Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Start of Another Week

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There were no 'The Shots' on AC360 last week but there were some reports aired in the second hour that you may have missed, including a new commercial that we've posted some grabs from.

Monday June 21 A New AC360 commercial began airing:


Tuesday June 22 Building America:


Wednesday June 23 One Simple Thing:


Several 360 producers tweeted on Friday that AC360 would be back in NOLA this week. They didn't specifically say Anderson Cooper would be anchoring, but we are assuming he will be. We do know that AC is long overdue for a vacation and we're expecting him to take one any week now.

At the time this post was published we hadn't come across any pictures of the Los Angeles Press Club event on Sunday night that honored Anderson. We'll post pictures for you ASAP.

Not any quality pictures yet but we have a couple from Twitter:

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MichellenLomita said...

ATA, thank you for posting some great AC pics. All are handsome and dignified--cool. I particularly like "This is what News Should Be"...his expression looks very sincere and compassionate. A contrast to the black-and-white pic, where his face looks almost hard (only my perception; believe his heart is always caring). If he doesn't anchor 360 this week, thinking I won't watch. The show's not good enough to justify an hour's viewing without him.

As I prepared this before clicking into the comments page, my gaze was drawn to the crystal-clear background photo of Anderson's face that appears when visiting the site with a notebook. His eyes are so blue and intense, with a sweet, melancholy expression. Wonderful site, ATA; amazing man. Thanks again.

judy said...

Isn't it odd that all the promos from CNN are from plain old regular people and yet AC seems to find more comfort in surrounding himself with "celebs?" As a matter of fact, isn't Sean Penn, that wonderful ireporter from Haiti, supposed to give him his award? Now there's a switch, Penn could have fooled me. He played a reporter really well.
@MichellenLomita: I know you are a relatively new fan of AC's and I usually agree with you about 360 programming and such, however, "the shows not that good to justify an hours viewing without him," puzzles me.
Forgive me, but isn't the Gulf situation alone, enough to justify watching 360?? How can you be "bored" when so many innocent animals are dying? This isn't the theater or a film, it's real life! JMO

Jaanza said...

Judy - I can understand MichellenLomita's comment; we all want 360 to be a high-quality news program but if Anderson's not there and you believe the show will be a B- or C+, it's not worth an hour of your time to watch.

I'm a big fan of Andeson's but lately, 360 has been disappointing me. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, 360 needs to cover other news stories and not just the oil spill.

Not being totally heartless about the wildlife and the folks on the Gulf - I contributed to the Audubon Society. However, 360 has become repetitive and redundant and boring - BP bad, Nungesser, wildlife, fisherman, oil drill men - over and over again.

Monday night I hope 360 has reports about the G20 Summit, Senator Byrd, the unemployment aid to millions ending, etc. And I mean full reports, not just a sentence or two in the Bulletin.

ACAnderFan said...

@Judy it is interesting that the new 260 promos show remarks from regular people yet Anderson seems to talk to the celebs instead.

the twit pics were nice.

Anonymous said...

Anderson looks like he is about to cry in that last picture. The still probably caught him in an "off" second time.

BTW, wasn't the original reason Sean Penn in Haiti was to fulfill community service hours for an incident with a papparazzi or something?

I don't know all the specifics if true at all - but if that is the case then origianl intention was that he picked the lesser of two evils though in the end it is possible he stayed longer on his on accord.

It is sort of touchy with the Haiti award AC received - did he receive it just because he was the first one to arrive? well, IMO, so what????? he left he program early and got there first, but he also has not mentioned Haiti in quite some time and hasn't returned. Yes, he stayed for 3 weeks but so did lots of people.

What about Dr. Gupta? Has he been recognized?

Anonymous said...

Again the show is not about Anderson, it's about the news and if you just watch it because he's on and the news, especially what's going on today is your second concern your priorities aren't straight. Anderson is there to do lead in to segments with words from the teleprompter, he no longer has a passion and that's too bad. The real people with passion on 360 or CNN for that matter are the reporters, they are not in it just for the money like some people.

If Jon Klein hadn't plucked Cooper from the ranks and used him as a brand for CNN then he would still be just a reporter. Unfortunately Anderson seems to have started believing his own press and taken on the persona of the blow dried anchor he used to loathe. I don't consider standing in a park looking pretty reporting.

MichellenLomita said...

@Judy I actually prefer documentaries to fictional accounts. On MSNBC, A&E, and Discovery, because they produce excellent programming. My point is, 360 is rarely quality; it's often inferior, and they're not providing much information. Anderson anchors 360; that's the only reason I watch, otherwise I'd never turn it on. And I wish he'd leave 360 for something better. Viewers shouldn't have to work at sending input to the program; 360 should be motivated to exceed standards on their own. Not only do they ignore our feedback; they make a point of airing what we oppose, and they leave the audience with negative feelings, mainly frustration. Used to tune in to CNN more, but I think the network is sliding downhill fast.

And I agree about AC and the celebs. Politicians, actors, and authors are becoming his comfort zone. He needs to make adjustments if he wants to remain a true reporter.

aries moon said...

Congratulations to Anderson on receiving the prestigious LA Press Club Award and their acknowledgement of his excellent work in Haiti which was some of the best in his career. A well deserved award for AC.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Kathy Griffin last night? Did another comedienne replace her? Was she there?

Anonymous said...

@aries moon did Anderson acknowledge his fellow CNN reporters who also spent time down in Haiti especially Dr Gupta and Gary Tuchman, who by the way is still going down there for reports? I haven't heard him say anything about Haiti lately, out of sight out of mind, that's AC for you.

@Jaanza some of us watch 360, NOT for Anderson, but for the news,get over it.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin canceled and another comedian replaced her. Don't remember the name but if you follow the link to the LA Press Club on the ATA Calendar you can find it.

judy said...

Folks, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Why is Kathy Griffin scheduled to be there anyway?? Is she now part of the press? What are her qualifications to be there? Was she supposed to be there for entertainment or what?
AC surrounds himself with celebs. That's not exactly being "an advocate of the "people."
@anons: I agree with you. He was first to arrive and that should be noted, but the "saving the bleeding child," spoiled it for me.
No, I wouldn't have let him bleed, but I would have saved him while the cameras weren't running either.
That was a "Geraldo" moment to be sure.
And what about Sanjay??

Tedi B said...

Kathy Griffin is a friend of his and has been for a long time. He grew up knowing a lot of them because of his parents. I don't always think it's a bad thing to hear what a celeb has to say. It doesn't really bother me. I like to hear what the everyday person has to say as well, but celebs are all people and have thoughts and opinions just like we do. Some of them are good people and some aren't, but if they have the resources to help people and if by speaking out they get others to help then more power to them. I'd rather they do something with their celebrity then just milk it like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan.

MichellenLomita said...

ATA team, Sorry for being so chatty today. @Everyone...To be honest I wonder if AC earns all these awards? Sanjay worked harder at reporting from Haiti, and delivered more info. Many CNN reporters do award-caliber work. AC has everything it takes to win, but has he actually DONE enough real "hands-on" reporting. Not to belittle him, but he does spend a lot of time in one spot chatting with the same few people--talk that often lacks direction or research behind it.

This is why 360 reminds me of an exclusive social club, from their blog to their commentators and guests. On air and at awards ceremonies, Mr. Cooper now also seems to prefer the company of favorite well-known people. I'm too long-winded now; thanks fellow bloggers for your patience.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting and am somewhat surprised that Kathy Griffin canceled. Was a reason given? She seems to want to take opportunities to be around Anderson (not in THAT way).

@TediB: I don't think Anderson grew up with Kathy or knew her because of his parents, I think (not sure) he knows her from The Mole days, whatever he met her on his own. Not sure how much they really talk or how much friends they are.

Tedi B said...

I've been watching 360 for over 5 years now, since the "red" 360 days. The show itself has changed but frankly, I don't see any difference in the way AC handles anything. He had on celebs before....he had on "real" people before. The show itself isn't has cool and hip as the old days but I don't think the man himself is any different.

I've seen the caring side of him and the tenacious "keeping them honest" side on the show since then and continuing until now. Believe me, the cycle of "he's sold out" comes and goes over and over and OVER again. But he just goes on doing his thing.

I think he deserves the awards he's gotten, frankly. Just because we don't always see what he does every minutes, he brings a spotlight to many things no one else has (or has enough). The man ain't perfect and neither is 360 but I'm not sure why it's easier to criticize him and assume the worst of actions and motivations without knowing the truth. None of us are there working so how do we know? Give him the benefit of the doubt sometimes, is all I'm saying. Don't always assume the about believing the best of someone first? Just a thought. Peace out...


Tedi B said...

@7:31 I guess it was maybe confusing the way I said it, but I think he met Kathy some time in the early 2000's. They both comment that they get together for dinner and they text each other. I don't know if they are best buds but I do think there is a friendship there.

I meant that he grew up around celebrities in general because of his parents. Anderson has some great stories of meetings and run-ins with some. :)

Anonymous said...

@TediB as it's been stated before we all see Anderson differently, what I notice you may not. What I find that really disturbs me is that people think he does the entire show by himself and that includes writing, and producing. I can see him editing copy, but if it weren't for people like Charlie or Mary Anne there wouldn't be any show, they do all the planning and it takes many people to produce his show and they seldom get credit.

As for the awards, well I still think that he doesn't deserve most of them, I mean as an individual. He is a news reader who reads off a teleprompter while the reporters and crew do most if not all the work. His Haiti coverage was good, but if it hadn't been for Sanjay, Ivan or Gary the coverage wouldn't have been as good as it was. It's not Anderson alone its a collaborative effort, not one person. But it seems CNN/360 and Anderson haven't realized that.

aries moon said...

I'm not sure if it's too late for this to be posted but here goes.

Since we don't know what Anderson's speech entailed at the L.A. Press awards, why assume that he DIDN'T acknowledge the rest of the CNN team? I think many of us have watched him long enough to recognize that Anderson's a pretty decent guy and rather modest about his own accomplishments - I can't see him "hogging" the spotlight from the rest of the Haiti team due to some sort of egotistical problem on his part. If the L.A. Press Club chose to acknowledge his work and not Ivan, Gary's or Sanjay's that's how it is, but to minimize AC's contributions to the reporting from Haiti is unfair. While the other reporters did fine work in Haiti, Anderson STILL deserved the award for the work he did on his OWN.

I do get the feeling sometimes from some of the commentors here that they believe Anderson is rather useless as a reporter/anchor/human being, but I obviously see him differently.

I agree with TediB's comments @8:42 pm.