Thursday, July 29, 2010

Battle on the Border

Anderson Cooper began Thursday's AC360 with an overview of the days biggest stories. He said "Tonight, Shirley Sherrod said she will sue Andrew Breitbart, the man who first put the edited video tape of her on line, but new questions are being raised online about her background. We'll have more on that later.
We begin tonight with the battle over illegal immigration. Keep'in them honest, the battle on the border. Protests still going on in Arizona this evening. Through out the day we have seen these images. Protesters blocking streets near Phoenix City Hall, tying up traffic and light rail service, several dozen people arrested there. The States new immigration law went into effect today. A tough law, minus its toughest provisions, which were blocked by a Federal judge."

IMMIGRATION BATTLE, Protesters Rally, Ariz. Gov. Launches Appeal: Anderson Cooper reporting

ON THE FRONT LINES, Ariz. sheriff vows to continue sweeps: report by Gary Tuchman

BATTLE OVER ARIZONA'S LAW: Debate with AZ Senator Russell Pearce and Rev. Al Sharpton

ANGER IN ARIZONA, Why so many are against illegal immigration: Report by Dan Simon

CHARLIE RANGEL FACING ETHICS CHARGES, N.Y.Congressman accused of 13 violations:
The facts presented by AC at the magic wall

Discussion with Jeff Toobin and Gloria Borger

Joe Johns reporting

Tom Foreman

Cooper interviews Ed Overton

CNNi is running a commercial with AC included. Take a look:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was pretty good last nite. I liked Dan Simon's piece. We need to see more from him on 360. I Like hearing what Jesse Hernandez had to say especially since his parents were immigrants from mexico. Something does need to be done, but I don't know if the Arizona law is necessary what should be done.

And the stupid Shirely Sherod saga continues. When is 360 going to stop talking about this crap? She needs to just shut up and go away.

Regarding the situation in the gulf, maybe it was made out to be worse than it really was, but I don't think we'll know that for a few years. No one knows the long term effect of the oil spill.

Was it me or did Anderson look like he had a bluish tint? Even his hair looked kind of blue... LOL! I love his new found obsession with Jersey Shore. I think its cute when he becomes fascinated with some reality show.

judy said...

OK. I like Joe Arpaio, he's one of a kind, but Russell Pearce is not at all appealing. He speaks as though he has marbles in his mouth.
And it actually rained today in AZ. No matter how many times I've visited, I have to say it never rained!
AC actually apologized for not having "vetted" Shirley Sherrod more? Interesting. He said he went back over his interview with her and he should have asked her more specific questions and let some of her answers slide.
I found this remark amazing because it involved self reflection, something he needed to do during his angry repetitive commentaries about BP, but apparently, never thought it was necessary.
I do hope the scientist that said the oil spill may have caused less damage than once thought is correct. But it's far too late for those poor sea turtles who I've read were actually burned to death when BP was trying to mitigate its oil damage.
@To the anon on the other post who said Arpaio thinks He's above the law. Quite the contrary. It is my impression he feels illegals are the ones who are "lawless." Isn't that what this whole immigration border dispute is about? And the last time I checked he was the Sheriff. The Sheriff interprets the law, not those that break it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for your post :) Have a great Friday and happy weekend!

Unknown said...

That "Impact Your World" commercial has been all over CNNi for months, and it never grows old. *grin*

The clip of Hala Gorani used to be the clip of Christiane Amanpour before she left.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Is CNNi still playing that commercial? I feel like I've been seeing it forever. And I think Anderson looks incredibly creepy in that commercial.

Anonymous said...

I suppose tonight will be a taped recap of this week of Anderson in a studio.

aries moon said...

Interesting that Anderson would single out Shirley Sherrod for his moment of self-reflection. I certainly hope he applies the same principle to everyone who appears on the program--in particular those on the right who he sometimes doesn't challenge when they make outrageous statements.

judy said...

@aires moon: Yes, I agree. It is interesting isn't it, how AC picks and chooses certain subjects and people for self reflection. Wondered the same thing myself as I mentioned earlier in this post.