Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Memorial Service for the Arizona Shooting Victims


The 9:00 hour of 360 began with coverage of the memorial for the Arizona shooting victims and the President's speech. After the speech Anderson was back with the panel to discuss the President's remarks and the events in Tucson.

MEMORIAL FOR ARIZONA SHOOTING VICTIMS, more than 14,000 filled arena: Discussion with David Gergen, Paul Begala, Cornell Belcher, Michael Gerson, and John King

NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS' CONDITION Pres. Obama: "Gabby opened her eyes for the first time": Discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS' CONDITION Pres. Obama: "Gabby opened her eyes for the first time": Continued discussion with David Gergen, Paul Begala, Cornell Belcher, and Michael Gerson


"IT WAS LIKE WITNESSING A MIRACLE" Sen. Gillibrand who saw Rep. Giffords open her eyes: Phone interview with Kirsten Gillibrand

"IT WAS LIKE WITNESSING A MIRACLE" Sen. Gillibrand who saw Rep. Giffords open her eyes: Interview with C.J. Karamargin

"IT WAS LIKE WITNESSING A MIRACLE" Sen. Gillibrand who saw Rep. Giffords open her eyes: Discussion with Sanjay Gupta

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR ARIZ. SHOOTING VICTIMS Pres. Obama, First Lady sat next to Rep. Giffords' Husband: Discussion with David Gergen, Douglas Brinkley, and Michael Gerson

NEW DETAILS ON THE ACCUSED ARIZ. GUNMAN 22-year-old Jared Loughner is charged in the case: Report by Randi Kaye

MOTHER PROTECTS DAUGHTER FROM ARIZ. GUNMAN Mary Reed shot three times, survives: Interview with Reed family

REP. GIFORDS OPENS HER EYES Rep. Nancy Pelosi visited her hospital room tonight: Phone interview with Nancy Pelosi

REMEMBERING THE YOUNGEST VICTIM Green family meets with Pres. Obama: Interview with the Green family

The Daily Beast has an article on the party that was thrown for Piers Morgan yesterday night. Here's a picture from the party. Click here for the article.

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ACAnderFan said...

Personally I thought 360 spent way too much time re-hashing. Then again this is 360 we're talking about. I wasn't too impressed.

aries moon said...

It probably wasn't necessary to have the pundits analyze the President's speech--I think they could've let that alone for one night--the people at the memorial didn't seem to take issue with the setting or the speech, but leave it to pundits to always look for a problem when there isn't one--Gergen and Gerson were especially out of line, but we didn't need to hear from any of them, IMO. Great news about Rep. Gifford opening her eyes and appearing to respond to her husband and colleagues--hopefully she will continue to improve. Anderson's interviews with the Reed and Greene families were very moving--it's wonderful to know that the NYFD will be sending a 9/11 flag to Christina Greene's funeral--she was quite a remarkable child.

judy said...

I too was not impressed with 360's over analytical approach to what President Obama said or didn't say.
I think the POTUS set exactly the right tone and gave us all comfort.
His delivery excelled and Cornell Belcher was right, he was just like he was during the campaign, only with more empathy. Personally, I found his speech captivating, and if it took this horrific tragedy to get the President's mojo back, so be it.
Sarah Palin should be ashamed of herself for not being accountable for her own actions. She has not only proven, by her latest statement, that she is unfit to lead, she's also incapable of accepting responsiblity with all of her venomous accusations and remarks towards this administration.
If any finger pointing is to be done, it should be in HER direction, with every finger on every hand in the United States.
(Gee, I hope that wasn't too harsh.)

Anonymous said...

It's called "covering the event", not "re-hashing".

bostongal said...

I could'nt agree with Judy more,the President's speech was very apt and had the right tone. Also Sarah Palin really should be held responsible for her actions and so should be Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and others of his kind...

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 9:30am, it was re-hashing. All they did was discuss what everyone just saw an hour ago before 360 came on.

Anonymous said...

Every speech the President gives is covered (and yes, rehashed) after it is delivered. It was what I expected. Quite frankly, I don't care what any of those guys said, I'm just glad they said it long enough to get Dana Loesch bumped from the show. There was no place for her in that night.

Great news about Giffords. I was glad we got more information about that, and, of course, the very moving interview with Christina Green's parents. They are incredibly strong.

aries moon said...

@Judy, you're exactly right about the President's speech and Sarah Palin. Some of the pundits have been letting her off too easy for whatever reason.