Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools!

On tonight's 360, the next installment of the 360 investigation into accusations made regarding the church of Scientology as well as the keeping them honest report on the death of a 15 year old girl who hung herself because of the bullying she endured in school.

First up was the keeping them honest report on bullies and victims. Phoebe Prince from South Hadley, MA hung herself because of bullying she endured. Anderson went to the magic wall to illustrate the timeline of events. On January 14 Prince was bulled mostly by two girls and one boy, it began at lunch in the library and continued in the hallways and walking home. Back in the summer of 2009 she had moved to the US from Ireland. She started school on 9/1 and by mid October Phoebe had become the target of bullying. On January 14th she passed away.

South Hadley's school superintendent Gus Sayer joined Anderson to discuss the bullying and the accusations from the DA who says Sayer hasn't been truthful in statements he has provided. One of these statements is that the bullying occurred online which Sayer does not recall saying. He did however say the investigation conducted by the principle to see if school rules regarding bullying had been violated did find some cyber bullying. Meanwhile the DA insists that the in school bullying was common knowledge among teachers and students in the school. Sayer also stated that they first learned of the bullying on 1/7 while the DA insists that they should have known or did know 3 months earlier. When they returned from the break Sayer talked further about when the school became aware of the bullying Phoebe went through and also talked about the schools inaction. A teacher in the library may have witnessed the bullying but did not report seeing the interaction until after the Prince had died. The superintendent insists that because the library is so big the teacher did not hear what they were speaking about and the students who were bullying Prince revealed what they had said. Sayer also implies that events other than the bullying could have caused Phoebe to take her life. Throughout the conversation Sayer defended the actions of the principle and insisted that all policies were followed.

Barbara Coloroso, an anti-bullying consultant joined Anderson and said that the amount of bullying carried out could not have been done without any adults being aware. Coloroso discussed how to stop bullying and what adults and kids should do. Lisa Bloom also was part of the discussion and said that administrators should have been more aware of the situation and should have been looking for potential problems.

Next was a segment called Dispatches From Planet Washington. Rep Hank Johnson from Georgia expressed his concern over Guam capsizing due to over population. Here's the clip of Anderson keeping track. The RNC also was in a bit of hot water for mistakenly giving a phone sex hotline on a mailer and for spending almost $2,000 at The Voyeur nightclub in Hollywood.

James Carville and Michael Gerson were with Anderson to talk about the RNC issues. Carville discussed the mistakes made and also his opinion of Tony Perkin's remarks. Gerson said that they were stupid mistakes but not fatal. He also discussed the Republican's current cash on hand and how it compares with past years. Carville also discussed where Republican's stand when compared to Democrats. Gerson did not find Perkin's comments not to donate to the RNC hypocritical because they have continually been critical of Michael Steele.

Tom Foreman had the bulletin and discussed the sentencing of a man who attacked a doctor performing abortions, the raising of fuel standards, and prom dress code violations.

Next was the 360 investigation into allegations made against the church of Scientology. Here's the clip of Anderson's report.

And last but not least was a little April Fools joke for AC.

Thanks to a reader for sending us our extra for tonight.

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Here's their summary:

Please join us for a special THINKSOCIAL at The Paley Center for Media event as we examine the evolving nature of the reporting and response to disasters. Recent television and radio coverage of events from the hurricane in New Orleans to the earthquake in Haiti have demonstrated the lasting power of on-the-scene journalism from the best news organizations. New social and mobile media forms are extending the reach of reporting from the first images to the remotest areas of impact by unleashing the power of the crowd in ways that enhance journalism and vastly accelerate the speed and scale of the public reaction. Television networks are now connected to global social and mobile networks which enable audiences to share stories and make donations in just a few clicks. In this important session award-winning journalists Anderson Cooper and his producer Charlie Moore will share their experiences and insights from the frontline and reflect on how the reporting and response to disasters are changing. They will be joined by other invited experts who have organized some of the most important new approaches to disaster response efforts that leverage social and mobile media.

Today is Good Friday, anniversary of Christ's death on the Cross. The most somber of days for Christians to be followed on Sunday by Easter, the greatest of all Christian festivals.

Have a blessed Good Friday and a joyous Easter to all our Christian readers and Happy Passover to our Jewish friends. ~ From all the ladies at ATA

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ACAnderFan said...

Its sad that Phoebe Prince's school did nothing about the bullying. I find it hard to believe the school found out about the bullying 1 week before she committed suicide.

The comment by the congressman about Guam Tipping over was hilarious. How can anyone be that dumb? Its sad and scary that some people are so dumb.

Really liked part IV of Anderson's Scientology part. The suppressive person thing is crazy. Its appears Scientology is a cult. And the ex-wives are nuts! They sound so brainwashed.

LOVED the shot. Rick Sanchez embarrassing Anderson was priceless. Anderson is cute when he gets all embarrassed.

judy said...

Let me start by saying I thought for sure Phebe would be the one to surprise us with her annual April Fools and I was disappointed.
I wasn't disappointed with Rick showing up at the very end of a show that could have easily won for being the most disjointed 360 I have ever seen.
We saw about 6 different Andersons in one show, some taped, some live, some livid, some humorous, some placid and some dull. Nothing made sense because it was intertwined with Scientology segments, some of them repeats, some of them new...I did like AC's black hoody and his walk in Central Park with a former Scientologist student. But I can't seem to remember whether that was before or after Guam Island being tilted because of over population and AC's smart board act.
I do know I liked his assertiveness towards the superintendent of Hadley Schools and thank goodness it wasn't interruped by a third incoherent Scientology segment.
All in all, when you see Rick Sanchez and it is a "good thing," that in itself is a really bad sign.
But I must confess, the entire week we've not seen Steve Perry talk about bullying. Yes! Someone read my negative e-mails!!!
Oh, and just when I said to myself "What the.... and I'm usually very polite verbally, Jon Stewart did a segment BASHING CNN and said it FOR me, and it was terrific.

Phebe said...

@Judy, sorry to disappoint about not keeping up the ATA April Fool's tradition this year. My husband is back in the hospital and I'm not too much fun to be around right now.

Hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter!

MichellenLomita said...

Phebe, I'm so sorry your husband is still ill. You and your family are in my prayers.

Anderson is usually considerate of guests, but I thought he was too aggressive interviewing the superintendent. AC kept interrupting, and his argumentative questioning bordered on rudeness. I wonder if he was playing it up for viewers at the expense of his guest. Scapegoating and hitting hard for the ratings won't solve the bullying problem. The superintendent probably would have discussed the issue and events leading up to the suicide in an intelligent manner, but AC wouldn't allow it. I was put out with my favorite anchor last night. Also, 360 keeps taping him at the magic wall instead of airing it live, which is lame. I'd much rather see the real, natural Anderson. The show was stimulating, however, exciting in kind of a crazy way.

My palms were sweating because I thought Rick was going to taser AC and I was scared for him. Sort of a nutty broadcast, but it did hold the attention!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, so sorry to hear your husband is back in the hospital. I hope he is better soon.

How is your daughter doing as she was sick as well, right?

I have enjoyed the Scientology reports and the bullying reports as well. They actually showed ACs piece with the superindennt on CNN this morning. I think that is first that I had seen them do that, but I don't get to watch CNN much through the week during the day.

I LOVED the April Fool's joke with Rick. I think Anderson got a kick out of it as well.

judy said...

Phebe: I am so sorry to hear about your dear hubby and wish him my very best.
You can "fool" with us some other time.
Best regards and try to have the best holiday you are able to.