inventor of the Frisbee, died today.

Survival Stories - Anderson and Sanjay give updates on some of the survivors we have met through their reporting, and what lies ahead.

Who Wrecked Haiti - Abby Bourdeau was in with another installment of the "Stealing Haiti" series.

Candy Crowley was in with the second 360 Bulletin
* Former President Clinton is out of the hospital
* CDC Estimates between April 2009 and mid-January 2010, 41 million - 84 million cases of the Swine flu and 8,300 - 17,000 deaths from complications of the flu
* There's a snowstorm in the southern states
* In Argentina, a dramatic rescue of a van stuck on the railroad tracks with a train approaching

Tonight's "Shot" was dedicated to "the people of Haiti" -- A Reporter's Notebook

A couple of extras for tonight.

First, on Live with Regis & Kelly yesterday, as part of a cooking series, Kelly went to the Momofuku Milk Bar and learned how to make Anderson's favorite cookie! Thought you might enjoy hearing him describe it and learn just what goes into making the "Compost" cookie.

A couple new pictures of Anderson's reporting in Haiti - remember to click to enlarge images
All photos by Jonathan Torgovnik
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Anderson "tweeted" today.

And AC also posted an entry on the AC 360 Blog today. Follow the link if you haven't read it yet.

And Neil Hallsworth "tweeted" tonight! The way i see @AndersonCooper (and #cnn reporter Karl Penhaul) at 10p and attached this pic.

That's it for me tonight. I hope you all have a good weekend! Wonz

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Wow things just get worse and worse for that stupid church group. I mean having their lawyer being investigated for possibly being involved in child trafficking doesn't help them at all. If anything it makes it worse for them. The whole thing is just crazy anyway.

Anderson's piece about how the people of Haiti are marking the one month anniversary was rather interesting. I found the celebratory aspect interesting, being that its a time of mourning. Very interesting piece.

Good piece by Dr.Gupta about Kimberly. Good to hear she's doing well after her operation. Its sad though that her house has been destroyed and that because her family has limited financial means they really can't afford medication.

The reporters notebook, was good. Well the spoken words by Anderson was good. Very moving and you could hear the emotion in Anderson's voice.. The images however weren't so good. I just don't think its appropriate to show dead bodies on TV, especially those piled up. Its very disrespectful.

360 was really good last nite. The best of the week. Nice to see updates on so many of the stories we've seen over the past few weeks.

Good extras tonite Wonz! Loved Kelly making the compost cookie. I hope Anderson goes back on R&K soon. I love love love when he's on there. I like seeing his lighter side.

Isabel Siaba said...

The whole week of AC360 in Haiti was very good. One month after the earthquake a few media still talking about it, but AC was still there and he's reporting on the situation of the people who need as much help.

Next week AC is no longer in Haiti, right?
Too bad! I think he would have more to show, inclusive on the re-housing of homeless people.

Anonymous said...

I guess Anderson is on his way back to reality and will be in LA all next week!

Jaanza said...

Just when you think Silsby and her missionaries couldn't get any stupider, here comes news making them look even more stupid. Either they have incredibly bad luck or they are truly evil.

The reports from the hospital were good but I wish we had some more information from Afghanistan because I think that's going to be the important story in the coming week. At least Anderson was able to talk to a correspondent over there.

I switched back and forth between 360 and the Olympics. I'm glad I caught the video of the guy pushing the van from the railroad tracks and Anderson's Reporter Notebook which was a great piece and a good way to wrap up the week.

Jacq said...

360 was excellent. All of the pieces were interesting. AC and Dr. Gupta have done such a wonderful job giving the real news about Haiti.

I agree it is very sad to see those dead bodies. They are someone's loved ones. The other side of the coin is to keep the reality of what is happening in the public eye and footage like this sure does. I guess AC's feeling is the latter.

The cookie footage with Kelly was great. She is so funny. But, I don't think the cookies sound too good. I will stick to my grandmother's choc. chip walnut cookie recipe.

judy said...

Thank you Wonz for the R&K clip about the compost cookie and the milk bar, but I have come to the conclusion that AC has a "conflicted personality." He seems to be able to show "raw emotion" for people who have far less than the average one minute, and then hop on a plane and become completey emersed in banal trivia with Kelly. I am aware that everyone is multi-dimensional, except in his case, they don't even seem like the same person.
I for one, would rather not see him on R&K any time soon. I'd rather see him in Haiti and I got the feeling he and Dr.Gupta are leaving the door wide open.
And speaking of doors and open, the NY Post is reporting in todays print edition, that AC is being a young lady who is the interior designer of his firehouse.
She supposedly plunged down a hole where a pole had been and had multiple permanent injuries, or so she claims thru her attorney.
The Post exposed this story because it is a matter of "public record," filed this past November.
It seems buying this "hot property" was a lot hotter than AC had ever anticipated, and not a very private one at that.

Wonz said...

@ Jacq -- I agree. I thought Friday's 360 was great. I had tears in my eyes as I was watching Sanjay's piece on Kimberly and hearing him talk about the image that would stay with him is the one of her sitting on the little stool holding everything she owns in the world in a plastic bag. May have to get the checkbook out one more time.

I felt that unlike the last time Anderson and the 360 team left Haiti, this week ended up with a wrap up and good follow-up stories of the people we were introduced to during their previous visit.

I agree that sometimes we need to see things we may not be comfortable seeing -- for this is what makes the situation more real to the viewer.

While there are so many sad stories out of Haiti, it was refreshing to see the strong faith of the Haitian people and the hope they carry in their hearts. It was nice to see that US missionaries are on the ground doing good work, versus the group that seems to make the news everyday.

Well done Mr. Cooper and the whole team. I hope you continue to return to Haiti periodically and keep the story of the Haitian people in the news.

While the "Compost" cookie doesn't sound to good from the ingredients -- I have a feeling it may be. I may actually try making some one of these days!