Thursday, May 27, 2010

Live from the Gulf Coast - Day 3

It’s Wonz, in for Julie tonight.

Anderson Cooper opened tonight’s show with the news that for 16 hours BP stopped pumping drilling mud into the leak but apparently didn’t find it necessary to inform anyone! Mr. Cooper was rather feisty in his opening ~ enjoy the clip!

Billy Nungesser and Douglas Brinkley joined AC to discuss BP’s actions today and President Obama’s press conference. Billy thought BP’s actions today were par for the course. He is willing to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. He met with POTUS’s assistants this evening and a lot of equipment for the clean up seemed to show up overnight. He’s seeing efforts put forth today, so he’s hopeful. There still is confusion, but he’s hopeful that the chain of command is improving. Brinkley said that BP is not transparent and that Thad Allen (who did a great job during Katrina) is being compromised by BP. BP cannot be trusted and a command structure needs to be set up in LA. He felt the President’s press conference was important and it was a big day for POTUS. He thinks that tomorrow’s visit can’t be an in-and-out visit, but rather he should spend a few days to show the people he cares in order to turn the message around.

Up next was Ed Henry with the Raw Politics. The President’s message today was “I’m in Charge,” but there seems to be a disconnect as his aids have repeatedly been saying that BP’s in charge. President Obama said that the Federal Government is in charge; BP is responsible, but operating at the Federal Government’s direction. There was confusion today over the ouster of Liz Burnbaum, the head of the agency in charge of drilling permits. Instead of it being a moment to show the WH was taking charge, the President seemed out of the loop. Ed Henry joined Anderson for further discussion. The WH knew about BP stopping the flow of the mud, but President Obama probably didn’t know. They didn’t think it was important, because although the mud had stopped flowing other things were still being done – the operation had not been aborted. There still seems to be a lot of confusion about the chain of command and who knows what.

James Carville and Mary Matalin spoke with Anderson earlier concerning POTUS’s press conference. Carville didn’t feel it was necessarily a good press conference. He doesn’t feel the people in Washington understand the way the local people feel. He feels when President Obama comes down tomorrow he will better understand - You need to experience it to understand it. Mary feels the President is not an emotive guy and was glad that he did acknowledge people were hurting. People are frustrated, but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt – but tomorrow is a big day for him. James wants BP prosecuted! Mary wants the damage stopped – today! No one trusts BP anymore, there’s outrage and confusion, emotions are running high and there’s a lot riding on President Obama’s visit tomorrow.

Ed Lavandera was in next with a report on the local fisherman and the money they are still waiting for from BP. Here’s a clip of his report and follow up discussion with Anderson.

Grieving families of the 11 worker’s killed in the explosion testified on Capitol Hill today. Keith Jones, father of Gordon Jones, was one of those who testified. Keith and Gordon’s brother, Chris, joined Anderson to talk about Keith and the “Death on the High Seas” Act – an act enacted in the 20’s in reaction to the sinking on the Titanic and how that Act is still being used today. Here’s the clip of the heart wrenching testimony and Anderson’s interview with Keith and Chris Jones.

Anderson traveled to Venice, LA (not Italy) today to interview Coast Guard Admiral, Thad Allen about the coastal clean up efforts as that’s where the frustration seems to be. Anderson asked, among other things, if they were dealing with this as a worse case scenario from the beginning, why are more people suddenly being brought in and who’s in charge? Here’s the interview.

Joe Johns was in with the 360 Bulletin
-House votes on DODT
-Gary Coleman hospitalized in critical condition
-Big rally on Wall Street today

And the show ended with a report by Rob Marciano regarding the toll the spill is taking on the wildlife. BP seems to be trying to maybe hide information of the numbers involved. Imagine that! Here’s Rob’s report. I will warn you, the images are upsetting.

Anderson closed the show by saying he would be in NOLA again tomorrow night, and I will be back, too!

Remember to set your DVRs for Anderson’s Co-Hosting stint on Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow. We will bring you the full report of that tomorrow, as well.

A couple of extra's for tonight. Remember to click on the photo to enlarge.

ACAnderFan found this photo on Flickr today and passed it along. (Please click to enlarge.)

Photo courtesy of Governor Jindal’s Office.

That's it for me tonight. Hope you all have a good Friday and I'll see you tomorrow night! ~ Wonz

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Why I am not surprised that BP didn't announce that they had to stop the top kill procedure for a while. I doubt it will work anyhow. I am glad Anderson keeps having Bill Nungesser on the program. I like hearing what he has to say. He tells it like it is.

The law that says if you are a dependent of someone who died in the ocean you can't really collect anything is ridiculous. It needs to be changed. Its a rather cruel law.

Aww...the bird getting cleaned was cute, but its so sad too. Its good that there are people cleaning the poor animals. Its ridiculous that BP made the list of dead animals be pulled from the website it was on.

360 was really good last ntie, the best of the 3 nites he's been there. It was less political which is why I think it was so much better.

Anonymous said...

A brief moment of superficiality to take my mind off the BP disaster. When did Anderson start wearing a watch again? Does anyone recognize the brand and/or model?

MichellenLomita said...

Anderson's most endearing qualities were very apparent on Thursday's show. His sweetness and sincerity, and a sort of gentle passion in expression and manner, combined to make him even more attractive than usual. In a word, beautiful.

As for the broadcast, it left me too disoriented to offer much of an opinion. Except for the moving, too-short Toll on Wildlife piece, the program was confusing, without direction. 360 appears unmoored; it was unsettling. Wondering if CNN hastily dismantled the show and was scrambling to rebuild, but didn't succeed by showtime. Just my impressions, but I imagined the network rushing to overhaul everything in a few hours.

Anderson meanwhile was the calm center. Like he was trying his best to give fans riveting passionate AC in the midst of 360 under construction, and HE DID succeed. Many cheers for AC.

And about the spill, keeping in mind that last night CNN filtered most "information"? through reporters and commentators. Editorials. We saw only bits and pieces of original source material. The network is crafting their own saga of bp and the oil disaster, and we're seeing an amazing amount of bias. At this point I'm not trusting CNN, particularly 360, as a valid news source. I'm watching only to see Anderson. I believe CNN is working to make the program more ENTERTAINING to viewers, but the network needs to turn the lens of honesty on itself. "Keepin CNN Honest".

Anonymous said...

I believe Anderson said he lost his "fancy" watch, which I guess his nice one he wears w/his suit. In these pix it looks like he is wearing a sports/casual watch, which I don't think he lost. (or at least I don't think he mentioned it.)

Jaanza said...

All three shows from the Gulf have been really good; just a few odd things like the ATF agent report and not naming Rep. Melencon (sp?) until far into the video of him getting emotional at the congressional hearing.

It's been great seeing Anderson so involved in a story. Although it's taken him a while to get down to the GUlf (could be hundreds of reasons why and maybe all out of Anderson's control), he is there at an important time, BP is again the top news story with the Top Kill effort.

Best parts have been Anderson talking to Mayor Nungesser, Keith Jones and James Carville. All of the reports involving local people have been done well and were sorely needed.

I haven't noticed Anderson's watch but I did notice how thin he looks in that screencap with James Carville and Mary Matalin.

Wonz said...

I must say I thought last night's show was the best of the three, so far. I loved how all the stories related to the oil spill, from different angles. From the political, to the local fisherman, to the family who lost a son in the explosion, to the effects on the wildlife; all the stories evoked emotion and the impassioned plea for help by those effected. Well done Mr. Cooper and AC360!

judy said...

I'm in the minority, but I thought the first nite was better because AC was up and around the murky waters.
I'm also tired of James Carville. We see him in the studio. Isn't there anyone else AC can speak to in NOLA? Don't Brad and Angelina live there or are they away shooting movies with their tribe? Just kidding. I really meant I want to hear from the locals and how it is effecting business prospects. This is random thought but the spill could also effect ports of call on cruise ships. I know, I've been on them and they do the Gulf area and the Atlantic, should it spread...
Mr.President, please "plug up the hole." You are in charge. This is your problem. Don't blame the last administration for lack of regulation....I don't want to hear the blame game at your news conference. Environmentalists, like myself, supported you. Please take charge and lead.
The best part of 360 was "the bird cleaning." Very inspiring the way he was showered. If only we could do it to all of them.
Was up early and actually saw the monologue between AC and Kelly. A first for me. We got to see him wearing his glasses ladies, and well this audience didn't actually think he looked like Kent Clark. Kelly said she must take him shopping. First time R&K got me giggling. Trust me, this one was worth watching.

steve jaubert said...

Okay,okay! We keep going round and round with news stories about what bp, not to mention others like noaa and the coast guard and so on and on, say they have, are, and will do, and don't..., and its obvious that lying scum-pun fully
intended for all to share, exist everywhere from the bought and sold government representatives passing the buck back and forth to the corporate criminals straight out of some steven seigal movie so brazen and two faced and totally convinced they are going to get away with this war on the environment and humanity. The government,democrat or republican or whatever, whomever carries on has to finally see what a millstone these above-the-law, money grubbing souless have become as they trample over the environment and the constitution and cut the line on allowing them to go on before we all go sinking into the oblivion of oily doom in a forgotten america. Develop other energy while we still can and make corporations follow the greater good of the people and their governments not the other way around. The leadership has to take control and quit letting bp lead them around like a dog on a leash!People won't forget this! What ever happened to don't tread on me america?!!!!