Monday, June 28, 2010

Live from Louisiana on Day 70 of this Disaster

Anderson Cooper opened Monday's AC360 with 'Live in Louisiana on day 70 of this disaster.It's our sixth week here in Louisiana. The last thing they need down here, right now, is a bad storm. Yet take a look, tropical storm Alex now in the Gulf. The question tonight is will it put the clean up and the well capping work in jeopardy? Will it deepen the nightmare?"

SUTTLES, FLOW RATE NOT RELEVANT: A commentary by Anderson Cooper


FOLLOW UP: James Carville and Billy Nungesser

MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS: Pushing BP to pay: Randi Kaye reporting

FOLLOW UP: James Carville and Billy Nungesser

DEEP SEA DRILLING BAN, workers want to be compensated for losses: Chris Lawrence reporting


SWEEPING HANDGUN RULING, Supreme Court: Chicago's ban unconstitutional: Jeff Toobin and Cooper discuss

OIL INDUSTRY LOOPHOLE, Federal agency let BP bypass environmental law: Joe Johns reporting

EXTREME WEATHER IN THE GULF, tropical storm Alex gradually strengthening: Chad Meyers reporting from Atlanta

EXTRAS: pictures from Sunday night's LA Press Club Awards dinner

Jimmy Buffett joins Anderson on Thursday at 10pm ET! Jimmy Buffett is performing a free concert Thursday night live from Gulf Shores, Alabama to demonstrate support for the people, business and culture of the Gulf Coast. Anderson has an exclusive interview with Jimmy on Thursday. You won't want to miss this!

Blogger's Commentary: When I saw Jack Grey's tweet this morning that Anderson would be interviewing Jimmy Buffet on Thursday's program I did not get how this connected to the oil spill. I sarcastically told Wonz it must be because Buffet owns a boat. She straightened me out pretty quickly by telling me that Buffet owns a restaurant in NOLA. Now that I know that, and saw the news about his concert, the interview makes more sense. I'd still rather see a little less celebrity and a little more common man on AC360.
I feel in my bones that AC360 has recently made a deliberate decision to blend more showbiz into their news biz. From the hype of 'the big interview' to the live studio audience programs that were postponed when Cooper headed to Louisiana to cover the spill........nothing, but reporting on real news, seems to boost the ratings. Maybe CNN is grooming Anderson Cooper to be the heir to Larry King's time slot and program format? I don't know but as we have said many times before time will tell. ~Phebe

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judy said...

Phebe: You may be on to something, but then again, maybe not.
Katie Couric, according to TVN, was offered the position but turned it down. While Klein may have that it mind, I can't see him doing it full time. He seems to want to be "part of what's happening." Some people just can't stay in one place. I don't see the venture being successful for AC or CNN and where's the fulfillment or "awards?" AC likes to win, we all know that. He'd be opposite Hannity and depending on the mood of the country, I don't see him winning the time slot. Celebrities aren't as important as they once were. Gone is the allure.
At any rate it would be a big waste of talent when he's so good in the field.
I did like his commentary tonite and yes, he's beginning to give us his opinion. That is what commentary is, and this is what was lacking. Of course he played up that BP doesn't answer me routine, but as Carville said, "They are liars." But they are getting away with it, every day that this disaster continues, more of our wildlife will ultimately just disappear.

MichellenLomita said...

Phebe, I enjoyed your commentary. The showbiz touch sure doesn't work for 360; it's just dull.

I was not interested in any of Monday's coverage. It's repetitive. They're presenting the same developments in different ways, like "parallel" reports. AC in Louisiana is not moving, and they're neglecting other important issues. We're seeing too much of Carville, Toobin, Randi Kaye, and Joe Johns. The 360 favored few. And Nungesser. The show was flat, and 360 is faltering. It's dragged on too long in my opinion. Hope Anderson Cooper bails out soon.

Jaanza said...

At the start of 360, it didnt look like Anderson was going to cover anything other than the oil spill. So I didn't really watch. Unfortunately I missed the ruling on Chicago's gun control law segment. Surpised they made time for that but not the Kagan questioning, the Wall Street reform bill, Senator Byrd, the G20 or anything else.

Responding to Anonymous (6/28 2:25 pm?) - yes, i watch 360 for Anderson but I also watch it for the news. I think Anderson is wonderful but I wish 360 would cover a wider variety of news stories.

Months ago we applauded Anderson's devotion to the plight of the earthquake victims in Haiti but then also wanted him to move on and cover an assortment of news stories. These past few weeks it hasn't been "360", it's been "CNN's OIL SPILL HOUR."

ACAnderFan said...

BP needs to pay for mental health help. They are totally ridiculous. Just when you think BP can't get any worse they prove you wrong.

Really must Anderson rant every nite? Its getting old. We know you're mad Anderson, you don't need to rant and rave every nite. Its a real turn off. Honestly I couldn't get into 360 at all last nite.

It does seem that all this celeb stuff on 360 is intentional. I'm guessing they have a reason for it but this is 360 so you never know.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Buffett's concert has been postponed until July 11:

Anonymous said...

I find it funny, in the name of "transparency" and "keeping them honest" that in the lead-in to a story about Louisiana's request for mental health funding an Alabama fisherman's suicide is touted. What about the mental health funding in the other states?

aries moon said...

There is nothing funny about the oil spill, but those fake BP reports AC read had me laughing out loud - add bad writing to the ever growing list of BP's failings.

I hope while we have a (fairly) liberal President occupying the WH, he will someday be able to replace a couple of those conservative Supreme Court judges. Yesterday's gun law ruling was disgusting, but so typical of them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps CNN is grooming Anderson to take over for Larry King and he's not only practicing interviewing celebs, but also the 4 day work week? I'm just saying -- I about spit out me drink the night he told Billy Nungesser he took one day off on the weekend! We know he doesn't work Friday, Saturday or Sunday and Monday is mostly a travel day from NYC back to the Gulf - thus no field reports on Monday nights and a show with lots of filler.

I think it's time we heard from people other than Billy Nungesser, James Carville and Bobby Jindal as they just sound like a broken record night after night. Perhaps Nungesser, Jindal or Carville would like to dive down the mile to place the sensors on the well. While I agree they need to be placed, I thought everything was being done remotely as it wasn't safe for a human to dive down that far? There's also the liability issue that if the government starts messing with the well, that will relieve BP of future liability and the tax payers will end up paying for everything instead of BP - do we really want that? Why doesn't 360 address this issue? Guess it's easier to let Billy, Bobby and James bash the government -- more compelling TV -- but I want the facts as the show promises!

Also, while Joe John's report was interesting -- I saw a similar report on anther CNN show a few weeks ago, about how big oil had lobbied the federal government to change the laws, making it impossible for the MMS/EPA whomever to complete the environmental testing in the 30 day time frame the law impossed. I thought the graph of how many passes given by past administrations was informative, however it was flashed with a brief mention, while the Obama administration's specific numbers were shown on the screen with only a brief mention of the reduction in numbers compared to past administrations. I want straight reporting, not reporting slanted to fit an agenda.

If Anderson and company are not going to venture out of the park and talk to the locals (and I don't mean providing local politicans with a platfrom to air their frustrations), then it's time to leave the Gulf - and maybe a vacation is a good idea - rather than a "tired" show.

tt said...

I think you misread things when you remarked "nothing, but reporting on real news, seems to boost the ratings". What boosts their ratings is event news stories. When an exciting major story breaks that people want to hear about they turn on CNN. A lot of them are people who don't normally watch news. "Real news" that is not an event or still fresh and exciting does not have a history of bringing in the ratings for 360. Thus, when they've been to Afghanistan in the later years of the war the news is real but the ratings are low, whereas when entertainer Michael Jackson died they got big ratings.

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd like to see AC live 5 nights a week, I don't think it's fair to assume that when he's not on TV. He's not working. He does speeches, he does research, he does interviews, he travels to/from NOLA. I believe it when he says he takes one day off to just have a personal life.

Anonymous said...

I first found out who Anderson was during the haiti earthquake coverage. Before that I never watched any news. I get my news from Him and no other.But I too am getting burnt out on the same thing every night. He needs to step back and take a deep breath and go out and find ordinary people (i.e. fisherman, oil support people, shrimpers etc.) P.S. My one pet peve is the people who stand behind him and r on their phones. I find them distracting IMO

Anonymous said...

Well, last ntie wasn't a newsey nite.
According to TVN everyone pretty much bombed, especially CNN. Poor John King had 93,000 as his demo, but AC wasn't two much better.
In totals he and LKL had 658. Yes, Olberman beat AC twice, but did not quite make a million and neither did Maddow with 900,000 plus.
Even though people are losing interest in the Gulf and maybe "all things oily," just think how the poor pelicans feel.

Tedi B said...

WOW...interesting news via Twitter. Larry King just reported he will retire from his nightly show this fall. Interesting to see what's going to happen this fall!! Let the speculating begin....

Anonymous said...

Well Piers Morgan of TV fame is one of the front runners, as for AC taking over I doubt that very much, look what happened to 360 LIVE, it bombed. They need fresh blood for Prime Time.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note, that both LKL and AC360, BOTH, had a total of 658 in total viewers on the same nite that Larry decided to pack it in.
Guess Klein, wasn't happy, even though TVN reported that it was Larry's decision.

Anonymous said...

I like watching AC and I normally watch him every weekday. BUT, I am so tired of his ranting and the same old tired (Carville, etc.) EVERY NIGHT! I have tuned out and turned the channel. Every show seems to be the same....sad! I know it is an important issue, heck, I'm here in Florida. It just seems like the same complaining show every night.