Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Is Right With The World

After 8 weeks Anderson Cooper was back in his New York City studio anchoring Tuesday's edition of AC360. He opened the program with "Tonight stunning news from the Gulf. The Coast Guard saying it can't find much more oil to collect. With hundreds of boats in the water yesterday they said they only recovered 1 barrel's worth of oil. One barrel! So where is the oil? Are the dispersants and Mother Nature breaking it up faster than anyone thought?"

The program opened with a prerecorded segment at the magic wall aimed at keeping BP honest by outlining their mistakes and their dishonestly in dealing with the Gulf disaster.

SEARCHING FOR THE OIL, Unclear how much remains in the Gulf: Discussion with Ed Overton (Professor LSU) and Craig Taffaro, Jr. (Pres. St. Bernard's Parish)

CRITICS: BP GAMING THE SYSTEM, Arctic Ocean drilling controversy: Drew Griffin reporting

REP.RANGEL: LET'S MAKE A DEAL, Fighting ethics charges: Brianna Keilar reporting


BATTLE OVER IMMIGRATION REFORM: What led to Ariz. law set to take effect Thurs.: Report by Tom Foreman

BORDER FENCE FACT, $2.5 billion barrier between the U.S. and Mexico: Report by Gary Tuchman

WARREN JEFFS CONVICTIONS OVERTURNED, Utah Supreme Court orders new trail: Discussion with Jeff Toobin, Carolyn Jessop and Jon Krakauer

A few weeks ago we posted the speech that AC gave at the LA Press Club event when he received his award. The audio was terrible, as many of you pointed out. Finally we've come across a much better copy.

I’m sure the old phrase 'God's in his heaven, all's right with the world' is a stretch when associated with AC being back in the NYC studio, but it does convey how right tonight’s AC360 felt to me. I’ve spent eight long weeks (actually 7 + 1 vacation week) watching Cooper stand in a park in NOLA talking with Billy Nungesser, James Carville, et all and kvetching at BP. I loved the Gulf disaster coverage at first but as the weeks wore on it became obvious that it was time for 360 to head home. The variety of news in Tuesday's program proved that point. The report by Gary Tuchman from the border, the discussion of the Utah Supreme Court decision (hell yes it was politically motivated) the return of Beat 360 and The Shot (remember to check out ATA on Sunday night for the Shot(s) of the week) and yes, even the low rise jeans standing at the magic wall all combined into one of the best 360’s of the year. So welcome home AC, all’s right with the world. ~Phebe

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Last nite was the best 360 ever. I have been watching since the days of red 360 and even those don't compare to last nite. I have never seen such a good 360. Great mix of stories and all interesting.

Love that BP thinks they are socially responsible. If they were then the incidnet in the gulf would have never happened. BP is a joke.

So happy that 360 did a follow up on Warren Jeffs. The FLDS story has always been my favorite story on 360 and I am glad they are stick with ti. I think it is ridiculous that Jeffs is getting a new trial. I hope when he goes to Texas he gets the maximum punishment. He is a horrible person and deserves to rot in jail.

The shot was back...YAY!!! Its about time. Frankly I am shocked they even brought ti back at all. Usually once 360 ditches something, usually for no good reason it never returns. I am glad the show was back, along with beat 360.

I was very pleased with 360 and hope tonite is just as good. But then again last nite was the best 360 ever.

bostongal said...

Yay!! Waldo's back home and seems to looks great..(I was out entertaining guests and didn't catch the 10 est show but decided to check the blog first and i am not disappointed..thanks ATA..will try to catch the repeats at 1.00)

judy said...

While I was glad that AC was finally back where he belongs, in NYC, I'm not sure I agree with you, Phebe, that it was a great program. I was bored.
I happen to like AC out in the field and rarely found it boring. Tonite I found myself reaching for the remote, especially when Warren Jeffs was mentioned. Never thought this was an interesting topic and still don't.
I like BIG stories and always feel AC needs to be challenged. Yes, he over stayed his welcome in the Gulf, but he stayed as long as necessary...until the oil was capped. And I don't believe that all the oil suddenly just disappeared. Where did this info come from? If it's something BP is sending out, well forget it. Remember the amount of damage can't be minimized because of BP's liability.
It was good to get the shot back, if only to lighten AC's spirits. He's been solemn, and for good reason, way too long.
@to the poster that met him in the park in NOLA...what a treat! He always appreciates his fans, which is a rare quality in celebrity.

tt said...

I agree that this show was good and a relief from the location gulf coverage. I understand Anderson wanted to maintain public attention on the gulf by staying there but the restrictions on reporters and scarcity of people willing to talk to reporters there meant the show became monotonous rather unenlightening viewing.

It had been so long since we'd had a Shot I forgot to expect one! Good to see it back.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's back in NYC. For a while there it seemed like I was watching a repeat of the same show every night! He should have left a few weeks ago and maybe went back for the static kill or bottom kill or whatever...

Steven said...

I was so happy to see him back in NYC. It was nice that he was here, but it was time for him to move on. I live in Nola and was lucky enough to meet him in the park. I got a picture with him and it was amazing. The picture now graces my facebook and makes everyone jealous!

Anonymous said...

I thought tonight's AC360 was the best studio program in a long time. I liked the mix of topics -and I had almost forgotten what Anderson looked like in a suit coat and tie.

That said, I am disappointed that Anderson is not joining Gary and reporting from the AZ border this week. I like "field Anderson" not stand in the park Anderson; but the Anderson Cooper we saw reporting from Haiti and the first two weeks in the Gulf. But, if he couldn't be on the border, then I'm glad Anderson was in the NYC studio. And the story selection and guests were so much better tonight. Maybe somebody read our comments on Sunday's post and actually listened or is that hoping for too much?

aries moon said...

If Anderson needs to do field work in the near future, I won't have a problem with it because I generally enjoy his out of studio reporting-- when he and his producers are really on their game it can make for very compelling viewing. Tuesday's show had some interesting elements--I'm not really into the Warren Jeffs saga, but I did like AC's discussion of the case with Toobin, Jessop and Krakauer--the court's decision to overturn the convictions is pretty disgusting and they clearly don't have much concern for the welfare of the young girls who have suffered and continue to suffer abuse at the hands of Jeffs and his followers. Good reports on immigration reform and the border fence as well, and it was a relief not seeing Billy Nungesser on again. On a lighter note, it was also a relief to hear Anderson let out a few quips here and there (the Jersey Shore situation) and see him smile after Monday night's rather severe tone. Loved The Shot with that grumpy animal. Tuesday night was a good example of a well put together in-studio 360.

Anonymous said...

Last night was good. I really liked it.

There was a oil spill where my son lives in Battle Creek. Was BP there? LOL

The shot was very funny. I needed that laugh. Was nice to hear Anderson laugh, too.

Fan gurl moment, nice to see Anderson in front of magic wall in suit jacket and jeans. My favorite