Friday, January 28, 2011

Crisis in Egypt Holds Major Ramifications for the US and the World

Anderson Cooper devoted Friday's AC360 to continuing coverage of the crisis in Egypt. Tonight's headlines included:
-Pres. Mubarak says he'll stay in power
-Tanks roll into several cities as army takes control
-Pres. Mubarak says he'll appoint a new govt. tomorrow
-Wedeman: Unclear where Pres. Mubarak is now
-Officials preparing for possible new protests tomorrow
-Pres. Obama calls on Egypt to restore Internet, phone service
-Protesters defy curfew
-US State Department advises postponing non-essential travel.

"We are coming up on sunrise in Egypt right now, waiting, along with the rest of the world, for what happens next, Israel's neighbor, America's ally, capital of the Arab world in crisis, under curfew, the government in flux, the man who has run the country for decades apparently on the ropes with his people and clearly on notice from Washington. What we have seen today has been extraordinary, Egyptians taking to the streets en masse today and late into the night, a day of rage that began in the mosques and spread into the centers of Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt's second city, and all across the country. In some places, it resembled a human wave that rolled over police. Just listen." - Anderson Cooper


The 360 Team pulled in several guests tonight to discuss the various aspects of the day's events and what it means going forward.

Ben Wedeman was in Cairo, Egypt and gave on the ground reports

Nic Robertson was in Alexandria, Egypt, with on the ground reports from that city

Joining Anderson in the studio was Fouad Ajami, Prof John Hopkins Univ.

Peter Bergen joined in the discussion

And Robin Wright, Sr. Fellow, US Insititute for Peace, rounded out the panel.

John King was reporting from D.C. taking about the response from and concerns of the White House and President Obama

"Well, it really has been an extraordinary day in Egypt. It's very rare that you can say you're actually watching history unfold. But that is what all of us have been watching. Over the last 24 hours of so, we've watched anger erupt into full-on fury in the streets. It's unclear how many have been killed, how many have been hurt. It's unclear how many have been arrested and maybe being tortured right now in Egyptian jails. Despite the crackdown on the Internet and cell phones, the world is watching this revolt unfold on television and on Twitter. We wanted to show you some of the most dramatic moments, many of them unprecedented in Egypt's modern history. Want to warn you: some of the images are very disturbing. You'll even see someone being shot. But this is what is happening in Egypt." - Anderson Cooper


Isha Sesay was in for two 360 Bulletins tonight

Stay tuned for CNN for continuing coverage of the Crisis in Egypt


Something fun in the wake of a very serious news day ~

Anderson Cooper vs. Brian Williams: Who's Cooler?

Anderson Cooper and Brian Williams: two impishly handsome newsmen dominating the airwaves. One was born to a modest, Irish-Catholic family from New Jersey. The other is the great-great-great-grandson of shipping and rail magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt. Both are able broadcast journalists. Both have demonstrated natural gifts for comedy. And both possess talent for injecting themselves into the pop culture landscape. But which one is cooler? investigates. Click on the link for fun videos and the final outcome.

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was pretty good last nite. My favorite parts were the discussions Anderson had with Nic Robertson and Ben Wederman since they are both on the ground in Egypt I found what they had to say to be very interesting. Also nice to see Peter Bergan on the program. 360 really could have been on 2 hours of they wanted there was enough news for that.

aries moon said...

Good coverage on Egypt--this is where CNN shines with on the scene reporting--Ben Wedeman has been outstanding. Robin Wright is always a welcome, smart presence on 360 too--I'll be watching CNN's weekend reporting for all the developments in Egypt--I'm wondering if AC wants to head over there too even though CNN appears to have it covered well by other reporters.

Tedi B said...

Of course Brian Williams is pretty cool, but I'll have to go with our AC. His appearances on Regis and Kelly top all that.

I missed the show tonight but I watch CNN most of the day so I was up to speed already. It's kinda scary whats going on but sometimes the "people" gotta speak out.

Anonymous said...

Was Anderson in New York Friday night?