Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday's AC360 & Anderson Cooper's Tribute to Larry King

Anderson Cooper was in the NYC studio Friday and opened with a run down on the night's top stories: Failing 9/11 Responders; an American jailed in Haiti; and a Reality Show Murder Mystery


9/11 HEALTH CARE BILL IN LIMBO: Follow up interview with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D) NY

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SILENT TREATMENT: Anderson Cooper's report on Rep-elect Renee Ellmers and his attempt to talk to her

SILENT TREATMENT FROM POLITICIAN, Muslims say Rep-elect Ellmers isn't returning phone calls: Anderson's interview with Khalilah Sabra from the American Muslims Society's Freedom Project

SCHOOL BOARD SHOOTING HERO: A report by Anderson Cooper

SCHOOL BOARD SHOOTING HERO TALKS: Anderson's interview with Mike Jones, Security Officer

AMERICAN JAILED: A report by Anderson Cooper about American aid worker Paul Waggoner who is jailed in Haiti on suspicion of kidnapping

U.S. AID WORKER JAILED IN HAITI, Accused of kidnapping dead baby: Anderson's interview with Paul Sebring, Materials Management Relief Corp and friend of Paul Waggoner


360 BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

The RidicuList: Dr. Jennifer Morse - she wants the rainbow back


From Larry King Live Thursday night-


KING: As you can see, the panel has increased, with the wife and the kids. We'll meet them in a minute. Anderson Cooper and I have been meeting via satellite, Monday through Friday for about five years now. All good things come to an end, Anderson. Sorry you can't be with us tonight.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Larry, I'm not going to talk about what's on my program tonight, which is what I usually do in this program. I just want to use my brief time to say thank you. You have been a friend, a mentor to me all these years that I have been at CNN. And I truly cannot imagine this place without you. And if I can say something very personal for a moment. You and I had lunch once recently and we both talked about our fathers. And we both lost our dads at a very young age. I think you were nine, I was 10. We talked about how one really never gets over something like that. And I was just thinking about how proud your dad must be for all that you accomplished in your career. And more importantly, in your life, being there for your boys, for your family, taking them to ball games, to school, and doing all the things that I know he would have wanted to do for you and that my dad would have wanted to do for me. Right before my dad died, he actually wrote a letter to me. And I just want to read you something that he said to me. He said, quote, "we must go rejoicing in the blessings of this world, chief of which is the mystery, the magic, the majesty and the miracle that is life." And I think you, more than most people, have done just that in your life and on your show. You've rejoiced in the blessings of this world. And you've brought us every night the mystery, the magic, the majesty and the miracle that's life. So I just want to thank you, Larry. We love you here. And we look forward to all that you're going to do in the days ahead.

KING: Thank you, Anderson. I'm really touched. Thank you so much.

End of Larry King Live/Beginning of AC360-


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Well, a remarkable moment, a remarkable man has just signed off the air. It's hard to imagine saying this for the last time, but, Larry, thank you very much. And thanks very much for watching, everyone.

And Anderson ended AC360 with -

COOPER: What a man, what a career.

From Twitter today~

@AndersonCooper interviewed @PiersMorgan – and Piers interviewed Anderson – coming soon to TV and web

While I will watch the Anderson - Piers interview, which will be shown on AC360, I don't think I'll be tuning into Piers' program anytime soon. I already miss Larry King. ~ Wonz.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was pretty good last nite. Whoever is voting against the 9/11 responders getting medical help should be ashamed of themselves. There is no excuse to vote against it. This is one time where politics needs to be put aside and people vote on what is right.

judy said...

I too, have no interest in hearing what Piers Morgan has to say about himself, which is possibly the only subject he knows anything about.
Thank you Wonz for posting the tribute from AC to Larry during Larry's final show. It was very touching. This is mere speculation, on my part, but I wonder if AC thinks of Larry, as not just a mentor, but a father figure as well.
Good to see AC live on a Friday and interviewing Anthony Weiner from NY.
Weiner has been a guest on Bill Maher's program many times and he gave a very passionate speech on the House floor.
Sadly the health bill for first responders is still in limbo and the fault lies with the inempt platitudes given by the entire Congress.
Jon Stewart devoted his last show before the holidays to the first responders on 9/11, and had them as guests.
The tone of the show was a somber one, most of them were dying from cancer. How sad....nine years later and Congress can't or wouldn't get its act together.

aries moon said...

Jon Stewart has really been hitting the Republicans hard over their shameful decision to block the 9/11 Responders bill--glad 360 finally got around to covering it too--there is no excuse for what they're doing--it's disgusting and hypocritical. John McCain should do the country a favor and retire, he's an embarrassment. Good reporting all around on Friday's 360, but maybe they should've interviewed Mike Jones without airing the footage of the school board shootings again.

AC's farewell to Larry King had to be especially moving since they both share a sad history of losing their fathers at an early age, but both managing to go on and achieve a great deal in their lives. AC's admiration and respect for Larry was very evident. I'll sample Piers Morgan's show, but I can't imagine him ever having the huge impact of LKL.

Anonymous said...

I thought last night show was good. The first responders bill should have passed no problem but boy those congressmen.

I lost my father 5yrs ago. I still miss him. I think losing a parent at any age is sad. Parents should live forever.


Anonymous said...

I was so glad to see Anderson live on a Friday night. I really think there has been several good shows this week. Hope they can keep them up.

Does anyone know is this Piers Morgan show going to be live and where it will originate from? I haven't heard.

I checked the end of hour two last night and he didn't say he would see us on Monday, so maybe he is going to take a Christmas vacation.

Thanks for posting the LKL tribute that Anderson did. I agree with Judy, I think Anderson might look to Larry as a father figure. They always seemed to respect each other.

Well hope everyone has a good weekend. I am off to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Thank you