Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AC360 on Wednesday July 28th

Anderson Cooper opened tonight's program by saying "Larry, thanks very much, breaking news tonight in the battle on the border. In just a few hours Arizona's controversial immigration law goes into effect minus it's most controversial requirements. Federal District Judge Susan Bolton today blocking a number of key provisions, for instance, the requirement that police check the immigration status of people they stop if there is a reasonable suspicion they are in the country illegally. The judge said that is the Federal government's business, not the states. Also, she blocked the portion of the law that would allow police to arrest someone without a warrant when there is probable cause to believe they've committed an offense they could be deported for. In addition, Bolton blocked the provision s making it a crime for lawful immigrants, citizens, not to carry their papers, and making it a crime for legal immigrants to solicit, apply for or perform work. The Justice Department today applauding the decision, Arizona's Governor however, did not."

ARIZ. IMMIGRATION LAW SHOWDOWN Judge blocks key provisions, DOJ applauds ruling: Interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

ARIZ. IMMIGRATION LAW SHOWDOWN: Takes effect overnight, judge blocks key provisions: Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin

A DAY IN THE GRAPES: Report by Gary Tuchman

U.S. JOBS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: Analysis by Tom Foreman

UP CLOSE: TRAINING TAPE: Report by Soledad O'Brien

IT'S NOT A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE, Essence's controversial new hire: Discussion with Michaela Angela Davis and Roland Martin

360 BULLETIN: Tom Foreman

PROSTITUTES, PARTIES & MEMORY ERASING PILL, Alegations facing defense contractor in bizarre case: Report by Alina Cho

360 BULLETIN: Tom Foreman

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Yet another good 360 tonite. 360 is on a roll this week. I hope they keep it up.

Joe Arpaio is annoying. He comes off as being cocky. As for the Arizona law, if key parts were shot down by a judge then why bother going through with the law? What would be the point? Will be interesting to see if eventually the law gets passed in full.

Gary's piece as usual was good. I find it interesting that people say the illegal immigrants are taking jobs Americans want yet the guy who owned the grape farm said he's never had an American apply for a job on his farm.

The crime and punishment story was just odd. That guy is weird. I mean a memory erasing pill? What is he smoking...LOL!

I love that they showed a clip of Seaman Ship during the shot.

Overall a pretty good 360 and I am so happy Anderson is back in the studio.

judy said...

Thought 360 had interesting content tonite, especially with Joe Arpaio front and center. I for one, am glad that he fully intends to carry forth his business, regardless of what was or wasn't deleted by Judge Bolton. She however, was right IMHO. This IS a States rights issues VS the Federal gov't, which has done little, to help the immigration situation in Arizona, and would very much like it, to just disappear so that no real decision would ever be made.
While I enjoy Gary Tuchman, the problem has less to do with jobs being taken away, and more to do with services rendered to illegals, in hospitals and schools and housing. Our health insurance premiums are all on the rise because we are now treating illegals, who are taking full advantage of every conceivable loop hole in the system... and President Obama has done little to help enforce a federal mandate, except of course to appear on "The View." Call me old fashioned, but I don't believe a "sitting President should "sit and chat" with the ladies because his poll numbers are down. Give me one OTHER reason he did this? Anyone??
It has been ages since we've seen an actual in depth press conference where he took questions from the fifth estate.
Anderson seems happy to be home and it was good to see him actually smile again.
Glad Jeff Toobin was on the program and I hope the Arizona law, which goes into effect today, eventually finds its way to the conservative Supreme Court. With Justice Roberts, one never knows....

Phebe said...

I didn't see 360 last night and when reading your outline the Alina Cho segment just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the program. Was it a filler or something worth the time devoted to it? I must say I haven't been a Cho fan ever since she did her biased reporting on the Gotbaum case a few years back so anytime she’s on CNN I tend to tune out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I have to say this. That Alina Cho chick is just really, really creepy to me. I literally wince when she is on. Just creeps me right the h*ll out I tell you!

Phebe said...

@anonymous 1:29, I'm glad I'm not alone in my lack of enthusiasm for Cho. She is very active on the NY society social scene and well connected. She's also quite the fashionista and mentioned on the fashion blogs for her designer clothes. Normally I would be drawn to someone with style and brains but she lost me when she went to bat for the Gotbaum family (NY movers and shakers) without having all the facts in the case. It took time but eventually the Phoenix police were vindicated but of course Cho never acknowledged the errors of her reporting.

Anonymous said...

While 360 started out pretty good, the last two segments were a waste of air time - in my opinion. I think CNN/360 is trying to make more out of the Essence story than exists. Can we please just stop with seeing racism where it doesn't really exist?

Sherrif Joe Arpaio is the walking definition of everything that's wrong with the Arizona law -- I've delt with his like before -- people wanting to take the law into their own hands. The US is a nation of laws -- if he doesn't like that, maybe he should leave? Thanks 360 for once again reminding us what an ass he and his type really are.

I liked Gary's piece and thought it brought to light the fact that one of the reason illegal immigrants are hired, is because many US citizens are too lazy to perform manual, mundane labor.

And don't get me started on the "fence" -- that was Bush's reaction to 911 -- and has cost us billions of dollars, and is yet ineffective. While I feel sorry for the family of the rancher that was killed by an illegal immigrant -- I feel people are over-reacting to one death. Three policement were killed in Chicago (separate incidents) this past month. Where's the balance? The only way to stop illegal drug trafficking, is to stop the demand across the US. I believe it is the drug cartels taking over much of Mexico that is driving people in their attempt to cross into the US - and can't say I blame them.

Perhaps if the Bush administration hadn't over-racted to 911 and totally tore apart and re-organized the former INS, we wouldn't have some of the problems we are having tracking illegals today. Maybe the effort should have been put into immigration reform, instead of taking a broken system and making it worse, and spending billions of dollars on a fence that really hasn't solved anything?

Here's hoping 360 can give us a full hour of news tonight -- much like they did Tuesday night.

Loved the crew dancing and Seaman Ship.

BTW - Judy - I watched President Obama on The View today. A very good hour and he answered some hard questions -- but I didn't get the feeling that the ladies were out for the "gotcha" moment that so many in the regular press corps seem to be. Most in the press corps are looking to make a name for themselves or creating a story where there really isn't any, instead of reporting on the straight news of the day -- say the banking reform bill for example.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I kid you not. Last night I winced when that woman came on, and I literally felt my face involuntarily scrunch up in that wtf type furrowed brow/Billy Idol/Elvis lip up thing kinda dealio- watching her and her weirdo sort of Ace Ventura type strut down the sidewalk...chick crrrrrreep'd me right the hell out! They need to keep her in her fashionista closet with her clothes & shoes and whatever--keep her off the television, cause she is really kinda gross. And if she's as lackadaisical and or as bias in her reporting as you've mentioned, they sure don't need that kind of downer on their show now with if what ppl are saying how bad the ratings are and all, holy cripes! They're just diggin' the hole deeper with that creepy thing on. I'm just sayin'. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

ugh missed the shot last night and it wasnt on the podcast either. So I am grateful that it will be posted this weekend. Thank you in advance.


Phebe said...

@anonymous 3:19, ROTFLMAO. Maybe we need to start an 'No Things Alina Cho' blog? ;)

Tedi B said...

I personally don't see anything wrong with the president being on The View. Now if he was on Maury Povich or something like that, then I'd have a problem :) lol

Anonymous said...

Phebe @3:59 YES! or call it the Alina Cho Horror Minute, one...somethin' sheesh! I thought AC360 was prime time. You just can't have scary like her on prime time! Tell em Phebe! they've got to know =))

Anonymous said...

@2:52PM "I've dealt with his like before, people wanting to take the law into their own hands. The US is a Nation of laws, and if he doesn't like it he (Arpaio) should leave." Really?? HE SHOULD LEAVE? Not the illegals, but Arpaio, should leave? Really? A US CITIZEN?
And if we are a "nation of laws where are they and why are they not BEING ENFORED.
If I were you, I'd refrain from the phrase, "I've dealt with "his like before." It rubs some people the wrong way....speaking of racism.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:15pm - racism, really? I was talking about people who think they are above the law and the last I knew they don't belong to a certain race. And yes, if you don't want to live in the US and follow the laws of the land -- then maybe it's time to leave. Last I checked, citizenship doesn't grant anyone the right to be above the law.

I have dealt with Border Enforcement Officials in my previous employment and while most are good at their job, there are a few who like to make the lives of anyone they suspect maybe in the Us illegaly a living hell -- irregardless of the facts and the law. There are people who are good at their jobs and people who aren't, no one profession is exempt. My experience is that sometimes when people are given a badge, their ego becomes over-inflated and that doesn't help anyone or any situation.

Anonymous said...

@6:12PM: Well Joe's "over inflated ego," gave AC360, the BEST ratings he's had in a very long time. Guess some people like him or at least love to hate him. In any event, Joe Arpaio DOES have his following and the "Courts" will decide where the situation stands.

Julie said...

I have to completely agree on the Alina Cho thing. She drives me crazy. And I have no idea what her segment was doing on last night's program. It seemed like it was completely out of place.