Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 8 of the Uprising AC360 is Live in Cairo

PROTESTERS CALL FOR 'MARCH OF MILLIONS', Cairo demonstration could begin in hours: Anderson Cooper reporting live from Cairo, Egypt


EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT TIGHTENS GRIP, Internet provider shut down: Cooper talks with Ben Wedeman, Nic Robertson and Ivan Watson


•AC speaks with Jill Doughtery

•Cooper interviewed two American citizens, Tom Traylor and Jessica Sobrino, who are residents of Cairo and trying to get out

•Anderson Cooper's one on one interview with Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the IAEA and current opposition leader


• John King and Robin Wright discuss the politics of the crisis in Egypt

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay and the weather report with Chad Myers

There were a few brief clips of Cooper exploring the streets of Cairo on Monday's AC360 that we've combined into a short video



Anderson did an interview from Egypt that was posted on Huffington Post earlier today. Here's a small snippet:

"One way to understand the sheer intensity of the scene in Tahrir Square can be found in Cooper's description of his interview with opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei in the square during a nighttime protest. "It was a complete mob scene," he said. "It was like a political mosh pit. The crowd was so intense that it was very difficult to get close to [ElBaradei] feet were lifted off the ground." Later, Cooper interviewed ElBaradei at his house. He said ElBaradei joked about the relative calm of the situation compared to the night before.

Click here to read the full post.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I am not the biggest fan of Anderson in the field, but I did like his interview with Mohamed Elbaradei. It was interesting and Anderson's strong point is the one on one interview.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Anderson is in the field. It's how he got started and what he does best. When he was off the show last Thursday I thought he might have been on his way to Egypt already.

Anderson and CNN have been doing a top rate job covering the Egyptian crisis. I was very much surprised how well Piers Morgan anchored coverage from his show. Most of his previous shows were taped and that seemed amateurish and unprofessional, like Parker & Spitzer. But now Morgan has shown how smart and savvy he can be live with a breaking story.

Back to Anderson - he's doing a great job in Egypt, talking to everybody, showing all the angles but letting the other reporters also have some spotlight.

When he's the executive producer and/or host of a daytime show, will Anderson be able to fly quickly to big news making hot spots around the world? That's one of the things that worries me about the daytime show.