Friday, January 21, 2011

From Breaking News to The Fountain Lady (Again)

Anderson Cooper opened Friday's AC360 with the Breaking News that Keith Olbermann and MSNBC are parting ways.

BREAKING NEWS: KEITH OLBERMANN OUT AT MSNBC, Tonight was hosts last broadcast of "Countdown" : Report by Anderson Cooper and Anderson's discussion with Bill Carter, Television Reporter; David Shuster; Ali Velshi and Howard Kurtz

BREAKING NEWS: KEITH OLBERMANN OUT AT MSNBC, Network says host & company have ended their contract: Eric Erickson and Roland Martin join the discussion

"DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL" Pricey Policy:
Report by Anderson Cooper

PRICE TAG FOR "DON'T ASK DON'T TELL" GAO says ban cost Pentagon nearly $200 million:
Follow-up discussion with Richard Socarides, President Equality Matters

Anderson Cooper previews the CNN special which airs Sunday 8:00PM – 9:00PM AND 11:00PM

Isha Sesay

Report by Anderson Cooper

DOES SKINS GO TOO FAR?, Controversy over MTV's new teen drama:
Anderson's follow-up discussion with Rachel Campos-Duffy and Isha Sesay

The RidicuList:

Which generated a second round of "snark" from Anderson~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

Last nite's 360 was really good. I really enjoyed it. It was the best one of 2011. Anderson seemed to be in a good mood which is always nice.

I'm surprised and I'm not that Keith Olbermann is gone from MSNBC. I'm surprised that it happened so suddenly, but in general that he's gone from MSNBC, no I'm not surprised. Given all the problems he had with MSNBC and the problems they had with him, it was only a matter of time before he was gone from the network.

I think the controversy about MTV's "Skins" is much ado about nothing. Its MTV, what do people expect? "Skins" is a typical MTV show. And I'm with Anderson, its really not that different from "Jersey Shore". There was alot of controversy when "Jersey Shore" came out and its still on. I'm guessing the same will be for "Skins". Nothing on MTV should be surprising. Its just how that channel is.

Am loving Anderson's snark regarding fountain lady. Too funny!

judy said...

It's no wonder AC was in a really good mood....His chief competitor and ultimate competition, hit the road, but on his own terms.
Olbermann is smart and will reappear again. CNN tried to hire him around'07, but I guess it didn't work out.
Rachel Maddow was on Bill Maher's panel tonite, and now she's "head honcho," at MSNBC. She was not shocked by Olbermann's move and neither was Bill. (I'm beginning to admire Rachel more and more.)
I'm also admiring Isha. She's not afraid to speak her mind and challenge Anderson and that makes her all the more interesting.

aries moon said...

When the news came out about the Comcast deal with MSNBC I figured Keith Olbermann wouldn't be around long, but I still kind of thought he was joking when he announced he was taping his final show. I liked Countdown and will miss Keith anchoring--it may be that there will be fewer liberal voices in cable news and that's a little worrying. It was interesting when AC said he never experienced the kind of drama with executives like Keith has, but there was that report of trouble with producers and other CNNers a while back and then big changes were evntually made, so hmmm.... Loved the AC/Isha moments and the RidicuList--if 360 has subs they probably shouldn't attempt to do the RidicuList--AC has put his stamp on it and I don't think anyone can match his delivery.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon Keith's departure may not have anything to do with Comcast. From what I've been hearing there has been some bad blood between Keith and MSNBC for quite awhile and apparently Keith left on his terms not anyone elses. I don't think CNN will hire him, why because they are not a "yelling" network according to what I heard this morning.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:28 - CNN proper might not be a yelling show, but HLN? Have you ever seen Nancy Grace?

aries moon said...

@anon 10:28, you're right Comcast has made a statement that they had nothing to do with Keith leaving but I'm not fully convinced that their takeover wasn't some sort of factor in him wanting to go--he had two years left on his contract. I'd like to see what happens on the network down the line.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I think Keith's downfall began in 2008 when he and Chris were banned from certain things at the Rep Convention. From what I've heard he does have a volatile temper and thought he ran MSNBC. With Jeff Zucker gone Keith doesn't have anyone to protect him, so maybe he left before he was let go.

Anyway I'm glad Lawrence O'Donnell will be on at 8 PM, it will be interesting to see how 360 and The Last Word cover the same topics, from what I heard Lawrence doesn't take kindly to liars or people who don't answer questions put to them.

judy said...

According to today's NYT,Rachel Maddow is the new IT person at MSNBC and management was more concerned about keeping her "happy'
than Olbermann because of his overbearing temperment.
It is interesting to note that MSNBC seems to think Piers Morgan is a greater threat, ratings wise than AC360, keeping Maddow at her current 9PM slot. The Ed Show has never been a consistent winner for them.
Placing Lawrence O'Donnell at the 8PM slot, opposite Bill O'Reilly was a huge, but precarious move.
This has become a cautionary tale, in and of itself.