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Tonight we give you this week's The SHOTs and The RidicuLists to bring a smile to your face as you head into Monday; and a couple of Perry's Principles and a Building Up America segment with the Ace of Cakes, that you may have missed because they aired in the second/repeat hour of AC360.

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Tuesday - Beat 360 & Building up America, Duff Goldman Ace of Cakes:

Wednesday - Anderson & Isha banter and The SHOT:

Wednesday - Anderson & Isha banter cont. and The RidicuList:

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Thursday - The RidicuList:

Thursday - Perry's Principles:

Friday - Anderson & Isha discuss "Coolest Country:

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This article appeared in Broadcast & Cable a few days ago and while some of the information may not be new, I found the question and answer segment interesting. Hope you do, too~

Cooper Ready to Add His Spin to Daytime

CNN anchor preps fall talker for Warner Bros. that’s expected to cover a broad range of topics

By Paige Albiniak -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/10/2011

The surprise of the 2011 syndication season thus far has been Anderson Cooper’s arrival on the talk scene. The urbane host of CNN’s primetime hour, Anderson Cooper 360, will bring his talents to daytime this fall. Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution has already cleared talker Anderson on TV stations covering 80% of the country.

After his emotional response to 2004’s Hurricane Katrina and its devastating impact on residents of the Gulf Coast, Cooper has become known for his ability to humanize the news. He has since done stories for Oprah, sat in for Regis Philbin and become a frequent correspondent on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

Now Cooper will put his own spin on daytime. Calling himself a longtime fan of daytime TV in an interview with B&C Contributing Editor Paige Albiniak, he plans a show with the breadth of Oprah, the intensity of Donahue and the fun of Ellen. Only time will tell if he can pull it off.

Why add a daytime talk show to your primetime duties?

I like the daytime audience. I like the ability to do stories in depth, and to focus on different stories and on the people behind the headlines. I love news, and I’m happy to continue doing news at night on CNN, but I’m also excited to do something that will allow me to exercise different muscles and show my full range.

Doing stories for daytime doesn’t feel that different to me than doing them for primetime. The stories that I’ve tended to be drawn to at CNN, ABC or even back at Channel One were always very human stories. If I’m covering a disaster, I don’t necessarily focus on the surrounding geopolitical issues. I’ve always focused on the real people involved, so this feels like a natural fit for me.

Have you always wanted to do a daytime talk show?

It wasn’t something that I’d been looking for an opportunity to do, but I was always very happy to work with Oprah. I was interested in staying at CNN, and that determined my path a couple of years ago. What’s great about CNN is that they have been very flexible in giving me the ability to sit in for Regis, and to work for Oprah and for 60 Minutes. It’s always been in the back of my mind that daytime would be fun and interesting.

When word filtered out that my contract was coming up, there was interest from a lot of different syndicators, but none of those plans seemed realistic. I liked the people at Telepictures, and since CNN, Warner Bros., and Telepictures are all under the Time Warner umbrella, it was easier to work out a way for this to happen.

Warner Bros. has been clear that this will not be a news-based talk show. What’s your vision for it?

It is definitely not going to be a news program. It will be something that is informative, entertaining and worth an hour of people’s investment.

We’ll be one of the few daytime shows that will be able to cover the broad range of topics that Oprah can cover. We might have a big celebrity interview one day and several realperson stories the next. I’m also a huge popculture fanatic.

I see myself talking with the audience a lot. I want to be involved with the audience in every show, whether that is live in the studio, or via a technology like Skype. As much as possible, I want to have connections with the audience and maintain those connections in a very real way.

As long as I’m myself and not pretending to be something I’m not, that’s the key to anything. Connection is made via authenticity

Off the subject of syndication, what do you think about the coming changes at CNN, particularly the arrival of Piers Morgan and the departure of Larry King?

I love Larry and I’m glad he’s going to continue to have a role at CNN. I’m excited about Piers Morgan. I don’t know him well, but did an interview with him and found him interesting. He also did an interview with me and I found him to be a good interviewer. He asked questions that surprised me. I hope he does really well.

What do you think about the cable news environment right now? It seems like a very noisy place to be.

I don’t involve myself in the cable news thing. I’m not interested in getting into Twitter wars with other people. I’m interested in telling stories and getting better at it and getting better at doing interviews. I understand why blogs are interested in the cable news wars and why reporters are interested in it, but it doesn’t add to my bottom line, which is trying to be the best reporter I can be.

And article this appeared on today~

Mr. TV: Anderson by Day
Jan 23, 2011
-By Marc Berman

The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference begins this week in Miami, and the standout new entry, in terms of clearances, is Anderson Cooper.
Telepictures Production talker Anderson is cleared in approximately 87 percent of the country including the soon-to-be former Oprah time periods in Washington, D.C.; San Diego; Lexington, Ky.; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Bakersfield, Calif. I recently spoke with Cooper and Hilary Estey McLoughlin, president of Warner Bros.’ Telepictures Productions, about the new strip.

After your stints on CNN and 60 Minutes on CBS, why do a daytime talk show?
A.C.: I am very fortunate to have the kind of job that is both challenging and impactful, and quite different everyday. But daytime is a great medium for human, fascinating and compelling stories. There is a one-to-one connection with the audience unlike anywhere else. And this is the absolute right time to tackle this.

Why is that?
A.C.: My contract was being renegotiated at CNN, and I wanted to try something new that is also current, real and insightful, but with interaction and activity. Since I have sat in for Regis Philbin many times on Live With Regis & Kelly, and have had an opportunity to appear on a number of daytime shows, I feel very comfortable in this medium. And then I met Hilary and was anxious to forge ahead.

How does someone with a hard news background fit comfortably in daytime?
A.C.: By recognizing the strength of this medium and understanding that a talk show in daytime is not CNN in prime time. We will feature current events, but the stories will be more of a human nature. Oprah, of course, has created an unprecedented window of opportunity in daytime.

But the marketplace is riddled with talk shows. What sets this one apart?
H.E.M: There is a high roster of competitors, and, as we know, many of the new projects do not succeed. But there still is an opportunity for a smart, informational hour that is both relevant and poignant. And Anderson is a double threat. He has experience as an interviewer and is a great storyteller. As strong a presence as he is in the news arena, he is equally as relatable in a more personable environment. He has a connection to the available audience in daytime.

Will this be an issue-driven hour?
A.C.: We will tackle issues, absolutely. But this will not be a talk show with hard news. We will take it as it comes, with a focus on issues, current events, pop culture and anything relevant. So, what you see one day could be very different the next. I want to connect with the audience like the old Donahue show, not just sit at a desk with someone hawking his or her latest project. We will feature celebrities, names in the news, real people and people behind the headlines, with a regular roster of contributors. I’m a great admirer of the old Donahue brand.

Is there anyone in particular you have a preference to have on the show?
A.C.: One particular person, no. But I really want to focus on the real people in society who have a story to tell, who we can learn from and who we can help. What I love about the idea of this show is the possibilities. They are so many stories to tell.

Will you be closely monitoring your ratings?
A.C.: I definitely want to know how we are doing and use it as a benchmark to see what is working. But my main priority is the show itself and putting the best foot forward every day.

That's it for me tonight. I hope you have a good week ~

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ACAnderFan said...

Thursday's RidicuList was great. Anderson making all those smart aleck remarks about fountain lady was great.

judy said...

The best shot of the week had to be the shot of the dog barking out "I love you." Anything involving animals is of interest to me.
Does anyone know what kind of breed of dog that was?
Thanks for the article on AC's talk show.
He mentions Oprah several times, but there is only one Oprah and if AC admired her that much...why not go to OWN???

Anonymous said...

@judy - dog looks like a Siberian Husky to me.

laura_wish said...

Anderson appears to develop some nice chemistry with her, not as much as with Erica but finally there is something going on during THE SHOTs. they are pleasure to watch (at times:))