Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I saw a good bit of CNN's NYE coverage and it was better than I expected. Not great, but watchable.

judy said...

To be quite honest, I tuned in late and could take only so much of Kathy. I did catch her when AC said she threw his glasses off the
scaffold and when Gloria called in to say how nice she looked.
AC seemed to giggle throughout and most of the time I didn't catch a word Griffin said, which is just as well.
I did switch to Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly who seemed quite restrained in comparison, but neither CNN or FOX held my attention.
As an aside Anderson looked pale, even with make-up, but he must have taken "something," because he certainly didn't seem in pain.
The only pain there, was Kathy Griffin.
Happy New Year to the ATA team.

Lauren--NY said...

Absolutely adored the show with AC and Kathy as I always do. They are hilarious and adorable together, and Mrs. C calling in was an extra treat. I hope she gets over her cold soon!

Happy New Year to the ladies of ATA and thank you so much for all of your clipping and recapping--it's hard work and very much appreciated. xoxo

aries moon said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Anderson kind of did a little samba dance briefly on the NYE show and seeing that made the whole thing worth it--I like Kathy G and enjoyed the show overall--she didn't do anything really outlandish other than swearing right as they came from a commercial break--I don't think she realized she was on the air yet. It was fun to hear her and AC chatting with his mom and I liked that there weren't any other guests and the show was just basically AC, Kathy and the other CNN correspondents. I also liked that AC put his glasses on a bunch of times--they're so dorky, it's cute.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide on my favorite part of the NYE show. So many gems.

Anderson getting crickets from the crowd when Isha asked them how they felt about Anderson taking off his shirt.

Kathy sniffing Anderson.

Kathy pitching Anderson's glasses.

Anderson's mom.

Sushi swearing.

Anderson calling Beiber pathetic.

Spelling Julian Assange's last name.


Lame fart joke.

Anderson telling Kathy she looked like a newt and a sea creature from the deep in a bikini.


Jack Gray's tweet pics.

A great start to the New Year.

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite moment was AC's diss of Justin Beiber.