Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Monday

We're so relieved that the big premiere of Piers Morgan Tonight has aired and now maybe Twitter, commercials and press releases can get back to normal. Have you ever seen such hype for a new program? It's like CNN had staked its future on Piers' success.
Oh wait, maybe they have. For now let's move on to the best in CNN Prime Time.... AC360.

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Hate Radio & MLK: Anderson Cooper reporting on Brett Reese and White Supremacist Kevin Alfred Strom.

RADIO RANT AGAINST MLK JR.: Follow up with Greeley West H.S. Principal Bryan Wright and Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude, Jr.

PALIN PUSHES BACK, Defends use of crosshairs graphic: Cornell Belcher and Dana Loesch discuss.

360 NEWS BULLETIN: Welcome Isha Sesay!!!!

STEVIE WONDER ON MLK JR.: Cooper and Stevie discuss the history of the holiday and Dr. King

EX-HAITI DICTATOR RETURNS: Anderson reports on the very unexpected return of 'Baby Doc' Duvalier to Haiti. He also talked with John Zarella who is on the ground for CNN in Haiti.

Note to 360 graphics team: It's probably a good idea to spell the newest 360 member's name right.

AC360 Transcript

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ACAnderFan said...

360 was OK. The school board member who rants on his radio show about MLK is ridiculous. Seriously he has nothing better to do?

The best part of the shot was hearing that green chair scream: "Get the f**k off of me!" That is the funniest thing I have ever heard and I still laugh every time I see that part of the skit.

I love that Isha Sesay is doing the 360 bulletin. I think she's a great addition to the AC360 team.

aries moon said...

Martin Luther King's legacy can never be tarnished by any two-bit critic--his good works will be remembered and praised for generations. Loved AC's interview with Stevie Wonder.

Palin's always the "victim" who never has to apologize or take responsibility for her actions. I always know I'm in for another unwelcome Dana Loesch appearance whenever 360 talks about Palin and that just gives me one more reason to dislike her.

I'm glad 360 has John Zarella covering Baby Doc's return to Haiti--what is he really up to?

Nice to see Isha's return although I disagreed with her about Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes--he was very funny and right on target.

Tedi B said...

I'm glad to see Isha on the program now.

Also, I totally agree about being tired of the Piers commercials. LOL I didn't catch the show but it'll be interesting to see how it does in the ratings.

sydney said...

So, Regis is retiring. Too bad Anderson is already committed to his new show, he could be Kelly's new partner!

@ACAnderFan: Yes, that chair was the best part of that skit - I almost fell out of mine when I first saw it. Andy and Pee Wee, meh, not so much.

@aries moon: These Hollywood types take themselves way too seriously. The way most of them conduct themselves, they deserve all the skewering Ricky Gervais gave them and then some. Any of them who couldn't take it is in the wrong profession.

Sorry I missed last night - good news about Isha being back.

ACAnderFan said...

@sydney, finally someone who agrees with me that the chair was the best part of the skit! I agree with you about Peewee.