Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anderson Cooper - Snark, KTH, A Speech & Haiti

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Tonight's puzzle is in honor of Anderson's appearance in an SNL Digital Short Saturday night, in which he proclaimed his eyes a 'national treasure.' If you missed it and haven't already checked out my post, you can find it here.

This week's "RidicuList"s -




Thursday night The Daily Show tackled the cable network's commentary on the tone of the memorial service in AZ on Wednesday night. As usual, I found Jon Stewart to be spot on and thought you might enjoy it, as he includes AC360 in his montage.

Anderson emceed the National Center for Learn Disabilities (NCLD's) First Annual Celebrating Our Schools Luncheon on October 19, 2010. (I know this event was held three months ago, but unfortunately, we did not pick it up on our "radar" at the time. 'Better late than never' is my motto.)

Bob Cunningham, Anderson Cooper, Margaret Choy-Shan, James Wendorf

Anderson Cooper, Walk Higgins, Anne Ford, Bob Cunningham

I found this description of the event and the video posted on their website-

NCLD’s First Annual Celebrating Our Schools Luncheon

NCLD’s First Annual Celebrating Our Schools Luncheon was hosted at New York City’s historic 21 Club. The event, which featured guest emcee, Anderson Cooper, from CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, honored two great New York City schools for their great work in educating students with LD. The event also celebrated NCLD’s ongoing commitment to support students with LD and schools around the country. We thought you might be interested in checking out a short video featuring Anderson Cooper from the event:


Anderson had planned to anchor AC360 live from Haiti on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but when the shootings in Tucson happened on Saturday, the decision was made on Monday to keep him in the NYC studio. Neil Hallsworth, Vlad Duthiers, Mary Anne Fox and Danielle Dellorto - were part of the AC360 and Dr. Sanjay Gupta teams who arrived in Haiti on Sunday with Gary Tuchman. I posted Gary's piece that aired on Thursday night's AC360 on my post that night. If you missed it, you can find it here. Vlad and Danielle were tweeting during their time in Haiti and I have collected some of the tweets, photos and video I was able to find, to bring you a little bit of Haiti coverage this week.

A small march in sign says 'if we don't get up we'll spend our lives in tents'

Meet 72 yo Joseph Eyma. Took almost 1yr to the day 2 clear rubble from his home with simply a shovel

Haiti - Camp for the deaf
Vlad 'tweeted' this - My video on a unique tent city built in the aftermath of the quake in #Haiti. Why unique? It's inhabitants are deaf. And here's the video ~

Haiti - Kimberly

Spent day in #Haiti w/ Kimberly-the girl @SanjayGuptaCNN performed brain surgery on post quake! So sweet!

And this video about Kimberly, aired on Sanjay Gupta, MD on Saturday ~

Haiti - orphanage
Daniielle 'tweeted' - 6 mos ago, @SanjayGuptaCNN profiled orphanage needing aid. CNN viewers stepped up & donated!! Chk out before/after:

And this video also aired on Sanjay Gupta, MD on Saturday ~

That's it for this Sunday night. It's a rather "mixed bag" - but I hope you enjoy it! ~ Wonz.

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ACAnderFan said...

Loved fridays RidicuList. That is snarky Anderson at his best!

Thanks for the info about Anderson's speech from October. I agree, better late then never.

ACAnderFan said...

Finally got the video of Anderson's speech to play and it was cute. I like that he used to carry a book around even though he couldn't really read it, becuase his brother read alot. That was cute.

aries moon said...

Good set of clips--I wasn't even aware that there was a separate camp in Haiti for the deaf. Thanks for uploading all the videos.