Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adults Can Be Bullies, Too

A school official posting hate was the main focus of AC360 tonight. I applaud Anderson Cooper and AC360 for bringing this story to our attention. The capacity for hate toward our fellow humans always shocks and amazes me. ~ Wonz.

KEEPING THEM HONEST: School Official Posting Hate: Report by Anderson Cooper;including a short interview with Arne Duncan

SCHOOL OFFICIAL SPEAKS OUT ON ANTI-GAY RANT, His Facebook rant shocked many: Anderson Cooper interviews Clint McCance

ARK. SCHOOL OFFICIAL SAYS HE WILL RESIGN FOR ANTI-GAY RANT ON FACEBOOK: Anderson Cooper interviews Steven Blackwood, Suicide prevention counselor

ARK. SCHOOL OFFICIAL SAYS HE WILL RESIGN FOR ANTI-GAY RANT ON FACEBOOK: Anderson Cooper interviews David & Amy Truong, son committed suicide after being bullied

ELLEN ON ARKANSAS SCHOOL OFFICIAL, Reacts to Clint McCance's anti-gay rant: Anderson Cooper talks to Ellen DeGeneres


QUESTIONS SURROUNDING BILL CLINTON'S ROLE IN FLORIDA SENATE RACE, Dem candidate Meeks says he's not dropping out of Florida senate race: Discussion with Roland Martin, Ed Henry and Susan Candiotti

360BULLETIN: Joe Johns

Anderson "tweeted" tonight ~

EXTRAS: Someone tweeted this picture of Anderson and Ellen "chatting during their taping today."

Anderson also presented at the Huffington Post's "Game Changers" event tonight at Skylight Studios in NYC ~ (We're looking for better pictures and will post when/if we find any.)

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was very good last I have seen in a while. I don't think Clint McCance is sorry, I think he's only sorry he got caught. Had there not been all this media attention I doubt he would have resigned or thought what he said was wrong.

Anderson interview with David and Amy Truong was very touching. By them saying they are going to pray for Clint McCance shows that they are the bigger person and have a good moral character. I really enjoyed Anderson's interview with them.

The pic of Anderson wearing his glasses and smiling is cute :)

judy said...

While I too applaud AC and 360 for this revelation as well as exposing this dumb board member's hatred, the emphasis is consistently on gay children. Inherently, this is wrong. AC is touching on a subject that transcends ALL CHILDREN, and to make 360 a gay "platform," is a wrong.
Anderson must realize that his demographic may in part be gay, but most of his totals are made up of a heterosexual viewership.
I did like his discussion with Ellen and might I point out, that Ellen's popularity is based on her talent, and she has never made her show an activist platform.
As an aside I just love her haircut and think she looks great in glasses. (She's also very active in animal rights issues.)
I do hope this is posted because AC's viewership depends on ALL sexual persuasions, and cultures of people.

aries moon said...

I'd like to believe Clint McCance is truly sorry for the pain his cruel, thoughtless words caused, but like Amy Truong, I think he is mainly upset about being caught and freaked out by the anger and outrage that he brought upon himself and his family. He made the right decision in resigning because no one who has such vile, bigoted thoughts should be anywhere near young kids, gay or straight. I feel sorry for his children. It's interesting to watch Anderson when he interviews people like McCance--he doesn't go for the jugular the way I kind of wished he would've, but he chooses his words very carefully so as not to antagonize the person or have them become defensive or shut down completely--it's a smart strategy, but it might lead some to believe that AC let him off too easily. I had the feeling AC wasn't buying McCance's supposed change of heart either--in fact he pretty much indicated that he'd still have a problem if one of his kids were gay, but unfortunately, many people have those attitudes and it's disgusting. It was also interesting that David Truong seemed willing to forgive McCance but his wife wasn't ready to go there yet. Anderson's remark about how he thinks about their son Asher every day was very touching.

Love the pic of AC in his glasses--I'm glad he has stuck with his original frame choice--he looks distinguished and I sometimes see him putting them on at the sign off of the show.

360 has had a few glitches this week--odd editing on one of the reports the other night--the picture for The Shot not appearing immediately on screen and on Thursday night, they briefly showed AC starting the podcast after the live show ended. 360 had a pretty good track record of fairly glitch free shows, but I guess their still getting used to the change in producers or something.

Anonymous said...

Taped special tonight so anderson can be off?

Anonymous said...

Very good show last night. Did this man honestly think he was gonna get away with this? Bullies never win.

Felt sorry for the parents and will pray for them.

Loved the picture of Anderson in his glasses.


EmmKay said...

I was sort of amazed when tweets started showing up last night that Clint McCance would be on AC360. The only thing I give that man credit for is taking some responsibility and resigning. He should be nowhere near education.

I agree with Ellen that straight people need to be in this fight too. I will continue to stand up for people's right to love any consenting adult and to marry that person. I don't see how their choice affects anyone else. My relationships have always been a success or failure based on the people involved.

Didn't really get that whole Meeks debacle. If he was going to pull out, when would that have happened? There's only 4 days left. Like all things in this election seasion, it seems sort of ridiculous. I seriously can't think of one election that is focussed on an actual issue. Hope people like the candidates they are using to make a statement to Obama. We are going to be stuck with them for awhile.

EmmKay said...

@judy hasn't Ellen been talking a lot about this on her show too? I think she's pretty activist.

Also, this is just the most recent angle 360 has taken with this. A few months ago, it was all about Phoebe Prince.

I don't think it's 360 becoming a gay platform. I think that gay bullying, Don't Ask/Don't Tell and gay marriage are just reaching a tiping point.

Anonymous said...

glaad started a FB page yesterday asking that McCance resign that was yesterday morning and all day long it changed with requests for him to resign. When I checked it at 1035 the last post was telling that he had resigned or was going to.

While I loved the interview I thought the same as Judy let's focus on everyone being bullied. Also did AC come right out and ask the guy why he posted it?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the funerial procession of a soldier killed in Afaganistan. He was a father of five. Those children will now live without their dad so that some whinner in AR can rant on his facebook page. what a jacka$$. At least his children will know him as they grow. poor things

thank you for letting me get this off my chest. I hope Anderson keeps after jerks like him and exposing them to the light.


Claire said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you guys know that John Roberts and Kyra Phillips are expecting twins this Spring?
Apparently they've been engaged since April.

Anonymous said...

anything relates to midterm election make me sleepy...politics...but it will be over soon.

Anonymous said...

@EmmKay: To my knowledge Ellen has yet to bring gay issues up in front of her studio audience. She has shyed away from doing this and speaks and supports Anderson when he's on 360.
She has brought up animal rights issues on her program, however, and now has a petfood Co on QVC.
She has also donated much to the animal adoption associations and had congress issue stamps of dogs and cats with a percentage going to the animal defense league and adoption shelters across the country.