Sunday, January 09, 2011

Anderson Cooper: Snarky, Silly & Serious

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Tonight's puzzle is in honor of Anderson's snarkiness. I love that the RidicuList gives Anderson the chance to flex his "snark muscle"; how his recorded New Year's resolution for 2011 brought out some silliness; and then there was a heartfelt tribute to a friend and colleague that showed us serious and compassionate Anderson.


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Anderson pre-recorded a New Year's Resolution that aired on Andy Cohen's Live New Year's Eve program on Bravo.



Anderson came in over his vacation and recorded a tribute to his friend and colleague, Peter Freundlich who passed away earlier that week. He "tweeted" about Peter's passing and posted the link to Peter's blog about his experience in "Cancerland"


On a personal note: Anderson had tweeted about Peter's blog "Esoph's Fables - Letters Home from an American Expatriot in Cancerland" about 9 months after I had lost my brother-in-law of 37 years, to Cancer. Having been on the journey with my brother-in-law (and family), I found Peter's blog extremely poignant and often funny. I looked forward to each new post and when the posts became fewer and farther between I feared that the cancer had "found Peter." Thank you, Anderson, for sharing your friend's amazingly talented writing with us. ~ Wonz.


Bravo Andy had a little fun with Anderson on his Watch What Happens Live program.


A new commercial appeared this weekend, promoting Anderson's trip to Haiti for the 1 year anniversary.
We'll have it covered for you.

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bostongal said...

Nice post, thank you. Why is Anderson not in AZ yet? I wish he was there to report, this is such a sad time and an important story to cover..happy new year to all of you in the ATA team..

ACAnderFan said...

I don't think Anderson has time to go to Arizona. He's already going to Haiti for a few days. He's not superman.

I love Anderson's new years resolution, too funny! And the expressions on his face are priceless.

judy said...

Ironic that two of your downloads are about Andy Cohen and his talk show on Bravo.
In todays NYT, print edition, style section, there is an entire write up about Cohen and his celebrity friends, and AC is included, with his quotes from Cohen's 40th birthday party.
@Anderholic: Perhpas in the future you might want to rename yourself,
Anderlite, since it is Anderson's lighter side that seems to move you the most.
Haiti was a big story in 010, but some might argue that the Gulf and the rise of the Tea Party's influence is what dominated the news cycle.
And the "random incident"(your words) that left 6 dead and 12 wounded in Arizona, may not be RANDOM.
The alleged suspect has already been quoted as saying "he had a plan," therefore it was not "random." What was random was the killing of the nine year old girl, which was even more tragic and the reason the media is giving this so much attention is because of its political implication and repercussions of which you seem utterly unaware.
How sad for someone supposedly interested in what Anderson does.

Anonymous said...

@bostongal: Couldn't agree with you, more.

aries moon said...

Thanks for posting the WWHL with Andy Cohen commenting on AC's RidicuList with Camille--somehow I missed seeing that one when it aired.

judy said...

@Anderholic: Sorry, you did not use the word "random." You used the word "isolated."
Same difference but it was not a direct quote.

Anonymous said...

I am sure both AZ and Haiti will get plenty of coverage this week. He is only one guy and can't be in two places at once, but people from the AC360 team are already in both locations.

Thank you for including the Peter Freundlich tribute. I was a big fan of his writing.

Anonymous said...

Was gonna say samething as Anon@9:36 so well said. I could not agree more.


Anderholic said...

@Judy: to call me "utterly unaware" of the repercussions and potential political implications of the tragic shooting in Arizona based on your misquoted rant from my previous post and then say "same difference" is very insulting. I called this event an "isolated incident" which is very different from the "random incident" you ranted about not being random, but in fact a possibel targeted hit. I don't think it is the "same difference" as this was actually an isolated event.

judy said...

@anderholic: My point was, that it "was a targeted hit," the Congress woman, and the people around her were hit, randomly.
You made Haiti sound more important than what was NOW happening in your own country, a mere lunatic gunman, when in fact, he had an agenda....which makes all congressional representatives "targets," if you dare to disagree with them.
You seemed to have missed both points.

Anderholic said...

@ Judy: This will be my last post here as I don`t like being attacked for something I never said. I never said "mere", that was your word. I only stated the numbers that were affected by Haiti. You chose to go after me based on a misquote that got in your mind about my opinion about Arizona. I have never underestimated what has happened and what it means. The tone you took with me was nasty and unnecessary. This is supposed to be a fun place to come and keep up with what Anderson is doing. You personally have changed that for me. You seem to be a very condescending person in general and very rarely make positive comments. Goodbye!