Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shed A Tear For Tucson

If you tuned in expecting Anderson Cooper to be in Haiti, as advertised, plans were changed because of the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona. AC tweeted this today:

AC360 9PM


TUCSON SHOOTINGS, Mixed warning signs?: Randi Kaye reporting

TUCSON SHOOTINGS, The months before and what happened Saturday: A timeline by Drew Griffin
NEW DETAILS ON ACCUSED ARIZ. GUNMAN, Profile of a suspect: Drew Griffin speaks with forensic psychologist Kathy Seifert and with students at Pima CC
TUCSON SHOOTINGS, Missed signs: Drew Griffin

ARIZ. COMMUNITY IN MOURNING: Cooper talks with AC360 team members

TUCSON READIES FOR PROTESTERS, 'Angel Action' to counter Westboro protesters at funeral: Anderson spoke with Christin Gilmore

AC360 10 PM

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Political Profiteers: Anderson Cooper reporting

MISSED SIGNS? New insights on suspected Ariz. gunman: Drew Griffin, Jeff Toobin, Dr. Helen Morrison

WHAT THE NEIGHBORS KNEW, New insight into accused gunman: Randi Kaye

MISSED SIGNS: Dr. Phil on the accused Ariz. gunman: AC and Dr. Phil McGraw

CRITICAL HOURS FOR REP. GIFFORDS, Doctors: She's holding her own: Dr. Sanjay Gupta

NEW DETAILS ON REP. GIFFORDS, Chief of Staff is at Tucson Hospital: Cooper talked with Pia Carusone, Giffords Chief of Staff

360 Bulletin: Joe Johns


The Daily Beast's Tina Brown threw a cocktail party tonight for Pier Morgan that was attended by Anderson, Jeff Toobin, Ken Jautz, Christiane Amanpour, Jonathan Wald and more. Sorry, no pictures yet.

Anderson Cooper 360° to Air AIDS Special
Hope Survives: 30 Years of AIDS will Air Friday, January 14th at 9pm ET

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° will dedicate a special hour to AIDS in America as we approach 30 years since the first diagnosis. The special will focus on the role stigma continues to play in the spread of HIV both here in the U.S. and around the world, and how through education and scaled up prevention there is hope for an HIV-free future generation. The show will also explore the latest medical breakthroughs and discoveries.
In addition to Anderson Cooper’s in-depth interview with Sir Elton John about his foundation’s work to end the disease, the show will also include interviews with Academy-award winning actress Mo’nique, Project Runway’s Mondo Guerra, Phill Wilson, Founder and Executive Director of the Black AIDS Institute and co-founder of Greater Than AIDS, a new national movement developed with the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The special hour will also feature emotional clips from famous personalities on their personal “Deciding Moment” that changed how they think about the disease and inspired them to get involved, including Academy-Award winning actress Susan Sarandon, actress Sharon Stone, singer Barry Manilow, basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar, comedienne Margaret Cho, Author Maya Angelou and Jeanne White Ginder, the mother of the late Ryan White.
Sir Elton John and his Elton John AIDS Foundation have been leaders in the fight against AIDS for over 18 years, serving vulnerable at-risk populations without judgment, reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination, educating people about HIV/AIDS, and supporting science-based, culturally appropriate HIV prevention programming.
“I’m deeply grateful to CNN and Anderson Cooper for focusing a special hour of programming to bring attention to the continuing impact of HIV/AIDS, not only internationally, but also right here in the United States,” said Sir Elton John “We’ve all become way too complacent about a deadly epidemic that is only getting bigger, especially when we already have creative readily accessible prevention methods that we know to be highly effective at curtailing the spread of this disease right now.”
Established in the US in 1992 and in the UK in 1993 by Sir Elton John, the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) is one of the world's leading nonprofit organizations supporting innovative HIV prevention programs, efforts to eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, and direct care and support services for people living with the disease. Together, both entities have raised $220 million for worthy programs in 55 countries around the globe since inception. For more information, please visit www.ejaf.org.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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ACAnderFan said...

I really think 360/CNN/The meida needs to movie on from the Arizona story. There comes a time when it is too much and the cameras need to go away. At this point I think the media is just looking ridiculous. And I'm sorry but Sanjay going to the hospital to show the events of the day just makes CNN look desperate and pathetic. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I agree with Wonz, from the previous post that Anderson probably should have been in Haiti for the Anniversary. Its like he's blowing it off as if its not anything important. I doubt he'll bother going there anymore. He's probably done with Haiti.

Tedi B said...

About some comments from the past few days...

With all the snow on the east coast it may have been very hard for producers, crew and on air people to get out. Do any of us know the behind the scenes reason for them not going to Haiti? NO It's probably because Anderson just sucks and doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything. Geez, how does he even have any friends? What an aweful person. Why watch anymore because he just doesn't give a damn?

I completely understand that he isn't perfect and everything but cut the man some fricking slack. He can't be all to everyone he is HUMAN. If he can't live up to somes high standards then flip the channel.

judy said...

360 got its highest ratings yesterday after a very long while, and CNN is a business first.
While I understand there are those who feel we should move on, I guess, the viewing PUBLIC doesn't....or they wouldn't be watching. It's that simple.
And just like I've been told many times, if you don't like watching the broadcast, use your remote.
It would not have been appropriate for AC to go to Haiti this week.
In fact, it would have been disrespectful.
That is my opinion and I am entitled to it.
Having said that, I did switch over to the The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell and he and Ed Shultz were having a very interesting conversation about the glock 19. Shultz said he owned a gun, but was for gun control and that in AZ it was far easier to purchase this type of assault weapon than in other states.
Very glad that the POTUS and the First Lady are attending the funeral of the young child who had so much potential.
What a tragedy and I've shed more than one tear for Tucson.

Wonz said...

@ TediB Not sure where you are coming from. Anderson tweeted that he wasn't going to Haiti because of the AZ shootings. Neil, Vlad, Marianne Fox, Danielle are already there. They went Sunday. Sanjay and Anderson were to leave today, but then plans changed because of the shooting.

Some people are glad he stayed, I for one wish he would have gone to Haiti, but I don't think anyone is blaming Anderson for not going. We all realize it was a CNN decision based on the AZ shooting and ratings, but we have the right to express what news stories we would like to see covered.

My comments in the previous post were about the national media's overkill on the story, nothing against Anderson.

Anderson is an anchor whom I enjoy watching on a nightly basis and I am a viewer. I don't know him and he doesn't know me - if I express an opinion on AC360/CNN it's not a personal attack on Anderson or his character as you seem to think - it's merely a comment on the program Anderson Cooper 360, which he anchors.

Tedi B said...

Wonz- the comments were not dirrected towards you, sorry. I didn't take your tone to be against Anderson. I'm just addressing people (who have commented the last few days) that always seem to blame him and put him down.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. :)

Anonymous said...

The production team has been down in Haiti since the weekend. I hope we still get to see their reports tonight even though I completely understand keeping AC at the anchor desk to cover the AZ shooting.

I don't doubt his commitment to Haiti, but many in the audience has moved on. The one year anniversary is a time when people can see how little has been done and be reminded to offer support. My only real concern is that ALL of the media will still be covering AZ tonight and this will be one more small tragedy for Haiti.

Anonymous said...

In my previous post I said the POTUS and the First Lady would attend the young child's funeral.
It is the memorial service which they will attend tonite at 8PM EST.

barbara said...

I think it is time for everyone to set aside the analyzing, the debating, the criticizing of the speeches this evening in Tucson. We, in Arizona, need comfort and someone to ease the pain in our hearts for the tragedy on Saturday. The President gave us that, and for his words I will always be grateful. It isn't about politics, it is about caring for our fellow man. President Obama cares about us all, and we appreciate his humanity.