Friday, January 07, 2011

AC360 for a Friday Night


Tonight's program consisted of prerecorded segments with people who have survived in extreme circumstances.

BEAR GRYLIS' TIPS FOR SURVIVAL, Household items can save your life

TRAPPED ALIVE FOR 65 HOURS, How he survived in Haiti quake rubble: Dan Woolley

KIDNAPPED BY THE TALIBAN, Kept faith under captivity for 7 months 10 days: David Rohde

TEEN LOST ON MOUNTAIN SURVIVES, Credits Bear Grylis for skills to get out alive: Jake Denham

PIERS MORGAN UNPLUGGED: 360 saved the best Piers Morgan interview with AC for last. They talk about fashion and AC's casual attire, the 2 year age difference between them, AC's firehouse and success.



ARIZONA GOV. JAN BREWER, a one person death panel: Keeping Them Honest with Anderson Cooper fact checking the Governor's facts and figures.

GOV. BREWER 'OPTIONAL KINDS OF CARE', 96 patients now ineligible for transplant surgery funding: Heart transplant hopeful Douglas Gravagna and AZ State Senator elect David Schapira spoke with Cooper

MAIL SCARE SPREADS, Envelope ignites at DC postal facility, no one hurt: Jeanne Meserve reporting

HEALTH CARE REPEAL PUSH UNDERWAY, Bill clears House hurdle Friday: Paul Begala and Ted Nugent talk with AC

SISTERS FREED AFTER LIFE SENTENCE SUSPENDED, Kidney donation is condition of their release: An exclusive interview by Soledad O'Brien

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

360's NOTORIOUS COLD CASE, JonBenet Ramsey: Tom Foreman reporting and John Walsh on the follow up discussion



Anderson sat down to chat with Paul Reubens, AKA Pee Wee Herman,today. The interview will air on Monday, January 10th in the special edition of Anderson Cooper 360° airing at 9pm ET.

Neil Patrick Harris sat in for Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly this morning and showed a little Anderson envy. Enjoy!

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Again the special edition of 360 was better than the 10pm show. I thought Bear Grylis was pretty interesting though I do think he's crazy for the stuff he does. I'm going to miss Anderson doing the 9ph hour come January 17th.

Regarding those two sisters who were released early from their sentence, I think that is totally ridiculous. They should have to serve the whole life sentence. They shouldn't have committed a crime and then they wouldn't be in jail. I have no sympathy for them and think its outrageous that 2 criminals are back on the streets. I have absolutely no tolerance at all for criminals. Maybe they weren't armed during the robbery, but they still committed a crime and should have to serve their full sentence.

Loved the RidicuList. Very funny. Its about time that we get to see Anderson's funny/snarky side on a regular basis on 360.

NPH saying he'd be on more if they had Anderson on less was funny. I love NPH, he's very funny. It has been a while since Anderson co-hosted R&K, I hope they have him back soon.

Tedi B said...

Oh Anderson.... "I'm not Milton Burle but I do okay". How naughty!


Hope everyone is having a good New Year so far!

ACAnderFan said...

@ Tedi B, I've been sick most of the new year :( Hope you're having a good new year! :)

judy said...

I too liked the survival hour much better than the now "dumbed down" version of 360, and AC really seemed into how these people survived their challenges.
Does Jan Brewer actually have a heart and is it in her own body and beating??
It's a shame she's married, because I have a governor I'd like to introduce her to. They have a lot in common. MEAN and relentless, and they're both Republican!
Forgive me for my own cynicism, but after interviewing the POTUS, isn't it somewhat of a comedown to actually speak to "Pee Wee Herman?? Wasn't he a former "sex offender?"
And as far as seeing AC's snarky side, I like seeing his smarts, when they are used on people that MATTER. Not Snooki or Camille on the housewives. What a waste of time!! Please get back in the field!
Piers Morgan got one star from me, at least....the dress down comment, and the white socks on AC because he was at the "end of a laundry cycle??" You're a Vanderbilt! We ALL know you don't do your own laundry AC in the laudromat in Tri-Beca!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the RedicuList! I have started to PVR the show just to watch the end! I love how Anderson gets totally into the rant of the night, and we get to see the sarcastic and snarky side! Randi Kaye tried to be funny when she did the RedicuList but it didn`t come off as funny as when Anderson does it. If his new daytime show is anything like this last week and his personality when doing the RedicuList, then I think the show will be awesome!

Anonymous said...

@Judy: Please don't spread misinformation about PeeWee Herman being a "sex offender".

He was arrested for masturbating in an adult theatre & pled no contest.

He was later charged with possession of child pornography, which charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

sydney said...

@tedi LOL! I know, I was only half paying attention but perked up at the Milton Berle comment. I was all, "Did he really just say that?" Anderson's naughty side is just too much fun. I can't help but wonder how many people caught that.

I perked up again at the 10:00 hour when they paired up Ted Nugent with Paul Begala, figuring it should be very interesting. It was almost disappointing that they seemed to agree more than disagree, though I did agree with much of what was said about obesity and personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

@ACAnderFan - those women were released more to save the state money than be compassionate.

This country would be even worse financial shape than it is if we gave life sentences to everyone who has ever committed a crime - particularly small robberies where no one is killed.

The goal of prison is punishment AND rehabilitation.

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the office they are standing in in the first photo with PeeWee. Is that Anderson's office? I see what could be his glasses on the desk and a nasal spray that could be for his cold. (He sounded really stuffed up last night.) I'd love to hear the stories behind the artwork on the wall.

Jaanza said...

Anderson's 9 pm hour looked like it was pretty good, wish I had tuned in earlier.

The 360 hour started out great. The report and panel about AZ Gov. Brewer's "death panel of one" was excellent and I enoyred seeing Paul Begala and Ted Nugent debate. Lubber anyone?

But then 360 went downhill. I think Soledad O'Brien's interview with the sisters aired several times on CNN already. And the Jonbenet Ramsey report was just to fill out the rest of the hour until Anderson could take off the mic and go home.

ACAnderFan - a big part of the outrage and protests in support of those sisters was because they received life sentences for a rather small crime and others (whites) in Mississippi with the same degree of crime were not punished as harshly.

Yes, criminals should be sent to jail but the penalty should be just and not depend on your skin color.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if there is podcasts for Special AC360 at 9pm available? I would like to download them. They are good!!


Richard said...

Can you explain the Milton Berle reference? I'm in the dark as to what some here have mentioned about that. What does it suggest?

Tedi B said...

@Richard Well.... let me put this in a very PG way.
Milton Berle is "very fortunate" in his endowment.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to know why it is OK to post about Milton Berle's
"endowment," but it is not OK to say that Pee Wee Herman was a pervert, and he WAS.