Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Larry

Anderson Cooper opened Thursday's AC360 with some heartfelt and touching words for Larry King. Cooper seemed sad and his voice a bit shaky as he said, "A remarkable moment, a remarkable man who's just signed off the air. It's hard to imagine saying this for the last time but Larry thank you very much and thanks for watching everyone.

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A Larry King retrospective was last up on tonight's program


The New York Times Brian Stelter is reporting that AC will get the 9 PM hour in January until Piers Morgan's program starts. He wrote:

CNN has a month of time to fill between Larry King’s last day and the first day for his replacement, Piers Morgan. Mr. King’s final edition of “Larry King Live” will be broadcast on Thursday.
Here’s the plan after that point: the channel will show repeats of “Larry King Live” for the rest of December, and it will give Anderson Cooper an extra hour in January.
CNN has not specified when Mr. Morgan’s program, “Piers Morgan Tonight,” will start, but it is expected in mid-January. Until then, Mr. Cooper, who usually anchors the 10 p.m. hour, will handle 9 p.m. as well, ”including some special coverage from Haiti surrounding the anniversary,” a CNN spokeswoman said.

I watched Larry King Live for the last time tonight with much sadness. Even aging Larry was better than no Larry. He was one of the best things on CNN. I can't imagine why CNN management, with all the crappy shows they air, would chose to drop Larry King Live.

If given the opportunity to name his successor we don't know who Larry would have picked, but I truly doubt that it would be Piers Morgan. Piers may be boffo with his new program but I think it will take me quite some time to warm to him.
God bless you Larry King and may you have the last laugh! ~Phebe

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I thought Anderson's tribute to Larry on LKL was very touching. You could really hear the emotion in his voice.

I liked the way LKL ended with the lights going out and only a spotlight on the microphone. Its Sad that last nite was the final episode of Larry King Live. I agree, an aging Larry is better than no Larry. Piers Morgan seems very arrogant and pompous, the total opposite of how Larry came across.

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly post the video of Anderson's farewell to Larry on the Larry King show? It would be greatly appreciated.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 12:09,Sorry but I can't post it. My program that I clip with is not working. I think I'll be able to have one of the other ladies clip it and we'll post it as an extra Sunday night.

judy said...

Yes, with the lights fading on Larry's microphone, and then finally going dark, it has dawned on us all that Larry will no longer be with us at the 9PM hour.
Larry did need to retire, but to get "stuck" with an arrogant pompous, personality as his replacement, is an insult to Larry and his viewers who remained true to him until the very end.
Phebe, you are more magnanemous than I. I will never warm to Piers
Morgan. Just his name alone annoys me. Who names their child Piers??
Everyone who attended Larry's final
taping was probably thinking the same thing...."I will NEVER let Piers Morgan interview me," and there were many big names there.
AC was supposed to speak to Larry in LA, but instead they did a final montage of some of his favorite guests.
I did not appreciate the Ridiculist tonite because it was about Michael Vick's chance of yes, getting a "dog." If anyone ever read "The Lost Dogs," the story of what became of some of the "bait dogs" Vick used to make attack dogs out of the others, it would sicken true animal lovers.
There was NOTHING funny about it, and AC's lame attempt to make it funny, was just plain sad.

Anonymous said...

Anderson I think yo are a very good commentator. I certainly don't condone what Michael Vick did with his dogs. But he has paid his debt to society.

Why don't you use the same bully pulpit to condem Sarah Palin for killing animals for sport.

aries moon said...

Larry King is such an institution on CNN--it was surreal watching him say his final so long--I could see him hanging in there a few more years, he still seems quite capable, but CNN obviously had other ideas--perhaps to their detriment. Loved Anderson's heartfelt and moving farewell on LKL.

Good discussions on a variety of topics on 360, especially Bergen and Junger on Afghanistan. AC seemed to be having fun mocking Vick and that toy pooch on the RidicuList.

tt said...

I don't think CNN wanted to get rid of Larry. Larry had all that crazy personal scandal stuff with him and his wife come out and then his wife tried to harm herself. He's not a spring chicken and they have young boy together, I can understand him wanting to focus on family after that business.

CNN hired Spitzer, so I can't imagine they'd demand Larry's resignation over a some scandal.

Anonymous said...

Wow,last night the LKS was so touching and sad. Yes I did shed a tear or two at some of the goodbyes. Esp, Andersons , his was very touching.

I am gonna step back and wait and see if Piers Morgan is any good. I dont know much about him.

Thank you Phebe for the post.


Anonymous said...

CNN has the video of Anderson's sweet words to Larry up, you could add that video here instead of clipping it.

Anderson's voice was shaky sounding all night off and on. I think he is sick again.

Anderson was very emotional during his tribute at the end of Larry's show when he read his dad's letter. He even was about to cry. I think it was the thing of Larry leaving added to it being his dad's words that he was reading. I loved it I must say!!

Anonymous said...

@Judy 12/17/10 1:35 AM: I think people have the same opinion of Kathy Griffin (maybe different words, but people do not like her). My point is : CNN has made their decision. Watch it or not. I personally do not like Kathy Griffin - she dishes out but cries when people criticize her. I will simply be doing something else on NYE. So I guess find something else to watch at 9 PM weeknights.

judy said...

@2:03AM Personally I don't condone any sport that endangers animals, but we weren't speaking about Palin...the show was about Michael Vick and if it were up to me, and the Virgina ASPCA, which brought the case to trial, Vick wouldn't own a dog or any animal for the rest of his life.
Sports hero or not, once an abuser, always an abuser. Many will not forgive him, especially PETA.
While Humane Society issued a statement today that they are open to him owning a dog, they NEVER brought the case to trial.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin is a one nite stand..take her or leave her.
Piers Morgan is here to stay. Don't equate the two.