Sunday, January 30, 2011

EGYPT UPRISING: Anderson Cooper is Live from Egypt

EGYPT IN TURMOIL: Wolf Blitzer was in Washington, DC; Isah Sesay was in Atlanta; and Anderson Cooper was in Cairo, Egypt to anchor a two hour special on the uprising in Egypt.

Anderson opened the special with "Good evening everyone we are live in Cairo tonight, day six of the uprising here is over. A new day has begun, day seven. In just a few hours dawn will break over the city of Cairo and you are watching history unfold."


DEFIANCE IN EGYPT, Crowds ignore curfew, show of force: A report by Ivan Watson and follow-up discussion with Anderson


TURMOIL TIMELINE, Tracing the path of unrest across Africa: Isha Sesay and Suzanne Malveaux discuss and a report by Suzanne

ANXIETY IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Growing fears the dissent will spread: Wolf Blitzer interviews Marwan Muasher, former Jordanian Foreign Minister

BREAKING THE CURFEW, Gunfire, militias in the streets: Anderson Cooper and Nic Robertson


UNDERSTANDING MUBARAK, 82-year old has led Egypt for three decades: A report by Michael Holmes and follow up discussion with Isha

WALKING A FINE LINE, Obama administration weighs it's options:: Anderson Cooper reports


WALKING A FINE LINE, Obama administration weighs it's options: Wolf Blitzer's discussion with Fran Townsend and Mona Eltahaway

PROTECTING THEIR OWN, Egyptians take up arms to stop looting: Anderson discusses with Ben Wedeman (Ben and his family live in Cairo)


GETTING OUT OF THE CHAOS, Countries organizing special flights for it's citizens: Anderson and Wolf discuss

MORE "DAYS OF RAGE", Protests planned in other parts of Middle East: Isha Sesay and Mohammed Jamjoom

PROTESTERS DEFY CURFEWS, Opposition figure emerges: Anderson Cooper


PLANNERS HOLD SECRET MEETINGS, Organizers prepare for more demonstrations: A report by Nic Robertson

THE FUTURE OF EGYPT, What Mubarak's exit could mean to the U.S.: Wolf Blitzer's interview with Prof. Samer Shehata, Gerogetown University


PLANNERS HOLD SECRET MEETINGS, Organizers prepare for more demonstrations: Anderson and Nic Robertson discuss


FIGHTER JETS FLEX MUSCLE, Demonstrators ignore Sunday's curfew: Anderson and Ivan discuss


DANGER IN STREETS OF CAIRO: Anderson's discussion with Ben Wedeman


TOUGH TEST FOR U.S. DIPLOMACY, Strategic interests collide with popular uprising: Wolf interviews Nicholas Burns,

SECURITY COLLAPSES IN EGYPT, Prisoners escape from prison near Cairo: A report by Fred Pleitgen

THE FUTURE OF EGYPT: Wolf's discussion with Fouad Ajami

Anderson and Wolf close the program as Anderson explains his day to Wolf ~


A big Thank You to Phebe for all her help clipping; and to Anderson for making the long trip to Egypt, spending the day gathering reports and then anchoring this two-hour special with assistance from Wolf and Isha. We'll be tracking Anderson's field reports during his time in Egypt and posting them as quickly as we can. Please check ATA often. ~ Wonz

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I was out all day & missed all of these reports from Egypt. Hope everyone from CNN stays safe & keeps those vests & helmets on!!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I didn't get to see all of Anderson's reporting last nite becuase I have my regular sunday nite shows I can't miss, but what I did see I liked. Anderson did a pretty good job. Though the man did look exhausted and its only day 1 for him.

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with Isha last night, she stepped right in last night and anchored with Anderson and Wolf. Nice that she is now part of the 360 team....

Wonz said...

I had a feeling watching Anderson on AC360 Friday night that he was itching to get to Egypt, once the story broke wide open Friday morning.

He really seemed to be in his element in the middle of the crowd, though I'm not sure his cameraman and producer shared his enthusiasm -- can't imagine trying to keep up with Mr. Cooper filming him and making sure he didn't get swept away in the crowd. I must say that I really enjoyed that report, as it gave the viewer the feeling of sharing that experience.

I loved all the stright up reporting by the reporters on the ground and those in the studio with Isha. I could have done without Wolf's attempts to make the stroy about the U.S. and loved that two of his guests flat out told him this story was not about the U.S., but was about the people of Egypt.

Reports giving the history of the region and possibile implications for the U.S. are informative, asking guests their opinion on if they agree with what the W.H. and POTUS are doing - not so helpful. I found it rather funny for Wolf to ask if POTUS should be doing some things privately - as if we know what's being done privately. I'm sure Wolf and his pundits aren't privy to everything going on behind closed doors at the W.H., nor should they be. There's a time for transperency and there's a time when transperancy is not in our best interest. Stick to the straight up reporting, talk about the possible ramifications to the U.S. and world at large - but leave the pundit-type talk out of this story - IMO.

That being said, I really enjoyed the program. I loved all the field reports and the background reports from those in the studio with Isha. And Wolf's guests seeemed to have a good grasp of what was happening and were able to share helpful insight (with the exception of the bias of his last guest.) Isha did a great job last night as she did with her anchoring on Saturday. She's a great asset to the 360 team.

I look forward to Anderson's/AC360's continuing coverage from Egypt, and all the field reports from the amazing CNN reporters on the ground. And I hope Ben Wedeman gets some rest. His reporting has been wonderful.