Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another Double Header


Anderson was back at 9PM again today. They spent most of the first hour speaking with Roseanne Barr, Ted Nugent and Cornell Belcher and concluded the hour with an interview with Sean Penn and the continuation of Anderson's interview with Piers Morgan.

BARR, NUGENT & BELCHER SOUND OFF: Anderson spoke with Roseanne Barr, Ted Nugent and Cornell Belcher on quite a range of topics from Alec Baldwin running for office to should our political leaders cry to Brett Favre?

HELPING HAITI Sean Penn's mission continues on year after quake: Interview with Sean Penn




At the 10 o'clock hour Anderson covered breaking news on the evidence an autism-vaccine study was a fraud, the last pictures of a Pentagon official whose death is a mystery and new information on the death of Michael Jackson.

BREAKING NEWS JOURNAL: AUTISM-VACCINE STUDY WAS 'FRAUD' Doctor Wakefield defends his research:
Report by Anderson Cooper

JOURNAL: AUTISM-VACCINE STUDY WAS 'FRAUD' Doctor Wakefield defends his research: Interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield with questions from Dr. Sanjay Gupta

JOURNAL: AUTISM-VACCINE STUDY WAS 'FRAUD' Doctor Wakefield defends his research: Discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Seth Mnookin

LANDFILL MYSTERY DEATH Tracing steps of fmr. Pentagon official found dead: Report by Susan Candiotti

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

NEW DETAILS IN MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH Jackson's Children Watched CPR Attempts: Discussion with Jim Moret and Sunny Hostin

360 BULLETIN: Joe Johns

THE RIDICULIST: Camille Grammer

A few extras tonight from the NYE program. Here's a few screencaps:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

The 9pm hour was so much better than the 10pm hour. Honestly 360 at 10 had to be one of the worst 360's ever. The best part of360 was the RidicuList, best one ever! I agreed with everything Anderson said about the Beverly Hills Housewives and Camille. I love when his fun/snakry side comes out.

As for the 9pm edition of 360, I really enjoyed that. So far its been the best one yet. I liked seeing Roseanne and Ted Nugent going at each other. I have always liked Roseanne so I really enjoyed her on the program.

judy said...

Before I forget, I will forget, because like Nora Ephron, I remember nothing: Gary Tuchman has one beautiful looking daughter.
As for the the 9 pm hour, forgive me, but I was having computer problems and missed seeing my fav, Oh shucks! I missed hearing Sean Penn!
I did managae to see 360 and liked the discussion on autism because it effects sooo many kids now. It really has reached almost epidemic proportions and there was no resolution, though AC did mention Jenny McCarthy. She is an advocate against childhood autism and firmly believes that it IS the vaccines collectively.
Personally, I think there is something to it....and it isn't like "eating popcorn," as the author and "expert," of the book Panic, something, said.
Why is it most of us got Booster shots and lived normal healthy lives and suddenly every other child develops autism in just "coincidently," before or after receiving ALL of these vaccines in combination of doses??
AC: Here's a hint for your talk show: Invite someone like Jenny McCarthy who is outraged at this conclusion. It will make for GREAT TV....and ratings!!!
Good to see Ms Candioti reporting, even if was a crime story.
And really, AC, just ask your friend Andy Cohen who the best best, best, housewives are and he'll tell you in one flat NJ second its the HWONJ! THEY put HIM on the Bravo map. None of them come close, not even NeNe.

Anonymous said...

I guess the 9PM hour is supposed to be entertainment-like interviews Larry King Style.

Anonymous said...

I like the fun/snarky AC as much as anyone, but the best part of last night was that Wakefield interview. I'm shocked that anyone wouldn't see it as "the worst 360 ever." That interview was AC at his very best and it was nice to see.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 9:08am, the Wakefield interview went on entirely too long as did that whole segment. I lost interest after about 5 minutes. People have different interests. And I never said it was the worst, I said it was one of the worst 360's.

Anonymous said...

as the Aunt and Step-Grandma of One young adult and one child who are autistic, I listened very closly to the interview. I did come away with one thing,this is a hard thing for parents and kids. I was outraged at this Doc for doing this. We need to support and reserch for this.

Like that the show ended on a Light note. Really enjoyed Andersons Redickulist. so funny and my favorites are NJ and NY. And as I am from CA, LA area I do not watch both BH and OC IKNY