Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Is That Sitting In Anderson Cooper's Chair?

Jessica Yellin was in the anchor chair for Tuesday night's AC360. I'm a big fan of Ms. Yellin's and any other night I would have been glued to the program BUT with the Olympics and American Idol competing with 360 even Anderson Cooper himself wouldn't have gotten my attention. Let me qualify that.....if it was AC doing naked news then you bet ya, but since that didn't happen here's a very abbreviated rundown of the hour.

- The Toyota hearings before Congress, Drew Griffin doing the follow-up discussion

- A second segment on Toyota this time with Joe Johns

- Rhode Island school firings, Randi Kaye reporting. The District Superintendent did the follow-up discussion and Digger Deeper with a fired counselor from the high school

-Dana Bash talked with Yellin about the legislative process called Reconciliation the Dems are planning on using

-Broken Government segment with Ali Velshi and Peter Beinhart

- Gary Tuchman was live from Haiti with a happy ending to the orphan story he brought us last night. The women and orphans are on their way to the United States, probably in large part to Tuchman's story.

I want to send Wonz a great big thank you for capping and clipping Anderson's appearance on Charlie Rose last night.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

We've clipped the AC portions of the Charlie Rose Show, if you want to watch the entire program from last night you can at the program's website.

Anderson has mentioned several times in the last week that he picked up Aristide's
Revenge while in Haiti so I'm guessing he was in his jammies on Tuesday night watching television and trying to feel better. Or he could have just as easily been off on another great adventure. Either way I hope to see him back in the anchor chair next week when the Olympics are over and he only has to compete with AI for my attention. ~Phebe

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Shay said...

I, too, was watching the Olympics rather than AC, so thanks for the rundown. For the record, if he ever does naked news, I will expect clips of the entire show. XD

Thank you also for the Charlie Rose clips. I will take a look at the whole episode when I have a bit more time. It was an interesting discussion. I also grabbed a screencap of Anderson biting his finger near the beginning of segment 3 -- too cute!

I did notice he was coughing on air a bit during that week he was home from Haiti before going back, and wondered if he'd caught something. I hope he feels better soon.

judy said...

I have to say Jessica Yellin did a fantastic job! I almost forgot AC wasn't there and that's hard to do.
She was enthusiastic, light hearted, inquisitive, and perky, and that is high praise coming from me.
She was given some good material which makes it easier but I especially liked her ease and flow.
Being an owner, herself, of a Prius, she engaged us in an interesting discussion on what actually transpired during the congressional hearings today. And later, Jon Stewart did an even better job, but that's for another blog.
I don't quite understand Rhode Island's difficulty or its teacher's association. Jessica spoke to the Superintendent, but she didn't ask if any of the fired faculty had tenure. I assumed all states had it. Maybe not. Under NJ and NY law, it is very difficult to fire any tenured faculty member, especially during on going contractual negotiations.
I don't know the details of their struggles, but I do know, if she's only been there 3 years, this superintendent does not know this community well enough to take such a drastic action. The State Superintendent will soon be involved. That Lady has over-stepped her bounds.
Hope AC is back tomorrow and if not, I am looking forward to more Jessica.
Thanks for the Charlie Rose clips.

Maureen said...

Thanks for the charlie rose clips. they show how passionate anderson is on telling the story of the haitian people.He looks great with no tie and collar unbuttoned. I can't beleive he's sick again, that poor guy always gets sick when he goes on assignments. He should get some airborne or something and bring it with him. I truly hope he feels better soon. turned on my t.v. today and noticed he wasn't on so I just turned it off. don't have that much energy now a days. have a great day I'm off to bed now. goodnight.

ACAnderFan said...

Well after briefly looking at segment 4 no wonder Anderson was off last nite. He's paler than the vampires in Twilight and he sounded terrible. I hope he's gone to the doctor for whatever is wrong with him.

Jaanza said...

What an oddly psychic title to Tuesday's post because I missed the first few minutes of 360 and was thnking the exact same thing, coulnd't remember her name but vaguely remember her doing the Bulletin.

I channel surfed a lot but two reports stood out for me: Randi Kaye's (is she pregnant?) about the RI school and Gary Tuchman's happy ending for the report yesterday about the women and their adopted Haitian children.

Watching the Charlie Rose clips and maybe the entire show will have to wait for later. In the meantime, thanks for the screengrabs especially the two which included Anderson's hand. I always thought he had great hands.

aries moon said...

After reminding myself several times to watch Charlie Rose w/AC, I still managed to forget--thank you for the clips/caps--another reason why ATA is invaluable. Enjoyed the interview and was happy to hear that AC is still thinking of returning to Haiti--the interest in what's happening there may have waned, but it's still important that we know what's going on, whether it's through AC or other reporters on the ground there.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Anderson is off on vacation for the rest of the week. that JoniLcnn twittered he thought he was taking some much needed time off.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe how focused and entranced I found myself listening to Anderson retelling his Haitian stories. This must be one of the best interviews with Anderson that I've watched in a while.
I haven't noticed anything unusual about his looks or voice until someone pointed his paleness in the comments :) He needs a good night's sleep.

MichellenLomita said...

I hope Anderson is OK. Worried about him since Haiti. He seems to immerse himself in the tragedy and empathize with the victims. That is AC and his deep level of compassion, but it takes its toll over the years. I think he tries to spiritually comprehend why tragedy happens, which is impossible. It actually helps to be a bit fatalistic. Didn't watch 360 Fri. or Mon, and probably won't until he returns, though Jessica is the best co-anchor. AC is so one-of-a-kind; I just switch channels when he's not there.

I didn't see the Charlie Rose segment, but the pics are gorgeous, especially the side view--like the head on a coin. Intellectual and aristocratic--like a movie star from the Golden Age. Some may think it inappropriate to say, but wish I had a wax Ander statue.

Em said...

I like Jessica's humor but didn't watch all of the program last night. I switched during commerical and got wrapped up in figure skating and just had to get up too early today to wait for the late broadcast of AC360. I appreciate the recap.

Thanks so much for the Charlie Rose interview. I hope Anderson is getting healthy both mentally and physically. Haiti seems to be hitting him particularly hard. As I've said before, I don't know how he or any of the reporters or aid workers deal with the images they must have in their heads. Frankly, when I hear the word Haiti some pretty disturbing images come into my head. I think it really does help to have someone to comfort you and just to listen. I imagine Anderson has those people in his life. I'm hoping I'm not out of line by mentioning that if the look on his face as Charlie was thanking him is any indication, Anderson really needs those people right now.

Anonymous said...

I second MichellenLomita. AC has the most amazing bone structure.
He also has a keen grasp of Haiti's challenges and his role in focusing international attention. AC is what so many journalist used to want to be, before they got jaded. He's intelligent and driven and compassionate.
And he's so pretty.

Jacq said...

Just watched the Charlie Rose segments and they were great. Anderson was fantastic and so were the two doctors who joined the conversation. Anderson seems tired and I can see the fustration in his eyes when he talks about poor leadership- he is so correct.