Thursday, July 01, 2010

We Are Not The Enemy Here

Anderson Cooper opened tonight’s AC360 with, “We are live in Louisiana. Tonight, only on 360: Jimmy Buffett. He sings of sunny paradise and Gulf Coast living, but now Margaritaville is under attack. Tonight, Jimmy Buffett speaking out about oil, the Gulf and BP. My exclusive conversation with Jimmy Buffett tonight. Find out who he calls liars. Also, disturbing reports of those FEMA trailers full of formaldehyde from Katrina once again being used here by cleanup crews. And the latest on the Al Gore investigation. But we begin, as we do every night, "Keeping Them Honest."


VIDEO: Anderson’s Opening Commentary

MEDIA COVERAGE RESTRICTED, Coast Guard keeps reporters away for ‘safety’: Discussion with Billy Nungesser and Craig Tafarro Jr.

THEY’RE BAAAAAACK!, Toxic FEMA trailers for oil cleanup workers: Interview with Rep. Ed Markey (D) MA

STORM COMPOUNDS SPILL DAMAGE: Report and discussion with Randi Kaye

DISPERSANT REDUCTIONS MISLEADING, BP had cut average daily use by just 9%: Report and discussion with Ed Lavandera

AL GORE INVESTIGATION REOPENED, Woman accuses him of ‘unwanted sexual contact’: Report by Joe Johns


JIMMY BUFFETT ON THE OIL SPILL, Angry at disaster response: Anderson Cooper’s exclusive interview with Jimmy Buffett

VIDEO: Jimmy Buffett Interview Part 1

JIMMY BUFFETT ON THE OIL SPILL, Says BP has lied from the start: Part 2 of Anderson’s exclusive interview with Jimmy Buffett

VIDEO: Jimmy Buffett Interview Part 2


From TV Newser: Anderson Cooper 'Very Happy at CNN' with 'No Plans to Leave'

Anderson Cooper, reporting from the Gulf, has taken the time to email his staff about an online story earlier this week which claimed he was unhappy at CNN and ready to bolt the network. From The Wrap:

Meanwhile, multiple insiders at CNN have told TheWrap that the silver-haired star anchor may also be close to leaving the network, frustrated by his own low ratings and tempted by other offers.

But Cooper tells a much different story to his staff today, in the following email obtained by TVNewser:

Just in case you happen to believe what you read on the internet from unnamed sources, I just want you to know I am very happy at CNN, have no plans to leave, and am not in conflict with anyone. I am really proud of the work all of us are doing here in the Gulf, and all the other stuff just seems like silly gossip and sour grapes. All the best, a

From a John Klein Mediaite interview:

Mediaite: Anderson Cooper has been slipping in the ratings – he just had his second lowest quarter ever this past quarter. There was also a live audience experiment recently. Do you expect in the new prime time that his show will remain at 10pm, in the same format?

Klein: I don’t know. I just don’t know. I tune in every night at 10 and see the best newscast on TV, night in and night out. That’s all I ask of Anderson and his team.

From CNN's Anderson Cooper is back in New Orleans to cover yet another disaster: the oil spill

A crowd of about 40 people watched raptly on a recent night as Anderson Cooper, the blue-eyed heartthrob of CNN fame in town to cover the Gulf oil spill, stood against the backdrop of the Crescent City Connection and prepped for his shot. (follow link for the full article with photos)

From The Wrap: Anderson Cooper is 'Happy at CNN' and Mad at 'The Internet'
CNN's star anchor Anderson Cooper responded to TheWrap's report of drama going down at the cable news network with an e-mail that's essentially just a long-winded version of the old "move along, nothing to see here" trick....

Cooper's email is a pretty transparent attempt at damage control. The accounts of tension at CNN and interest in Cooper from rival organizations that he dismisses as "silly gossip" were confirmed to TheWrap by multiple high-ranking insiders at the network.

Cooper may decide to stay at CNN when his contract expires next year, but it won't be due to a lack of interest from other suitors or because the network is one big, happy family. Cooper and his bosses would obviously like viewers to think that everything is fine and dandy at CNN, but we stand by our reporting.

Keep in mind, this email comes to us from the same network that spent the better part of the last month denying reports Larry King was leaving his show.
(follow link for the full article)

From: People Country Special, July 2010

From: TV Guide, July 5-18, 2010
From: TIME, July 5, 2010
From the AC 360 Blog -

From Twitter -

Another picture from the LA Press Club event that honored AC on Sunday night. Watch for an upcoming post dedicated to this event.


Anderson has certainly been in the news a lot this week! While many of the articles floating around may not be 100% accurate, there may be a certain amount of truth in all of them. It seems that Anderson and AC360 have been a little off lately. Anderson has received praise and honors for his field reporting and I’m sure that doesn’t sit well with some; but then again some people find it easier to complain about others rather than go out and do the work themselves. Anderson has a personality that people seem to connect with and perhaps this makes some people jealous that he’s the "go to" guy when there is a disaster to cover. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, I just hope it’s resolved quickly and the focus is back on producing a good show. As to what the future holds for Anderson and CNN all we can do is stay tuned and see what unfolds. ~ Wonz

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MichellenLomita said...

I didn't like Thursday's 360. Reporters and guests sounded like angry yet helpless activists. How about just objectively reporting real up-to-date news CNN. 360 is stuck on old, going in a circle. I think the team is desperate, working hard now to engage viewers, but straying from true reporting.

Mr. Cooper's outrage tirade didn't work in my opinion. It sounded like a performance or personal resentment rather than concern about effects of media restrictions.

The Gore scandal was interesting at first, but Thur. report was just disgusting. This broadcast left a kind of bitter aftertaste.

As for Anderson's email; he doesn't seem "very happy" on the air; he seems frustrated; doubt if it's all due to BP and the government. 360 might not improve if he refuses to recognize anything is wrong. I understand him being defensive--against all the criticism. But there may be some truth to it, AC.

ACAnderFan said...

It is ridiculous that reporters have to get permission to get close to things regarding the oil spill. With that said must Anderson continue to rant evey nite? It makes him seem childish.

I must say the Jimmy Buffet interview was better than expected. At least he wants to help the people of the gulf and seems to genuinely care.

Yeah I believe Anderson's statement to his staff about as much as I believe Breaking Benjamin is still together and Ben Burnley hasn't disbanded the band. I just don't believe Anderson's statement at all.

Anonymous said...

That email Anderson sent seemed like damage control to me. Personally, I think he will be gone from CNN by the end of his contract.

Anonymous said...

Althogh the new reports might have some truths in them, It just kind of remined me of when I worked in a factory here, The backbiting and gossip was bad. IMO
I will still watch Andersons show regardless. And will follow Him where ever Life takes him.
Jimmy buffet interview was great. But Anderson should have been barefoot.IMO LOL
All I got say about the Al Gore scandal is eww. IMO


aries moon said...

I know AC enjoyed Jimmy Buffett, but I found him boring and the interview went on too long. The only thing interesting was seeing AC on the beach.

Jon Klein's comment about the possible future of 360 is more telling than AC's email.

judy said...

Have to agree with aires moon, here. Klein didn't "know" whether 360 would remain at 10PM in the same format?? That has to be the first truthful statement the man has told yet! Well, AC is certainly keeping HIM honest! So there is "discord, and it is to be expected."
The Wrap article failed to mention who the other "suitors" were. Publically, we know of only one, CBS. AC does not come cheaply, so the suitors better be ready to open their wallets. He also likes lots of freedom and they better be ready to give it to him. Klein seems to "have had it," but that's just my opinion.
I too was bored with the Buffet interview and thought there was too much time spent just walking the beach...but was glad the rest of the show was live.
I do like AC's commentaries, but he must start to watch Rachel Maddow and listen to her delivery. She never rants. She just calmly projects her views and it's very effective.
It's a lot like "yelling at the class." If you always YELL, after a while no one bothers to listen.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Woodward and Bernstein 1) begging for BP CEOs to state their views on the air or 2) telling the government (Coast Guard) they are not the enemy. Isn't being the enemy the whole point of the fourth estate?