Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20, 2011: A Thursday Edition of AC360

Anderson Cooper opened Thursday's AC360 with the run down on three "Coming Up" stories: Road to Recovery; Muslim Infiltration?!; and Gervais Unplugged.

BREAKING NEWS: NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS' RECOVERY, Moves to Houston hospital tomorrow: Anderson Cooper's Phone interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

BREAKING NEWS: NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS' RECOVERY, Doctor: "I see daily progress: Elizabeth Cohen joins the conversation from Houston

MUSLIM INFILTRATION?!: A report by Anderson Cooper

FRMR. REAGAN OFFICIAL WARNS OF SECRET JIHADISTS, Plenty of fingerpointing but where are the facts: Anderson's follow-up discussion with Frank Gaffney, President, Center for Security Policy & Suhail Khan, Board Member American Conservative Union

RICKEY GERVAIS RANKLES HOLLYWOOD, Joan Rivers defends 'Golden Globes' host: Anderson Cooper, Joan Rivers and Piers Morgan discuss

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

MASSACRE IN NEW MEXICO, 7 shot, 4 killed, two gunmen still sought: A report by Casey Wian and Anderson Cooper's follow up discussion with John Walsh

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

The RidicuList: The Fountain Lady


Anderson's third interview with Lady Gaga for his 60Minutes piece apparently took place Wednesday, in NYC. When it airs, we will have it covered for you.

Lady Gaga Interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Stanton

Lady Gaga is showing Anderson her old stomping grounds at 176 Stanton… it appears that they enter the building for a tour… afterwards, the pair walk toward Clinton Street, where a police car pulls up. Lady Gaga says hello, etc. They move on. Then! The police car pulls in front of 176 Stanton, where someone who could be the super emerges and starts screaming and gesturing. Basically, he’s pe-od that Lady Gaga got into the building… Minutes later, the super is still screaming.

@gp570 sent us this picture with the following caption – “I passed them on Stanton and Suffolk. Apparently the slight temp rise today means no pants.”

And Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper Wreak Havoc On LES

We've contacted the NYPD to see if they've apprehended a severely under-dressed pop star, but according to an eyewitness, just after 2 p.m. Cooper and Lady Gaga were seen hugging in front of Earth Matters. So everything seems just fine, and almost... adorable.

From the New York Times today

Anchor Away! Anderson Cooper on How He Landed in ‘How to Succeed’ on Broadway
Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper: Anderson Cooper and his “How to Succeed” co-star, Daniel Radcliffe.Anderson Cooper knows it’s been a good, long while since he’s seen a Broadway show – possibly as long ago as the late 1970s, when he was 11 and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, took him to see the original Broadway run of “Evita.”

“It’s embarrassing, I know,” said Mr. Cooper, the anchor of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” in a telephone interview. “But you know, I work nights, so doing any kind of activity is difficult. That’s my excuse.”

That self-admitted gap in Mr. Cooper’s education will not impede him from making his own Broadway debut, of sorts: he has been cast as the Book Voice – that is, the cautionary, advice-giving narrator – in the coming revival of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” The production, which is to begin previews next month at the Al Hirschfeld Theater, which will star Daniel Radcliffe as J. Pierrepont Finch, the aspiring executive played by Robert Morse in the original Broadway run.

The lineage of Mr. Cooper’s role was a powerful incentive for him to take the part, he said. He will be succeeding the CBS anchor Walter Cronkite, who played the Book Voice in the musical’s 1995 Broadway revival. (“It’s following in his footsteps, I’d say,” Mr. Cooper said. “It was one of the nice historical elements about it.”)

But mostly Mr. Cooper said he was surprised when Craig Zadan, who is producing the latest “How to Succeed” revival with Neil Meron, contacted him about the part. By coincidence, Mr. Cooper said he had just seen Mr. Radcliffe in “My Boy Jack,” a film shown on “Masterpiece Theater” in which he plays the son of Rudyard Kipling. (“I had also just seen the latest ‘Harry Potter,’” Mr. Cooper confessed.)

Though Mr. Cooper is also a correspondent for “60 Minutes” and is preparing to add a syndicated daytime talk show, “Anderson,” to his workload, the Broadway gig shouldn’t distract from those duties: his “How to Succeed” lines are prerecorded and played during the show so he doesn’t actually have to be at the theater.

Mr. Cooper said he had recently completed a recording session with some assistance from Mr. Radcliffe, who made his own Broadway debut in 2008.

“He mentioned something to me about when he was in ‘Equus,’” Mr. Cooper said. “I didn’t know if I should pretend like I saw him when he was in it.”

Fearing he might be quizzed about it, Mr. Cooper was honest about not having seen that production – although he did see the play as an adolescent during its original 1970s run, among the other adult-oriented content he was prematurely introduced to at his mother’s behest.

“She also took me to ‘Luna,’” Mr. Cooper said, referring to the 1979 Bernardo Bertolucci movie starring Jill Clayburgh as a woman who has an incestuous relationship with her teenage son.

“My mom’s judgment, I’m not sure if it was the best,” Mr. Cooper continued. “In fact, we were rejected from one theater, they refused to sell tickets to me. But my mom was not deterred. She just took me to some other theater.”

And an award nomination:

"Glee" and "Project Runway" among GLAAD award nominees

Singer Ricky Martin's coming-out TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, the movie musical "Burlesque," and Anderson Cooper's CNN reports on gay teen suicides were also among the nominees, which cover magazines and digital journalism along with film, television, music and theater.

For a complete list of nominees, click here.

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ACAnderFan said...

For me the best part of 360 was the RidicuList. Anderson's snark was right on point and very funny. That woman should have been paying attention and she wouldn't have fallen in. I think she's crazy to sue.

I also enjoyed the discussion with Joan Rivers and Piers Morgan. I thought it was amusing and entertaining. I like that segments like that and the RidicuList bring out his lighter side which is very funny.

I think its funny that Anderson hasn't seen a Broadway show since the 70's. If I lived in NYC I'd be seeing shows all the time. I love theater.

judy said...

Have to agree with Wonz in the post previous, John Boehner's actions are still partisan and there is no intention of change.
To be invited to the State Dinner and then not to attend, was a slap in the face to the POTUS and the Democrats and the political tone remains the same.
For some reason I dislike cold cases on 360. It reminds me too much of local news, murder, crime and what have you and yes it was taped ages ago to fill air time.
The fountain lady's 15 minutes of fame is now up and AC was right for calling her out.
Can't believe she has an attorney.
She's clumsy and falls into the fountain texting. Whose fault was that.....the fountains! It got in her way...and embarassed her! Bad Fountain, and now everyone knows she's a klutz. Live with it Lady.
Thanks for the Broadway extras.

aries moon said...

That was an epic RidicuList.

Nia said...

Although I think Anderson was especially funny when covering the Fountain Lady in the RidicuList, I sort of feel sorry for that woman. She was upset about getting humiliated, and anyone in her situation would. Sure, it wasn't a great move to go out in public and complain about the fountain and other people who wouldn't help her, but it was still wrong for that video to go online. If anything, she should have had the right to sue in a private manner because of that. Yet, apparently that couldn't happen and she insisted on playing the "what if" game.
On another note, I'm loving Isha more and more every night.