Monday, August 30, 2010

360 on August 30th

Anderson was back in NYC and opened tonight's program with "Thanks for joining us. Tonight, keeping them honest, the Congresswoman and the scholarship scandal. The Texas democrat has been doling out thousands in scholarship money to her relatives and one of her staffer's kids. The money is from charitable tax deductible donations. She says she didn't know the rules. But it turns out she broke more than one and she's been doing it for years. Also tonight, breaking news, was it a practice run to blow up a U.S. jetliner? Here's what we know: bottles of liquid with watches and cell phones attached inside checked luggage on a flight out of Chicago. Question is does it add up to terrorist testing what could actually get into the cargo of a U.S. passenger plane? The very latest on the devices and the two men now in custody. Also tonight, up close, the latest on hurricane Earl now a category four storm and building taking aim on the east coast."

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Report by Anderson Cooper

REP. EDDIE JOHNSON ADMITS TO NEPOTISM: Interview with Muriel Cooper, Congressional Black Caucus Fdn.

REP. EDDIE JOHNSON ADMITS TO NEPOTISM: Follow up interviews with Todd Gillman, The Dallas Morning News, and Melanie Sloan, Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington


FOCUS ON FAITH AT "HONOR" RALLY: Interview with Dana Loesch, Co-Organizer, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Magazine


360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay



The cover picture from Sunday's USA Weekend:

Beads & Bookmarks?
This from a group of SMU students:

As our first day comes to a close, we sit in our hotel room feeling a huge mix of emotions: exhausted (from being up since 3 am), excited, inspired, curious and motivated. One of our most exciting moments of the day occurred after the CNN Express bus pulled up right outside our hotel. Obviously, we jumped at the chance to get a closer look and were invited in by the friendly bus driver Dale. He gave us the grand tour which included a 42 inch retractable television and 11 other small televisions, the private bathroom, technical control room (with a $25,000 camera lying out) and camera supply closet. Unfortunately, we just missed Anderson Cooper but came off the bus with some pretty cool Anderson Cooper CNN beads and a book mark. As we walked along the streets later that night, we continued to see news vans and camera crews scattered everywhere either prepping for the nightly news live shot or wrapping up for the day. We of course had to make a pit-stop at CafĂ© du Monde on our way back for some world famous beignets- so delicious! But after going for 18 hours straight, there’s nothing that sounds better right now than crawling into a warm bed. We’re excited for everything we have planned tomorrow including a trip to the 9th ward (and a possible Brad Pitt sighting?!?) so stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow!

We revisited K.J.'s blog, he's the lucky guy, doing good work in NOLA, who met Anderson last week. On Friday night he had another opportunity to meet AC and Cooper told him he had read his blog post about their meeting. Here's K.J.'s account:

Okay, I'm still riding on a high after meeting Anderson Cooper on Thursday. On Friday, knowing that none of my team wanted to working at the parking lot, I decided to run it all day. Even in the rain, I sat under the tent until my team came to pick me up. It wasn't that bad though. Friday evening, he was coming back to the actual work site where we were working in order to film so several members of my team stayed back while the rest went home. Originally, I was going to stay at home but I ended up going back. While filming is taking place, I saw Katie standing over by where AC was filming so I decided to join her. Call me a creeper, even though I'm not. We were just talking and he looks over and says hi. He then tells me that he read my blog. In total disbelief! I was like, "my blog" and he was like, "Yes, your blog. Someone sent me the link and I read it". I was absolutely floored. And probably blushing. I mean, I know it's not a big deal or anything but when someone as huge as Anderson Cooper says that he read your personal blog, you get excited. I thought that was very nice of him to read it.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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judy said...

Poor Anderson. He was up against the NJ Housewives Reunion and it was huge...and not just in NJ.
So I really didn't see much of what was being focused upon.
From your subtitles nothing big except perhaps a "possible" terrotist plot on a plane, but we've become desensitized about this problem.
Nepotism has always existed, especially when it comes to relatives and who knows who and from what I can tell AC's interrogation was dragged on a bit too long.
Other than that, I did like AC's very taylored suit. Someone has been shopping!
Thanks for Week End photo and the fan blog post.

Drew said...

Just watching the rerun of tonights show @ 10 p.m. here in cali. And I heard Anderson say something that surprised me and I'm going to mention it and I think that my post isn't going to be posted but I thought I'd mention it anyways. Anderson said he's been to "Promise Keepers" rally's. I was wondering if he attending them for work purposes or not? If he attended for work purposes does anyone have his reports from them. I just think that it would be interesting to hear or read what Anderson may of thought or said about the ralleys. I was wondering if anyone could find them and post them or atleast one if you could, please. Thanks in advance.

aries moon said...

There's no way that Congresswoman didn't know what the rules were about the scholarship money. Who is she trying to kid? I bet there are others out there doing the same thing, but they haven't been caught yet.

Beck and Loesch can try all they wish to put a nice face on the "Restoring Honor/Tea Party" gang, but you shouldn't have to discourage your followers to not bring their signs to rallies if the message they want to send is really about peace and "unity".

Loved Isha Sesay doing the bulletin--a nice accent makes even the most mundane things a little more interesting. Thanks for the extras--I saw some AC360 beads hanging off a camera or something last Friday on the show in NOLA and didn't know what that was all about.

bostongal said...

Now if only Coop would say "I read this blog, someone sent me a link and I read this blog"... :):)

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I loved 360 last nite. thought it was very good. That congresswoman is an idiot. Surely she had to have know that giving out scholarships to family members is wrong.

Usually I could careless about Glenn Beck, but I found the discussion interesting. Actually I find it fascination that so many people
listen to him and actually believe him.

Best part of the program was Gary Tuchamn's piece. I just can't imagine being trapped in a mine and being down there for months would be unbearable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wonz for your reply. Missed the show today :(

Anonymous said...

I too am guilty of watching Housewifes of NJ. But did check in during commercials.

I promise to watch Anderson after POTUS speech. Hand raised. Unless Glee comes on. LOL OK glee at 9:00pm.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Anderson but I watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night.

Speaking of blogs, do you think he reads this one?

Maybe someone should request a certain tie and see if he wears it!