Thursday, January 13, 2011

Piers Morgan & Unanswered Questions in Tucson

SPECIAL EDITION of Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson opened the 9pmET hour with an update on the developments out of Tucson.

NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS' RECOVERY, Dr. Gupta talks with her husband, her doctors: Anderson talks to Sanjay who is in Tucson

FBI TO ANALYZE BAG THOUGHT TO BE LOUGHNER'S, Investigators: Ammo, receipts were inside the black bag: Anderson talks to Randi Kaye

PIERS MORGAN UNPLUGGED: The rest of the hour was devoted to Anderson's interview with Piers Morgan on what to expect on his new CNN show t0 why he dislikes Casual Friday and ended with Piers putting Anderson in the hot seat.

Piers Morgan Tonight debuts Monday in the 9pmET hour.


Anderson Cooper opened AC360 in the 10pmET hour with a rundown on tonight's top stories: Missed Opportunities; Witnessing A Miracle; Pistol-Packing Pols?; and an update from Haiti. "We begin tonight with something no parent should ever have to do...." ~ Anderson Cooper, then footage was played from Christina Green's funeral.

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Missed Opportunities: A report by Anderson Cooper

SUSPECT'S RED FLAGS, Should Loughner's college have done more?: Anderson's follow up discussion with Charles 'Chick' Arnold, Mental health Lawyer in AZ and Brian Van Brunt, American College Counseling Association

WITNESSING A MIRACLE: A report on Anderson Cooper

NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS' RECOVERY, Dr. Gupta talks with her husband, doctors and other survivors: A report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and discussion with Anderson

TRAGEDY IN TUCSON: A report by Anderson Cooper

INSIDE LOUGHNER'S MIND: New insight on the suspected Ariz. gunman: A report by Randi Kaye and follow up discussion with Anderson and Randi

360 BULLETINS: Joe Johns

CAN CARRYING GUNS KEEP LAWMAKERS SAFE?: Anderson's interview with Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R) Utah

HAITI: ONE YEAR LATER, WHERE'S THE HELP?: A report by Gary Tuchman


THE RidicuList: Oil Spill Report

EXTRA: Remember to tune in tomorrow night at 9pmET for HOPE SURVIVES: 30 Years of AIDS

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ACAnderFan said...

I didn't see all of the 10pm hour of 360 but what I did see, I think the 9pm hour was better. Anderson strong point seems to be the one on one sit down interview and I think that's why the 9pm hour is working for him. 360 needs to realize this and let Anderson do more one on one interviews for 360. I think it would make the show better.

judy said...

Congratulations to Sanjay Gupta for being chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the 3 most influential people in the United States. This is well deserved.
Having said that, I am upset by the shot AC showed of the dog that drowned in the floods in Brazil.
Many viewers tweeted him because he was remiss in recognizing that the girl dropped the dog as she clinged to safety.
For once the Ridiculist was right, in being just that, ridiculous!!
We all know AC did not ask anyone to over react for the cameras during the Gulf crisis. Haliburton must have had something to do with this "bad press" routine, or go"get the media. Things aren't as bad as they appear." Oh yes they were!!

Anonymous said...

It was good to see the Haiti report at the end of 360; all of the reports on the shooting, the shooter, gun laws and the recovery of Rep. Giffords (even though it was good news) got to be repetitive through the week.

Piers Morgan seems like a good guy and I'll try to catch his show sometime next week but not Monday because I've never been an Oprah fan. It's been fun watching him and Anderson talk together.

Don't know who decided to put Anderson on at 9 PM for the Larry King to Piers Morgan gap but overall it turned out pretty good. Last week at 9 was better simply because it was definitely different than 360 at 10. Of course the Arizona shooting had to be dealt with but it usually looked like they were doing the same program at 9 and at 10.

Though it was a credit to Anderson to be given the 9 hour even for a short time, I'm sure he'll be glad to get back to his usual schedule.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Anderson took on the 9 PM hour for a couple of reasons: that he seemed to admire Larry King a lot and Piers would be leading into 360 and it would be good practice for him in his new program.