Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Big News is in Tonight's Extras

Anderson Cooper began Tuesday's program with 'Keeping them honest tonight, are efforts to skim the oil being snarled by government red tape? Or is BP trying to slow the skimming and disperse the oil instead to limit its liability?'
AC's opening commentary:


USE OF DISPERSANTS QUESTIONED, Allegations that BP is hiding the oil: Anderson spoke with Fred McAllister
(if you missed this segment I strongly encourage you to read the transcript, McAllister has a fascinating theory)

PLEA FOR OIL SKIMMERS, Nungesser..still not enough supplies: Billy Nungesser and James Carville discussion with Cooper

V.P. BIDEN VISITS GULF, Complaints continue that feds aren't doing enough: Bill Nungesser and James Carville discussion with Cooper

BP'S OWN 'REPORTERS', oil giant sends employees to interview Gulf residents: Randi Kaye reporting

Follow up discussion with Nungesser, Carville and Cooper

SAVING SEA TURTLES: field report by Anderson


HURRICANE ALEX IN THE GULF, just upgraded from tropical storm strength: Chad Myers reporting


OYSTER AREAS REOPENED: Field report by Anderson


TOP NEW ORLEANS CHEF SUES BP: AC interviews Susan Spicer


Picture from the LA Press Club event that honored AC on Sunday night
Photo credit:Cathryn Farnsworth


We talked a bit last night about the possibility of AC replacing Larry King. Pretty fortuitous considering that King announced today he would be scaling back to specials in the Fall and no longer anchor a program. I had to laugh out loud when Bill Maher accused AC of orchestrating the coup. If you missed it take a look:


So many names have been batted about for the heir to the LKL throne. A few years back Larry said that he'd like John Roberts, currently it's reported that he favors Ryan Seacrest. And of course we've all heard the Piers Morgan rumors. I can't imagine, nor would I watch, someone like Piers covering breaking news or US politics, etc. Seems he a Ryan are one note Johnny's. But AC and Roberts both have huge pop culture knowledge, strong interviewing abilities and also the skills of real newsmen.
But today my hunch of Cooper's dissatisfaction turned much more factual. If you haven't read The Wrap article that I posted the link to yet please give it a read. I'm pretty sure that much of what is says is true. And based on AC's mood of late change is coming, one way or another. At this point I think it might be a bigger change than just moving forward an hour in the lineup.~Phebe


•From TV by the Numbers: Anderson Cooper's in the Gulf, While AC360 Ratings Head Underwater

•From Gawker: Anderson Cooper's New TV Series has a Toxic Sponsor

•From Mediaite: Anderson Cooper before he was Anderson Cooper, or The Mole 1

•From The Wrap: Troubled Times at CNN: Anchors at Odds with Cooper

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The best part of 360 last nite was Anderson's piece about the turtles. Its interesting that they feed the turtles mayonnaise to get the oil out of their system. This sea turtle piece is the best thing I've seen on 360 since Anderson has been in NOLA. Its proof that when he puts his mind to it he can produce some good pieces.

I enjoyed Anderson's piece about the oyster fisher. It nice to see him out of that park and actually doing something and talking to regular people. LOL at Anderson trying to get the oysters out of the ocean. Too funny and cute! I can't believe he only got one.

Last nite's 360 was the best I have seen in a while and by far the best one since he's been in NOLA. I hope the rest of the week is just as good.

The Wrap article was interesting. With the way 360 has been lately, it seems inevitable that there will be some changes. Something does need to be done, whether its Anderson leaving CNN or a show format change.

Anonymous said...

Would you be continuing ATA when Anderson leaves CNN? (I don't think it is far-fetched to think he will be leaving by his contract renewal next year).

MichellenLomita said...

Speaking of Larry King's successor, Mr. Cooper asks sharp discerning questions, but if he interviews people live every night sitting face-to-face for an hour, he needs to project more warmth and friendliness and soften his features. With every guest, not only those he's comfortable with. At times his interviewing posture...squaring his shoulders, lifting his chin and leaning back, make him appear tough and distant. Also he needs to be more objective so as not to put guests on the defensive with a negative approach. So his guests open up to him and viewers tune in. And people will want to come on his show.

I enjoyed AC's visit to Audubon Nature Institute. Dolphins and turtles are two of the most adorable marine animals. Interesting description of the turtles' medical treatment. The oyster boat excursion was one of the best Anderson "field trips" in awhile. Love his nature reports. He swallowed that oyster right down. They're tasty fried, but raw? With sediment and who knows what inside! These were the only good parts of Tuesday's 360 in my opinion.

The commentary with Nungesser and Carville is worse every night. CNN should be embarrassed allowing it to air. Cooper rambles on with them like they're not even on TV. Guessing a lot of people turned off the show when they come on.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 8:46, Personally I hope the blog continues no matter where AC's career leads him. But the blog is a team effort now. Those who contribute will have to make that decision, if the time comes.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the Larry King announcement was handled so badly, even before seeing The Wrap article. You NEVER announce big news the week before or immediately following a big holiday. Reminds me of last year when Sara Palin announced she was quitting as gov. the day before the 4th of July last year to bury the news.

I hope some big changes are coming because as it stands, I can only stand 10 min. of 360 currently. It has nothing to do with who the anchor is, it's just the same boring topic over & over again batted about by the same 3 guests. You could watch it once a week & read ATA to get caught up!! Hope you guys stick around, it is ATA not AT360 :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved the show last night. The turtles and Dolphins were to cute. Anderson was great with oysterman. too funny I will follow Him were ever he goes. Only thing is when Billy N. and James comes on, I turn to watch King of the Hill. Best wishes to Larry King

MichellenLomita said...

@anon 11:57 AM Agree with you on the state of 360. That nightly discussion has sunk to the level of incompetence, and it is excruciatingly dull. Carville in particular is careless with his enunciation and demeanor. It was actually hard to understand some of his words last night. The oil spill coverage is standing still. I also am hoping for complete change, with AC hosting a new show and All Things ANDERSON-not CNN- still going strong.

aries moon said...

With the exception of the Nungesser/Carville show, 360 was very good - it seems as though they worked extra hard at bringing in some new voices and getting Anderson away from his usual spot to interview more people directly - the discussion with McAllister, the pieces on sea the turtle rescue facility, the oysters, and the interview with Susan Spicer made this show a standout.

The Wrap article is a fascinating read - considering all that might be happening behind the scenes and in New York, it's no wonder Anderson wants to continue to "hog" the resources and stay in the Gulf! But seriously, if there is that much strife and turmoil at CNN now and AC's battles with Doss haven't resulted in a better quality show or good ratings, AC should move on. I always wondered when his contract was up and whether or not other reporters there were upset about the big push he gets from the network when his ratings don't justify it - I guess I have my answer now. Having said that, Anderson's field work is one of his main assets as a reporter and I'm glad that he has had the opportunity to showcase it on CNN - but it's unfortunate that the decision-makers couldn't have done more to ensure that other reporters there wouldn't feel short changed and neglected. I also still think that Jon Klein is clueless and is one of the main reasons that CNN continues to falter.

Anonymous said...

With the continued flirting between CNN and CBS, it is quite possible that all the programs will be given a bit of a shuffle if that deal goes through. But I wouldn't count on AC leaving the CBS/CNN fold. CNN is lacking for stars and I suspect they will do what it takes to make AC happy enough to stay.

Tedi B said...

I hate to say it, but I kind of hope he does leave CNN for a show/network that would mean something to him, like National Geo or 60 minutes. Not that 360 and CNN's problems don't have anything to do with him, but it seems like there is a lot of unhappy people working there (the whole network I mean). Low moral shows it's ugly head in the final product of anything.

No matter what happens I just hope he is happy with what he is doing...ratings or no ratings.

PS I agree with Phebe I would NEVER watch any show hosted by Piers Morgan. What in the he** is Jon Klein thinking? That guy is out of frickin' mind! (on more than one issue, frankly!)

I've got a great idea *sarcasm* for Klein... new prime time line up!!

8pm Elliot Spitzer
9pm Rod Blogohovich
10pm Mark Sanford's travel adventures in Argentina or Key West or where ever the heck I want to go without telling anyone in the South Carolina government. (Okay, so that's a bit long! :P )


judy said...

I go with 4:02PM. CNN will do whatever it takes to make AC happy and if that's a really, really big hunky contract, he will get it. That's why he's sticking around. I
can't believe with all AC's clout, that Klein wouldn't dump David Doss if there really was the strife that The Wrap article is reporting.
Remember the 3 source rule from
Woodstein folks.
That said, I've written on ATC, many times, that Klein promoted and promoted and promoted and Anderson Cooper as a brand name for CNN and USED him extensively at the exspense of others and sure there's jealousy. Why wouldn't there be? I don't believe he's "hogged all the resources or sources." If the other anchors were indeed investigative journalists they would create their own line of sources or go to people.....especially John King. King was a print reporter long before he was on air so he knows his way around DC and other places of interest.
And as an aside, "Ed Henry" reminds me of a "weasel." That's all I'll say.
Speaking of rodents, love the sea turtle report and thought last nites 360 was really interesting.
@Jaanza on the other post: laughed when you called 360 "The Oil Spill Show." But we know there's really nothing funny about it.
Would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at Time Warner for the summer!
PS: I know a sea turtle isn't a rodent!

ACAnderFan said...

@Tedi B, I have always thought Anderson would be great at doing documentaries for the National Geographic Channel.

Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 seemed an awful lot like Monday's: BP doing bad stuff, Hurricane Alex, Nungesser, Carville, people mad at BP, etc. The turtle report was one difference and one bright spot but too often there's little to differentiate one 360 from another nowadays.

Mediaite made me chuckle - Anderson channelling his "inner Derek Flint."

360 and CNN are having problems but isn't TV news viewing down across the board?

Anonymous said...

Remember several weeks ago when Anderson remarked offhandedly that if the oilspill kept up too long, he might just get an apartment in the area? Sounds like behind the scenes strife then.

The rest of it, especially the articles all hitting at once, sounds like advance PR from his agent, pushing for that new contract for the next year. Although saying he's had multiple offers in the same article that says his ratings are slipping doesn't make much sense. Whoever that is supposed to reach isn't going to offer more for less.

As for LKL's replacement, I'm going with CNN's love for all things celebrity. Maybe they can get Lou Ferrigno or Betty White.

Anonymous said...

I would like to dismiss the Gawker
article because it is pure speculation. Having said that, if AC was unhappy, it may well be because of the low morale issue at
CNN, and if people are jealous or shall we use the word envious of you, then, it must be terribly frustrating having to put a smile on your face, and work with them.
Sadly, that IS the way it is in every organization known to man. If you are really good at what you do, people are jealous.

Parker said...

I for one would be rather disappointed if Anderson were to leave CNN, having read some of these reports over the last several weeks. Having said that though, I truly believe CNN needs an extensive over hull of its programming line up.

I take offense with the fact that any of Anderson’s colleagues would take issue with the extent of resources that were thrown in to his reporting from Haiti and now in the Gulf of Mexico. That absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. These two incidents have been the most catastrophic disasters thus far this year. CNN brought in Reporters who are usually based in Europe and Central/South America to cover Haiti, to compliment the coverage along with their American-based counterparts, why because it WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, weren’t these Journalists and Reporters on every program - CNN, CNN Intl., and HLN that Turner Broadcasting had running, bringing updates, while grappling with this unprecedented natural disaster (specifically with Haiti)?

If this so called “widespread resentment among producers and anchors” is really accurate or factual, then I must say these same folks need to get their priorities right. The unprecedented coverage and resources CNN devoted to it’s coverage of Haiti, I’ve have to say, CNN hit that one out of the park.

Too often events of this kind draw the attention of the world for a couple of weeks and then folks turn their attention to other headlines of the day. Yet, if we look back in History, events such as these, be they catastrophes though armed conflicts, natural disasters - the likes of the African droughts and famines crisis in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan to name a few, or the genocides that took place in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the 7-year on-going humanitarian crisis in the Darfur Region, or the on the-going epidemics of various diseases like malaria, HIV/Aids and the new strains of Tuberculosis that continue to devastate the African Continent are pondered upon with regret. Why? Because people sometimes fail to act quickly enough to bring to light the true realities of what is actually taking place on the ground. Hence, it is vital that Stories like these are kept alive by newscasters like Anderson. And if for some reason he manages to tick-off some of his colleagues and counterparts along the way, so be it. He is doing his job.

Anderson has never shied away from his responsibilities as a Journalist or Reporter when it comes to reporting on Natural or man-made Disasters, Humanitarian Crisis, and/or Political and civil unrest across the globe, at the cost of ratings for his show, and I don’t believe he is about to start now. He may step on a few Birkenstocks or tick of a few people along the way, but so be it. His voice will never be silenced by those whose intent is to prop-up their own profiles in the aftermath of a disaster – the likes of Haiti or the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

Balancing the reporting of the Humanitarian & civil-wars or political crisis, along with reporting on natural & man made disasters is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Each one of these stories is of vital importance, not just News headlines broken in to sound bites to propagate people careers. Shame on those anchors, reporters & producers who choose to complain about the resources being dedicated to these newsworthy stories. You are in the News Business to report on the News and report on these stories, not prop & build your profiles at the cost of these stories.

Anonymous said...

@Parker and others who have eluded to resentment from the other anchors: yes, stories like Haiti and the oil spill are catatastrophic and needs the coverage, but maybe THEY want to be able to spend money going there THEMSELVES yet it is always given to Anderson. Anderson is not the only person at CNN, and certainly not the most senior or experienced.