Monday, December 27, 2010

AC Talk Show Memories 12/27/10

Tonight we've got a few more talk show clips for your enjoyment. This first one is from May 29, 2005 when AC guested on CBS's The Early Show.

Thanks to one of our anonymous commenters we now have at least part of AC's Tonight Show appearance from August 2007 with Heidi Klum that we mentioned in last night's post.

The second part has a little overlap of the first clip with the rest of the interview.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Anderson's interview from The Early Show is probbaly one of his best, regarding the interviews he did for "Dispatches".

judy said...

Anderson is soon going to learn that being a guest on a talk show is far different than being the host.
What he should have done, was taken over LK's job. I'm sure the opportunity presented itself and it was there for his taking.
He has a following and then he could have certainly branched out from there.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about his ratings on CNN and wondering whether his new show will pull the ratings he will need to stay on the air. He may end up with neither show. It will take a lot of personal attention to both shows to keep them up and running. And being the executive producer of the daytime show will take money too.

Anonymous said...

@10:44AM You make two very good points that need to be addressed.
Anderson may have too many things happening at once and you can only devote so much time to each.
If it isn't quality time, no one will be interested and no one person does everything equally well.
Anderson seemed to be interested in syndication and control, but syndication doesn't bring in the money it used to bring in and something isn't going to get his full attention. I hope it isn't 360