Monday, July 26, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Yikes! Do not adjust your computer, it's terrible studio lighting making our favorite anchor look like a mere mortal tonight, not your computer screen settings. Anderson Cooper wasn't in NYC, or NOLA nor was he in Arizona as had been promoted last week. And we ruled out LA because when he's there we rave about the lighting and makeup. So where was Waldo? Detroit. Why was he there? Why not?

Anderson began the program as he does so many nights with breaking news. "We've learned tonight, in just a few hours, BP CEO Tony Hayward is expected to step down. Getting his wish, getting his life back and getting a golden parachute reportedly worth, get this, more than 18 million dollars. What is so stunning is that Hayward is getting a quick payoff while the people whose lives he's ruined are still waiting to be paid."


PIPELINE SAFETY QUESTIONED: Drew Griffin reporting from Alaska. Follow up segment with Douglas Brinkley

FMR. DNC CHAIR BLASTS FOX, Dean calls Sherrod coverage 'absolutely racist':
Discussion with Michael Eric Dyson and Erick Erickson

AFGHAN WAR DOC LEAKED: Discussion with Peter Bergen and Robert Baer


AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

So beyond happy to see Anderson back in the studio where he belongs! He truly shines in the studio as that's where his talent lies and last nite certainly proved that. I cannot say enough good things about how excellent and fantastic 360 was last nite. By far the best show he's done all summer. I hope its an extremely long time before he reports from the field again.

Good riddance to Tony Hayward. Its about time he left. Though getting $18million to leave is beyond ridiculous. If he had any character he'd not take the money and give it to the fishermen and those unemployed in the gulf due to the oil spill.

I was hoping once Anderson was back in the studio that the shot would return, but I guess not. 360 always ditches anything that is good.

Isabel Siaba said...

The light behind Anderson was really very bad, but the AC was suntan... artificial or not I liked it! lol...

Was AC suntan or my TV was bad?

Good program today with AC in the studio. The news seemed more elaborate and (strange feeling) seemed to last longer the AC360.

Thanks friends! See you ...

The ATA Team said...

For those of you sending in guesses PLEASE read the post first. The question was rhetorical. We've had 3 guesses so far tonight and the post has only been up for an hour. Yeesh!

judy said...

I did not watch all of "Waldo" tonite. At first I thought AC was in LA, but the studio looked smaller and I used to like it when he stood on the roof top. AC seemed to enjoy himself, outside on the roof, with the LA sun going down behind him. Do we know why he is in Detroit?
The minute he started to speak to Billy Nungesser I switched to the NJ Housewives.
But caught up again when he had Michael Eric Dyson on with Erickson. I'm tired of the race debate, especially when Eric Erickson makes no sense what so ever.
Tony Hayward should have left months ago and he's paid 18 million after destroying the Gulf.
Now that's Comp time I'd like to have!
AC seemed very serious tonite. Maybe he's due for a little R&K.

Anonymous said...

Is he really in Detroit Monday night?

bostongal said...

Now I am feeling bad that I wasn't patient enough last night..I switched channels the moment I saw Billy N and Coop started talking Shirly Sherrod and didn't go back to watching it. The lighting was awful too and it made AC look like so tired..

I hope the discussion with Peter Bergen was good..

Anonymous said...

I loved AC360 last night except for the billy and trio interview. I also switched to NJ Housewifes.

Came back for rest. good show. It was good to see Anderson in a suit.


aries moon said...

It was quite a change to see Anderson in a suit and in a studio again--I guess it will be even weirder to see him back in the New York City studio since he's been away for so long. I too tuned out the Nungesser/Brinkley/Markey segment, but the rest of the program was good, in particular Michael Eric Dyson/Peter Bergen and Julian Assange. Anderson did appear to be very serious and somber throughout the hour and the lighting and makeup was a little off, but it still was a satisfying show overall.

magnoliagirl said...

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting NOLA last week. (Just doing our small part to help the GC economy.) I could not let the opportunity of seeing 360 live pass me by and boy I was not disappointed. I actually got a chance to see AC in action.What a thrill!! We arrived around 9:30 so the show was half over.There were about 40 others watching as well. He didn't have any other guests so he was solo. Neil (Hallworthy) was the cameraman. I didn't see Charlie Moore. During the commercial breaks he would check his ever present cell phone. Sometimes he would put on those gosh-awful black reading glasses. (Really Gloria needs to step up and help him eyeglass shop.) Once someone took a flash photo and Neil gave her a really dirty look. Immediately after the broadcast AC came over and talked to everyone. He said we must have really been bored and did we know Bourbon St is only a block away.IS HE KIDDING!! He was so nice. I asked him how much longer 360 was going to be in NOLA. He said he really didn't know, but he had to be in Detroit next week. I then told him cudoes to CNN for sticking it out this long and that they are the only network that has. He then reaches out and shakes my hand!(Knees turn to jelly at this point.) Then my DH and I went over to the Cafe du Monde. Beigniets and AC in the same night. How cool is that.

Jaanza said...

Thanks for the recap, I wasn't able to watch Monday night.

Yes, from the screencaps you can tell the lighting and the makeup were kind of weird. Maybe Anderson got a tan down in NOLA and they couldn't figure out how to adjust the lighting and makeup for the tan.

It looks like it was a good 360 last night, a nice variety of stories; sorry I missed Peter Bergen but I'm not sorry I missed Erick Erickson; even in the screencap he looks so smarmy and slimy.

So what's going on in Detroit? Will Anderson still be going to Arizona later this week?

Magnoliagirl, congrats on meeting Anderson, sounds like it was a very cool encounter.

Tedi B said...

Thanks for sharing that story Magnoliagirl. It;s always nice to hear stories of meeting with AC. :)

Diane C. DeCicco said...

I guess I'm in the minority when I say, I like this serious side of Anderson(HOT), as well as this rugged raw look(AND the new glasses). It all suits him very well. He looks like what a 43 year old man of the world ought to look like. The things he's experienced and seen, the places he's been showing on his face is pretty friggin' sexy imho, and damn well earned respectively, but hey, that's just me lol. To look like a boy at 43 is just strikes me as little weird, just a little..

*apologising for the fan girl moment too, really sorry*

Anonymous said...

I prefer Anderson in the field, and not just for the tight t-shirts.

Anyone else notice how much of a southern twang he has started to pick up?